Medicine teething in children than to smear the gum

The appearance of the first teeth in young children is usually accompanied by painful sensations, Moody mood and poor sleep. Moms are trying to alleviate the condition of the baby, using reliable pharmaceutical products. During the eruption of milk teeth in children help drugs, which are painkillers and natural herbal remedy that is permitted for infants-infants.

According to the method of exposure to gels and ointments for topical application have a cooling effect, homeopathic or anti-inflammatory effect. Preparations containing anesthetics help, but do not have a therapeutic effect. Natural homeopathic remedies are slower but eliminate the cause that caused the pain, so treatment takes less time. In addition, these gels and tablets approved for use for children of any age, eliminate not only the pain but also restore the functioning of the digestive tract, reduce the temperature.

Drugs for the kids

Than to smear the gum in a child when the first teeth are cut, some gel or ointment should I use?

  • Лекарства при прорезывании зубов у детей, чем мазать деснаGel for gums of Dentinox is composed of the anesthetic Lidocaine and extract of chamomile. The drug reduces inflammation, irritation and itching of the mucous membranes, reduces pain syndrome. The gel is applied on the spot where the teeth are coming in 2-3 times a day until the crowns above the surface of the gums. The drug is hypoallergenic with natural vegetable ingredients so it is allowed to use for very young patients.
  • Ointment for gums Baby Doctor «First teeth» helps with the eruption of the first teeth in children-infants. The drug consists of extracts of Echinacea, calendula, chamomile, root of plantain and marshmallow. Herbal ingredients effectively reduce inflammation, due to what is pain and discomfort. In addition, the gel has astringent properties on the gums creates a protective film against the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Homeopathic gel DataNorm baby is the best remedy for sore gums when teething in infants, which is used to alleviate the condition and pain relief babies. The structure includes natural extracts of chamomile, rhubarb and Indian ivy. The drug helps reduce inflammation, pain, lowers body temperature crumbs. The drug has no age restrictions and allowed for use with the first tooth. Denting is taken orally 2-3 times a day when baby plagued by acute pain, but no longer than 3 days. If relief does not come, should consult with the child’s dentist.
  • American gel Hyland’s is a homeopathic remedy that helps with Лекарства при прорезывании зубов у детей, чем мазать деснаteething in children infants, when the growth process is accompanied by inflammation. The cure consists of herbal extracts of chamomile, coffee beans, belladonna and calcium. Light gel texture absorbs into the gums and has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect from the inside. Analgesic effect longer than when using products containing Lidocaine, so it eliminates the cause of pain. Sorbic acid has antimicrobial properties, normalizes microflora in the oral cavity of the baby.
  • Traumeel – a children’s ointment for the gums, which helps to get rid of the pain of teething, it is recommended for use in newborns and older children. It is a comprehensive tool that has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic, wound healing and immunomodulatory effects. The ointment is applied to the reddened, swollen gums 2-3 times a day.
  • Than to smear the gum kid teething? When cut milk teeth, you can use the Kalgel. The product contains the anesthetic Lidocaine, alcohol and antiseptic cetylpyridinium chloride. When you use gel gingivitis is frozen, thereby reducing the pain. Antiseptic destroys pathogens that can cause acute inflammatory process. Apply Kalgel is possible for children from 5 months at most 6 times a day.
  • To assist the child when the milk teeth are cut, can paste Solcoseryl. It relieves pain, inflammation and swelling. This product is made from the blood of cattle. After application on the gums creates a protective sheath, which protects from the negative effects of pathogenic bacteria. Anesthetic properties Solkoseril enough for 4-5 hours, the analgesic effect appears immediately after application. The drug accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues.
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    Smear the gel should be in a small amount, rubbing in the gums. With excessive use, the excess can get into the child’s stomach and cause food poisoning.

    It is impossible to use drugs more often than directed, overdose is also threatening intoxication, the appearance of allergic reactions.

    Medication and natural remedies are plant-based can cause side effects in form of allergic reactions. Therefore, before using drugs should consult with a pediatrician or children’s dentist.

    Tablets and candles for teething

    What pills, suppositories can be used during teething in children?

  • Лекарства при прорезывании зубов у детей, чем мазать деснаHomeopathic tablets Dentated provide effective help with teething in young babies. The drug reduces swelling, redness of the gums, relieves pain. Besides Dentated lowers the temperature of the body, normalizes digestion, cure diarrhea often accompanies the emergence of milk teeth. Babies tablets dissolve in water and give to drink, for older children the capsule is placed under the tongue until complete resorption.
  • The best remedy for eruption of primary teeth in babies is rectal suppositories Viburkol. This is a homeopathic, natural remedy, made on the basis of plant components. The use of candles helps to reduce pain, inflammation, to lower the temperature. The drug has sedative properties that can calm a cranky baby, to help baby sleep. The dosage is determined based on the age of the crumbs.
  • What other medication, drugs can be used for children teething? Helps suppositories Nurofen. The drug is approved for treatment of children older than 3 months. Candles relieve headache, toothache, lower body temperature have a weak anti-inflammatory action.
  • How to help baby when teething

    How to help your child at home when teething? If there are contraindications to the use of pharmaceutical drugs or no opportunity to go to the pharmacy, you can gently massage the gums of the child. The finger wrap gauze dipped in soda solution or decoction of chamomile. Mucosa wipe 3-4 times a day so as not to traumatize the soft tissue. This treatment will reduce itching, reduce inflammation and slightly numb the gums.

    Лекарства при прорезывании зубов у детей, чем мазать деснаWhen teething you can lubricate the mucous membranes of natural honey, if the baby is not allergic. Bee products are natural antiseptics, quickly reduce inflammation and swelling, eliminate toxins, strengthen the local immunity.

    When painful teething, you can use the juice of plantain for lotions. For this, fresh leaves are crushed and squeezed. The resulting juice moistened gauze and applied to swollen gums 2-3 times a day. This plant reduces inflammation, sharp pain, nourishes the tissues with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

    The child calmed down a bit when sore gums, teething, you can brew chamomile tea with mint. These plants have sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties. After his admission the baby was sleeping peacefully in the night.

    Choosing effective treatments from teething the child, you need to pay attention to the composition of the drug, whether it helps inflammation. To reduce the negative impact of chemical components contained in the drugs, you should give preference to natural means plant-based.