Malocclusion in children: what age is the machine and plates

Plate very convenient for correction of malocclusion, as the child will not feel a strong discomfort. They are removable and non-removable.

Appliance for bite correction is made in accordance with the jaw. The proportions of the plate is determined after x-ray, and is prepared, exactly repeating the shape of the jaw. Parents often the question arises – at what age malocclusion in children to produce the best? This correction of occlusion is considered to be inexpensive, but its use should be only for children aged 5 to 10 years, as soon as this method absolutely will not help. Moreover, children will not be afraid – it does not hurt and does not harm health.

After installation the machine will need special care:

  • removable plates must be removed before the lunch;
  • removing food debris;
  • to plastic is not deformed, it is necessary to observe a temperature mode.

Feature plates

Исправление прикуса у детей: с какого возраста, аппарат и пластиныOrthopedic apparatus is made from flexible plastic and metal wire of the desired thickness. They usually consist of three elements:

  • moderately strong base, adjacent to the sky. Since wearing it for the most part children, you can buy it in any color and any pattern;
  • the metal wire. With the help of her exposure to the bite corrected. It is secured by hooks to the cutters, and the arc goes along the teeth;
  • the tablet starts to act only after its activation by a special «master key», which is similar to needle.

Plates are different depending on the configuration. As the kids bite not fully developed, you can influence it as simple and painless way.

Types of plates

Take a closer look.


Исправление прикуса у детей: с какого возраста, аппарат и пластиныWhen making use of a very high quality plastic. Comfort in the fact that before meals, or morning tooth brushing can be removed, and to wear in night or day time several hours based on the severity of the curvature of the bite. Since the unit is easy to use and does not require too complicated care, children aged under 12 years happy to wear it.

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Usually this design is appointed with milder anomalies of the teeth. In addition, such plates have negative – the treatment lasts from 1 year to 2 years, and the plate can be used not more than a year.


Such plates fix more complex anomalies in adolescents and adults. Use them to line the outer row of teeth. Fixed forms look different is a system of arcs with their metal locks. A diagram of the plate helps to align the bite or gap between the teeth.

What do the plates for correction of malocclusion:

  • adjust the shape of the jaw;
  • changing sky;
  • a positive effect on the jaw, helping her to properly grow;
  • consolidate the results of previous corrections.

In which case, use plates for bite correction?

Исправление прикуса у детей: с какого возраста, аппарат и пластиныOf the jaw often grow ahead of one another. Malocclusion in children is very important for the proper formation of teeth and jaws and the beautiful proportions of the face.

The device will help in the formation of the line of teeth and pointing them in the right direction. Plate is used in the following cases:

  • orthodontic device used to correct various pathologies of the teeth;
  • in compliance with interdental distances after the loss of milk teeth;
  • used as collateral or the fixing method of treatment with braces.
  • for proper growth of the jaw.

Pros records

Correction of bite in children in this way brings a lot of optimal solutions. The device has many advantages for children under 12 years of age:

  • removable plates are often placed children. And this is their plus – jaw can relax. Also you can safely eat and brush your teeth, which is very convenient;
  • they do not require special care. They just need to cleaned with ordinary toothpaste with a brush and stored in a hard case, avoid deformation of the plastic;
  • such a device will not hit the budget, as it costs much less than braces.

Before you buy and install a camera, you should visit a qualified dentist. It will help you choose will determine how curved the bite.

Also the doctor will determine how much you need to wear them and tell you how to care for them. The specialist should answer all your questions and give full information about treatment in this way.

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Important features

Исправление прикуса у детей: с какого возраста, аппарат и пластиныIn children appliance for bite correction set for about 10 minutes. During this time, the dentist only allows us to adjust the size of the plate under the arc of the jaw of the child. Features that should be known by parents:

  • first the children plates for bite correction should be conducted by a specialist, since a small deviation in the mold design is still possible. Plates for the teeth should exactly match the jaw line;
  • the first time will have to get used to with a foreign structure in your mouth. For kids this feeling is new and unusual, but should gently and kindly explain to the child that it is necessary and fix the teeth he will have a dazzling smile;
  • all children used completely differently and this should be ready. Adaptation depends on the bone structure of the jaws, but not more than a week, the discomfort usually comes to naught;
  • you need to monitor how the child care device or care for him yourself, if your child is unable to because of their age. Care is very important as it will help to avoid deformation of the plastic and it breaks.

All of these conditions need to follow in order to correct the bite went off without a hitch. These features are very important, so you need to follow the doctor’s instructions – then your baby will have a perfect smile.

The cost of the plates

Different clinics expose different prices. Doctors advise not to skimp on the teeth, as in the future, marketers will be even more difficult and cost much more money than now. Orthodontic appliance needs to be of high quality materials and installed after the decision of the physician with the identification of malocclusion of the child.
Price for the entire work varies from 12 to 20 thousand rubles. The full course of treatment with the supervision of specialist and the replacement of the plates will be slightly more expensive.

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