Looks like a healthy human language, as evidenced by its color

Language performs important functions in the human body. He takes part in chewing of food, formation of speech, is an indicator of taste sensations. In addition, as of this muscular organ can be used to diagnose diseases of the upper respiratory tract and digestive tract. Looks like the tongue of a healthy person?


Как выглядит здоровый язык человека, о чем говорит его цветNormal, natural color of the tongue should be pink with a longitudinal crease in the middle. Discoloration can be a symptom of development of any disease.

Stripes, circles, spots of various colors appear in diseases of the digestive system, stomatitis, glossitis, herpes. The yellow color of the muscle body may be a manifestation of viral hepatitis, acute cholecystitis. In this case all the yellow mucous membranes, sclera of eyes, skin.

Talking about red tongue? Such symptoms warn of ENT diseases, viral, fungal infections, diseases of the oral cavity.

A similar symptom occurs during intoxication, increasing the acidity of gastric juice.

If mucous membranes are pale, the patient may suffer from iron deficiency anaemia, poorly fed.

The reason that language in humans has become purple or blue, is a disease of the circulatory system, upper respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system. The color of the body changes several days before clinical signs of the disease.


Normally, the tongue moist, with excessive salivation is diagnosed total exhaustion. Dryness of mucous membranes happens at high body temperature, dehydration on the background of poisoning, diarrhoea, vomiting.

Such symptom happens in mental abnormalities, inflammation of the salivary glands, salivary stone disease, malignant tumors.


In a healthy person may receive a small amount of bacterial plaque in the morning. During tooth brushing it can be easily removed and not agitated throughout the day.

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If the surface of the mucous membrane accumulates a thick white, cheesy plaque that is difficult to remove, it is a symptom of thrush.

  • Yellow plaque tells about the digestive issues, abuse strong coffee, Smoking. Such language can be and in the development of glossitis. There is purulent inflammation.
  • Dark brown or black patina is liver disease, dehydration, dysentery. The emergence of black lint on tongue is a symptom of a form of glossitis.
  • Sticky, slimy deposits that are difficult to remove and cause unpleasant taste in the mouth, appear in the stagnation of food, violation of digestion, the accumulation of mucus.
  • Plaque with foam, small air bubbles appear in pneumonia and bronchitis.
  • Yellow-green plaque occurs on the background of diseases of the digestive organs, with bacteria to cover not only language, but also the teeth, mouth unpleasant smells. Deposits are difficult to remove and quickly formed again.

The thickness of the plaque can be judged on the degree of severity of the disease. The denser and thicker the sediment, the more serious the problem.


Как выглядит здоровый язык человека, о чем говорит его цветIn healthy people, the language should not be swollen at the surface is clearly visible nipples. When smooth tissue, increase body size, the appearance of teeth marks on the sides diagnose diseases of the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract.

The unnatural position of the tongue indicates paresthesia, paralysis or disorders of the nervous system.

Thickening of the muscle of the body may indicate a lack of vitamin D in the body, the metabolic disorder or disease of the lymphatic system.

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Size reduction is a symptom of disorders of the nervous system, diseases of the brain. While there is tremor of the tongue, partial numbness.

Visual inspection

Normally, the language is rough to the touch, it is clearly visible nipples. If there is a smoothness of the surface, color change, can be diagnosed chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cancer.

The appearance of cracks or deep grooves caused by gastrointestinal diseases, nervous disorders. Meet and congenital abnormalities – gusseted tongue. Indentations can occur after teeth (prints), it happens with a significant swelling.

Как выглядит здоровый язык человека, о чем говорит его цветIf the language is similar to a map, you need to go to the dentist, it is a sign of stomatitis, glossitis, helminthic infestation. The cells unevenly exfoliated and regenerated, forming a pattern.

Such diseases as pellagra characterized by the formation of a pattern resembling a chessboard. Causes illness deficiency of nicotinic acid in the body. Mucous membrane covered with dark gray patina, on the surface appear numerous cracks.

Taste sensations

Healthy people have no difficulty in identifying the taste of the food in contact with it in your mouth. Inflammatory diseases of the tongue can break the sense of touch, causing bitter taste. Sometimes, food becomes tasteless.

It happens and the poisoning of chemicals, disorders of the liver, biliary excretion, endocrine failures.

In shape, colour and nature of coating on the tongue it is possible to diagnose large number of diseases in the initial stages. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the mouth, visit the dentist regularly, follow the rules of hygiene.

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