Metrogyl Denta gel and an ointment for the gums

According to statistics of the world organization of health, about 85% of the adult population suffers from inflammatory diseases of the gums, which cause a lot of discomfort and can cause loss of healthy teeth. The oral cavity becomes unattractive aesthetic appearance, Baring the roots of the teeth, mouth unpleasant smells. Causes of disease hard and soft bacterial plaque on the enamel surface. Metrogyl Denta helps to fight inflammation in the gums and mucous membranes.

The description of the drug

Метрогил Дента: гель и мазь для десенGel for the treatment of inflamed gums Metrogyl Denta is available in a plastic laminated tube. The medium is milky white, is sold without a prescription.

Main active components:

  • Metronidazol – antibiotic suppressing the growth of anaerobic microorganisms. Means at the cellular level, destroys the structure of bacteria.
  • Chlorhexidine – antiseptic agent, acts on gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms in the oral cavity. Leads to the destruction of cell membranes of bacteria, which leads to their death. It acts on the herpes virus.

It is important that the use of the drug Metrogyl Denta can not replace daily hygiene. Need to brush your teeth regularly!

Indications and contraindications

Metrogyl Denta – ointment for inflamed gums, it is used to treat the following ailments:

  • Gingivitis is an inflammatory disease of the mucous membranes of the alveolar process affecting the gingival margin and interdental papillae.
  • Periodontitis – inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth.
  • Periodontal disease – inflammation in the deep layers of the alveolar process that affects the dental ligaments and bone.
  • Cheilitis – inflammation of the vermilion border, caused by fungi of the genus Candida.
  • Метрогил Дента: гель и мазь для десенAphthous stomatitis is an infectious disease. Manifested by the formation on the surface of mucous membranes ulcers (aft), covered with white, yellow or gray coating.
  • Alveolitis – inflammation of the walls of the wells after surgical removal of the tooth.
  • Periodontitis, periodontal abscess.
  • Ulcerative gingivostomatit Vincent. The disease is accompanied by formation of deep, non-healing ulcers with purulent masses.
  • Inflammation of the gums from the established prostheses. Is due to allergic reactions or mismatched bridges, crowns.
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    The gel base allows the drug to engage firmly on the gums. The remedy is rapidly absorbed through mucous membranes and acts directly on the lesion.

    Apply Metrogyl Denta need after brushing, dental plaque, otherwise the effect will be weaker, and may relapse after a short time.

    Tooth ointment for periodontal disease and gingivitis Metrogyl Denta is contraindicated:

  • Individual intolerance of active components of the gel.
  • Children under 6 years.
  • The first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Lactation, the tool gives a bitter taste to milk.
  • Before application of Metrogyl Denta should carefully read the instructions, consult your doctor. Overdose of drug may cause allergies: skin itching and rash, hives, headache. Ingestion of the gel intensify the side effects. May have convulsions, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, paraesthesia, taste disturbance.

    Gel dental is an analogue of Metrogyl Denta in their properties.

    Application rules

    Cream to treat gums Metrogyl Denta is necessary to apply a thin layer to the affected area of the mucous membranes with a cotton swab. Apply the product should be dried gums gauze pad, hold 30 min. At this time can not eat or drink. Rinsing is not recommended. Repeat the procedure 2 times a day: morning and evening after meals. The duration of treatment is 7-10 days.

    Метрогил Дента: гель и мазь для десенIn the treatment of alveolitis drug lay in the inflamed hole.

    For the treatment of stomatitis, Metrogil Denta applied on inflamed aphthae 2-3 times a day. Therapeutic course of 7-10 days.

    During the eruption of wisdom teeth Metrogyl Denta used as a toothpaste for application to inflamed gums. Also used in the treatment of pericoronitis (inflammation of the mucous area above the tooth).

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    After the removal of hard dental deposits Metrogyl gel for the treatment of gum lay in the gingival sulcus or periodontal pockets. It is important that there was no contact of saliva with the drug. Of an application is performed 1 to 5 times a day, depending on the stage of the disease. The exposure time of 30 min.

    Metrogyl Denta, anti-inflammatory ointment for the prevention of exacerbations of chronic diseases, used 2-3 times a year.

    The gel Metrogyl exist analogues that have a similar effect and the same components. It Metrorex, Tintagel, Metrogil dent, Metrodent, Tomato gel.

    Store the gel should be at a temperature not exceeding 25C, keep away from children. Under the influence of high temperature partially decomposes the drug.

    Dental gel Dentamed BIONET

    The drug Dentamed BIONET is a gel that is used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gums. Reduces bleeding of mucous membranes, suppuration of the gingival pockets, reduces inflammation, normalizes mineral metabolism in tissues.

    In this gel, there are herbs (Arnica, thyme, krameria), which have a positive effect on inflamed tissues and is able to suppress the growth of cancer cells. Vitamin-mineral complex provides a bracing effect. Manufacture technology is based on the recipes of Oriental medicine.

    Indications for use

  • Метрогил Дента: гель и мазь для десенGingivitis in the acute and chronic stages.
  • Periodontitis.
  • Stomatitis: ulcer, aphthous.
  • Increased sensitivity teeth.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Cheilitis.
  • Alveolitis.
  • Inflammation of the gums from wearing dentures.
  • Periodontitis.
  • Prevention of gum disease.
  • Methods of use

    The gel is applied on the toothbrush, handle the affected areas of the gums and teeth. Within 30 min it is impossible to eat and drink. The enamel forms a protective film which protects the teeth from the negative effects of microorganisms. Rinse gel is not necessary. Repeat the treatment 2 times a day for 10 days.

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    At the beginning of treatment the bleeding may increase, increase swelling, burning. The symptoms disappear after 2-3 days. If these symptoms persist for longer use of the gel should be discontinued.

    Contraindications and side effects of antibacterial gel is not!