Lump in mouth on cheek on the inner side

The mucous membrane of the mouth is rather soft fabric. Trauma, burns, bacteria can easily cause the formation of wounds and sores. A bump appeared on the inside of the cheeks can be a symptom of serious disease, so you should as soon as possible to consult a doctor.

Growths can be benign or malignant. Cancer tumors grow much faster, causing discomfort, and pain. Some benign tumors can develop into malignant. Cancer is the overgrowth or not established after biopsy. Doctor pinch off a piece of the lump and sends it for analysis to detect cancer cells.

Pyogenic granuloma

Шишка во рту на щеке с внутренней стороныLump in mouth on the gums or cheek, you may receive as a result of injury. Cause damage to sharp edges of teeth, improperly fitted dentures, and mechanical injury. Formed a benign growth of the granuloma. The reason is the violation of hormonal background, treatment with retinol. The disease is characterized by rapid growth (up to 2 cm in diameter). Bump convex, dark red or purple, painful, bleeding on palpation.

Remove the granuloma in the following ways:

  • Surgical excision of the electric, cautery of the base. Prescribe antibiotics. The disease can recur if properly treated.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Injection of alcohol into the lump.
  • Local application alitretinoin gel.

Degeneration of granuloma in cancer was not observed.


If on her cheek there was a soft lump that moves on palpation, it may be a lipoma (Wen). Form, the tumor cells of adipose tissue. The lump is not sore, grows slowly, may be visible or only be detected when touching. Cause of disease is violation of metabolic processes in the body.

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Шишка во рту на щеке с внутренней стороныCure lipoma in two ways:

  • Drug therapy. Pierce the lump with a thin needle and injected drugs. Wen gradually resolves within 2 months.
  • If the lipoma has a size of 3 cm or more, it is removed surgically. The lump was excised under local anesthesia.


Education on the cheek from the inside, which looks like a bump on the foot called a papilloma. The growth can be singular or hit fate palate, gums, cheeks, tongue, larynx. The lump is soft, absolutely painless, with a rough surface, pale pink color. It prevents a person during chewing of food. It constantly bite, thereby forming a wound where they can accumulate bacteria and cause inflammation.

Шишка во рту на щеке с внутренней стороныProvokes the development of the disease the human papillomavirus, which infected 90% of the world population. With strong immunity of the virus does not manifest itself, but under favorable conditions, affects the mucous membranes of the body formations.

Ways to remove warts:

  • Cryodestruction – removal of liquid nitrogen. On the growth effect of very low temperatures.
  • The surgical removal.

Impact on HPV chemicals may lead to its degeneration into a malignant form.


Шишка во рту на щеке с внутренней стороныEducation bumps on my cheek from the outside can cause a sebaceous cyst – sebaceous cyst. When blockage of the gland ducts, the secret accumulates under the skin. Education looks like colorless round seal, the diameter is from 1 to 7 cm on palpation atheroma is a painless, movable.

In case of advanced disease bump is inflamed, sore, inside accumulate purulent mass, the temperature rises.

The cyst on my cheek excised together with the capsule surgically. After the procedure, may be left with a scar.


The bladder is located on the inner side of the cheeks and lips, called mucocele or mucous Шишка во рту на щеке с внутренней стороныcyst. The formation of bluish in color, filled with liquid, at a palpation soft, painless. When the spontaneous opening may drain clear liquid. A cyst occurs at constant biting of the site of the mucosa, trauma to the salivary glands. Most often the disease affects young people.

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In the treatment produce the excision of the bladder, with subsequent separation of the affected gland. The wound edges are sutured.

Cancer of the salivary gland

A malignant tumor on his cheek, the first symptom is the appearance of bumps on the inner side of cheeks, under the jaw, near the ear, is called cancer of the salivary gland. In addition there is the numbness of the face due to the compression branch of the trigeminal nerve, there is weakness of the muscles on the affected side, pain in region of tonsils.

For proper diagnosis are doing a CT scan, take tissue for biopsy. The results of the examination, the doctor determines the stage of the disease and selects the methods of treatment.