Mouth sores and sores: causes and treatment at home

The sores – the first symptoms of stomatitis. Many adults this disease is known since childhood. How stomatitis treated in adults?

Stomatitis is one of the most common dental diseases, and painful ulcers and sores in the mouth – its main symptoms. Often provokes the development of diseases of low immunity, so the kids suffer from a disease much more common adults. What can cure sores and what usually appear mouth sores, what are causes and treatment? Why do they appear and what to do with them?

Possible causes

Язвочки во рту и болячки: причины и лечение в домашних условияхHow to treat ulcers and white round sores? The perfect tool to pick up based on the type of stomatitis. It depends on the and appearance of white sores in your mouth and the way how to treat. So, while aphthous stomatitis, which affects every fifth man, inflamed the entire mucosa of the oral cavity. Aphthae (sores and ulcers) appear in the sky, on the lip (on the inside), tongue, and cheeks. The disease is chronic, at the site of inflammation can be scarring.

What to do if I see a white small round sores in the mouth and in the sky and why they appear? The affected area heal up long enough – it will take at least a week. If the color of the sores are yellowish or gray – is evidence of problems with the intestines, but in General, to determine the cause of the disease is not always possible. At home mouth ulcers can be treated, but the wrong treatment is fraught with the imminent recurrence of the disease. The best option – if causes and treatment of mouth sores will be to find a doctor.

One of the common causes herpetic stomatitis. According to statistics, more than 90% of people are carriers of the herpes virus. Most of the time he just «sleeps» and does not manifest itself. To provoke the awakening and the appearance of sores in the mouth can stress, a sharp decline in immunity, hypothermia, and any viral diseases.

Язвочки во рту и болячки: причины и лечение в домашних условияхAnother reason may appear abscesses and ulcers (even purulent) a mouth demanding a cure from them, necrotic periadenita. If the patient faced with this problem, typically an ulcer appears on the mucous membrane of the mouth. Initially, it looks like a small inflamed seal, later formed vavki, abscesses ulcer in the cheek mucosa of the mouth. If you do not pick up the necessary treatment in time, the disease may continue for several years.

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What to do and how to treat sores in mouth if there is white sore against mechanical traumas? If there are sharp chipped tooth, mismatched, or dentures, the patient often uses hard and spicy food, all this can injure the lining of the cavity of the mouth. The wound gets an infection, as a result, red sores inside the cheeks in your mouth and how to treat these sores? How to get rid of quickly from the sores or mouth ulcers in this case? Special treatment is not required – just to eliminate the traumatic factor.

How to treat

How to get rid of sores in your mouth and the cure, if the ointment? As a rule, treatment should be comprehensive, and it consists of three parts. You must eliminate the cause of ulcers on the cheek or white mouth sores. Wounds need careful treatment, and the oral cavity – a total reorganization. In addition, in most cases, it is necessary pain. White sore on his cheek from the inner side can be cured by a gargle, is good and correctly picked up the ointment and medicines. Accurately identifying the cause and proper treatment ulcer – the key to success.


Язвочки во рту и болячки: причины и лечение в домашних условияхHow to treat white pustules or boils different in the mouth which require treatment white ulcers? First of all, you need to avoid irritation of oral mucosa. Temporarily exclude from the diet need solid, acidic, salty and spicy food. While there is treatment, I have to eat pureed and soft food. The ban includes products that can cause allergies. Among them raspberry, black currant, nuts, grapes and citrus. Why they appear sores? This food can seriously injure the oral mucosa.

During the struggle with ulcers need to be careful with the drinks. Rich juices, sodas, the usual hot tea – this too should be abandoned.

Treatment white ulcers – the process is quite painful. To dull the pain before a meal will help rinse with cold water. Prevention is the best answer to the question of how to cure ailments or remove a mouth ulcer.


To remove an abscess or ulcer in the mouth will help the following medications:

Gel «Fluocinonide» — a corticosteroid that relieves swelling and easing the pain. This tool is suitable not all: consult with the doctor need pregnant, lactating mothers and people suffering from Язвочки во рту и болячки: причины и лечение в домашних условияхautoimmune diseases. Now, what if the sores appear.

Than you burn stomatitis and sore in the sky, what means there are of sores in your mouth? Such aggressive measures need to be applied with caution. Adequate sanation of the oral cavity will provide a «Chlorhexidine Gluconate». This mouthwash is usually used during the treatment of gingivitis, it is and a cure for ulcers.

How to treat sores on the inside of the cheeks? Often, specialists prescribe antihistamine. Among them – «Tavegil», «loratadine», «Suprastin» and desensibilization like «Phencarolum».

If the sky has rashes in need of treatment to promote healing provide a variety of corticosteroid ointments, propolis, the «Citral» and drugs with vitamins P and C.

Certain measures are also needed in order to avoid relapses and exacerbations of abscesses and white sores in adults Язвочки во рту и болячки: причины и лечение в домашних условияхmouth sores inside cheek can appear again and again, if you do not follow precautions. Prevention is the best answer to the question of how to cure ailments or remove a mouth ulcer. Should:

  • twice a year, drink vitamin-mineral complexes to strengthen the immune system;
  • to avoid the use of antimicrobial rinses and conditioners;
  • eliminate from the diet all products-allergens;
  • make sure all the teeth are cured from decay.

Treatment of folk remedies

How to treat mouth sores folk remedies, and is it possible? If you identify the causes of ulcers on the palate, the treatment you can find. Of course, it should be comprehensive. For example, an ointment or other medicinal remedy for various ulcers should be coupled with rinsing the mouth.

Treatment at home sores in the mouth include can rinse and sanitation. What can you do to treat mouth ulcers in an adult?

Rinsing with baking soda and salt

Язвочки во рту и болячки: причины и лечение в домашних условияхIf there is a white sore, how to treat it? Good way are saline rinse. Solutions with baking soda and salt quickly disinfect all sores in the mouth and on the lip that needs treatment, prevent bacteria and possible escalation.

How to heal mouth sores in this way? The recipe is simple: a glass of warm water two teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon soda. Ratio can be a bit of experimenting, because the taste buds all work in different ways and too salty water to keep not everyone can.


The main advantage of hydrogen peroxide is an effective and rapid disinfection of contaminated sites of the mucosa. With this tool you need to be careful: in its pure form it can cause slight chemical burns, which will only aggravate the condition.

For sanitation you need to mix the peroxide (it should take 3%) water, the ratio is 1:1. Processing is carried out using a swab or cotton swabs, repeat twice a day.

Before you begin any type of treatment, it is better to figure out what suddenly appear sores in the mouth and the cheek. The wrong treatment will lead to the fact that the clinical picture will only get worse, and the disease, which can be removed for a couple of days, will last for months.