Milk teeth in children diagram of deposition

Many parents are concerned too early or late appearance of the milk teeth of their children. No less of a concern and the period of change of temporary units to permanent. What baby teeth fall out first, at what age this occurs in children?

When formed the beginnings

Молочные зубы у детей - схема выпаденияThe first tooth rudiments are formed in a child during fetal development. This happens 7-8 weeks pregnant. The future mother is very important to get the micronutrients that contribute to the formation of a strong tissue of dentin and enamel, in the future, the baby has not had any cavities.

20 week of pregnancy the fetus has formed the beginnings of permanent units that are under the already formed before the temporary teeth.

The reasons for the change of the bite

Immediately after birth the child is fed exclusively breast milk, but gradually baby moves on to solid foods and for this he needs the teeth. The time units are small in size because the jaw is very small crumbs.

Why milk teeth fall out? Gradually the child grows, and the teeth remain the same size, to restore the proportions, uniform distribution of masticatory load and the formation of correct occlusion is necessary to change the bite. Crowns of the permanent units are much larger and better adapted to the mastication of solid food.

One of the functions of primary teeth is a guideline for the proper growth of permanent. If for any reason a temporary tooth was removed, the constant may take the wrong place in the series, have defects of shape of the crown.

Table change the temporal occlusion

At what age usually start to lose baby teeth? To 4 years the child already cut all milk teeth and began to appear permanent molars. Around the same time, gradually begin to dissolve the roots of the temporary units. After that, the crown is loosened and drops out, giving way to permanent teeth. Their growth starts from 5-7 years of age.

Usually when milk teeth fall out in children what are the units of change first, you may notice a pattern?

  • First change the front incisors of the lower row.
  • The following fall incisors of the upper row.
  • Then comes the turn of the lower and upper lateral incisors.
  • Then change the upper and lower small indigenous units.
  • The following fall fangs.
  • The last change of the second molars.
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    Молочные зубы у детей - схема выпаденияThe order of deposition and the change of milk teeth different children may differ slightly. The main thing is to keep permanent crowns began to erupt when the provisional unit has not already been deleted.

    The girls change the bite starts a little earlier than boys of the same age as the process of teething. First always loose units of the lower row, and then drop their antagonists into the upper jaw.

    How many milk teeth falls in young children and at what age the child change. Total changes 20 time units, the process ends by the age of 13-14 years. By this age in baby’s mouth 24 teeth, 12 in each jaw.

    Scheme loss of deciduous teeth in children by age and order of eruption of permanent:

    • Central incisors are changed at the age of 5-7 years.
    • The change of the lateral incisors occurs in 7-8 years.
    • The following fall the first premolars, they grow in 8-9 years.
    • Followed by first premolars – 9-10 years.
    • Then the constant change of the canines of both jaws – 10-11 years.
    • And finally get their first molars – 12-13 years.

    The most recent appear third molars – the wisdom teeth. They erupt every person at different ages, some of them, in General, may not appear. The average of the last molars grow from 16 to 35 years.

    According to this scheme, the change of the temporary to permanent occlusion. Slight deviations from the specified order, but when there are significant violations, you should consult a children’s dentist and prosthodontist.

    Why depend on the timing of the change of teeth

    The loss of deciduous teeth in children and their shifts have an impact:

    • Молочные зубы у детей - схема выпаденияunbalanced diet of the child;
    • poor quality of drinking water;
    • infectious, viral disease;
    • genetic predisposition;
    • the presence of chronic diseases of internal organs;
    • transferred by the mother during pregnancy, infectious diseases.

    The growth of the child to change the size of the jaw, between the crowns appear at intervals. This is a natural process that should not cause concern. When, on the contrary, these cracks do not increase, is to show the kid to the dentist, as this may be a symptom of improper growth of germs of permanent units.

    If the teeth do not fall out on time

    Why does the due date does not fall out milk teeth in a child and grow a new one? The cause may be impacted or edentulous tooth germs of permanent units.

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    Retention is called incomplete eruption of the tooth or its location deep in the gums. This can occur due to premature removal of temporary tooth of a baby or the incorrect location of the embryo in the bone tissues.

    Another reason – the death of tooth development. This can occur when inflammatory processes at the root of the milk tooth. The disease causes deep caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, purulent periostitis. Absolute adentia is quite rare, it is caused by the violation of fetal development.

    How many years are starting to fall on the first milk teeth fangs children, if the temporary unit was cut late? These children change teeth much later than their peers. But when the change of teeth does not occur until 9 years old, you should consult with your doctor.

    Why is the stunting permanent units?

    • Молочные зубы у детей - схема выпаденияrickets;
    • congenital syphilis;
    • violations of the hormonal balance;
    • a deficiency of calcium and fluorine in the body;
    • intoxication;
    • beriberi;
    • thyroid disease;
    • of metabolic disorders.

    Risk factors include injury, incorrect position of the dental germs, inflammatory diseases tissue of the alveolar process, lack of space in the row.

    Disorders in the endocrine system can cause a delay in the change of the temporary occlusion, the crowns do not appear in pairs in the wrong order. The lower jaw of the child are underdeveloped, there is a violation of the proportions of the face, the kid is sedentary. Timely begun treatment for the physical development of children is accelerating, and it is catching up with their peers.

    At hyperfunction of adrenal glands observed accelerated replacement of the temporary occlusion, the crowns are too large, the jaws strongly developed.

    How to look like the fallen baby teeth? It’s the crown with pulp without root.

    Problems when changing the bite

    When usually start losing baby teeth in children and why the child’s new crowns come out on top of the old? The parallel growth of crowns in two rows are called shark teeth. This happens during slow resorption of roots of deciduous units.

    Молочные зубы у детей - схема выпаденияShark teeth have small children are usually not cause a big problem, after removing the temporary crown, the permanent occupy their allotted space.

    Sometimes, in place of the dropped tooth inflamed gums, appears swelling or hematoma. In such cases, the child must show the dentist. After the autopsy the mucous membrane and outflow of the accumulated fluid is cut a permanent crown.

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    In how many years usually get first tooth and what to do if there is a delay? Since 5-6 years it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the teeth of the baby, time to remove loose units. Let the baby solid food: apples, pears, nuts or carrots. When there is a significant delay in growth, appear the shark teeth, you should visit the dentist.

    Sometimes a change of occlusion can occur asymmetrically, often this is due to the individual characteristics of the child or a previously performed dental treatment. The sealed unit is bad loose, often have to be removed in the doctor’s office.

    Why grow crooked teeth

    Sometimes permanent teeth may appear irregular in shape, even if their predecessors were smooth. This can occur when the crown is not enough space in the dentition as permanent units larger than the temporary. Another reason may be the habit of a child suck their thumb or to chew on any objects. Parents need to wean your baby from these sessions, so that later formed a correct bite.

    In case of defects of the dentition, the child should show the orthodontist for the correction of violations.

    When children get their first and last milk teeth up to what age does this usually work? To answer these questions can pediatric dentist after inspection, collection of anamnesis taking into account the individual characteristics of the development of the baby. If necessary, the doctor will do an x-ray and conduct a treatment, explain the reason for the violations scheme eruption advice.