Mouthwash for gum Forest balsam: instruction and composition

The modern market of hygiene, treatment and prevention of dental diseases a variety.

Domestic producer concern Kalina, presented a version of the mouthwash from the forest balsam. Their uniqueness, like all products of the brand, that traditional recipes are reinforced with innovative components, a mixture of plant extracts combined with the herbal decoctions. Laboratory testing and positive customer feedback proves effective products.

Ополаскиватель для десен Лесной бальзам: инструкция и составRinse the oral cavity of the forest balm is an emulsion for extra hygiene the gingival tissues and in the whole of the mucous membrane. Therapeutic and prophylactic effect lies in maintaining health and eliminating disease symptoms due to its active components. Optimal results from treatments can be achieved if you carefully approach to the choice of mouthwash, and periodically repeat the course.

The conditioners are divided into groups depending on the purpose of the application:

  • anti-caries – protect teeth from carious destruction, restore tooth enamel;
  • anti-inflammatory – restores blood circulation in the gingival tissues, remove edema, accelerate the regeneration;
  • providing teeth whitening lightens enamel, clear of plaque;
  • reduce sensitivity;
  • integrated – combines a few fields.


Mechanical cleansing of the teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste is a must, but not the only condition for healthy teeth. Insufficient quality of purification causes the appearance of bacterial plaque, which gradually turns into Tartar.

Ополаскиватель для десен Лесной бальзам: инструкция и составTartar causes inflammation of the gums and become the reason of infectious diseases. The blood circulation decreases and dentogingival connection is broken.

A forest balsam conditioner must be used after each application of the brush. This optimizes the microflora and prevent the development of inflammatory processes. But keep in mind that rinsing does not replace toothpaste, but only complements it.

Forest balm mouthwash for gum that reduces the number of pathogens, fights inflammation and bleeding, stimulates the regeneration.


Forest balsam is a series of different funds. Each of them consists of a leave-in conditioner, one or two types of toothpastes and in some cases a toothbrush. All mouthwashes have the same set of components.

Taste, color, and provide long-term storage: alcohol, surfactant, glycerin, water, flavors, emulsifiers, fabric softener, solvent, antistatic, moisturizer and a component forming the film. These chemical components are present in all similar tools, they should not carry out the procedure rinse permanently, between courses should be a break.

Mouthwash for gum forest balsam has the following composition:

  • Ополаскиватель для десен Лесной бальзам: инструкция и составalcohol disinfects the component that creates the cooling effect;
  • triclosan has antibacterial effect, removes plaque;
  • fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, fights cavities;
  • extracts from plants.

Represented conditioners with a capacity of 250 and 400 ml.


Mouthwash for gum disease, as well as all products of the brand forest balsam toksikologicheskij tested, clinically tested and safe (instructions included). The tool does not become less effective with prolonged use and can be used daily (courses).

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Limitation for the use of forest balsam conditioner is children up to age fourteen, and also individual intolerance of some components. For the correct dosage to apply the cap: one procedure, one filled with the capacity. The duration of rinsing is approximately one minute, the frequency of application to twice a day, after using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Half an hour after the procedure, you should refrain from taking food and beverages, thanks to it useful components will have time to affect the tissue, providing treatment and prevention of diseases. You can’t swallow the rinse.

The manufacturer produces rinses, which aimed at solving certain problems. Taking into account the existing symptoms and indications for one or another means it is possible to choose the most effective option.

Frequency of use also depends on the severity of symptoms, the manual contains the following recommendations:

  • Ополаскиватель для десен Лесной бальзам: инструкция и составa slight barely noticeable inflammation and bleeding when brushing is to use a mouthwash twice a day, morning and evening;
  • intense inflammation, pain during eating and cleaning teeth – procedure to carry out rinsing after every meal;
  • the weakening of the gums because of age – twice a day as a preventive measure.

Forest balm provides a holistic approach that focuses on the purpose, on specific health problems of the gums and teeth.


Different series of products forest balsam is aimed at solving various problems. Kalina introduced a total of 12 episodes in 11 of them there is a conditioner.


A positive effect on the condition of the gums: relieves inflammation, provides the tissue with nutrients and restores tone and accelerates healing. Emulsion consists of three times the concentration of the decoctions of healing herbs.

The reduction of bleeding and elimination of edema contributes to the oak bark. Fir needles have a regenerating effect, tones and fight pathogens. Opposed to oxidation of the components of the raspberry and cranberries. The presence of calendula and sea buckthorn relieves pain and soothes irritation. Anti-inflammatory effect is achieved due to the medicinal camomile and nettle deliver in the tissue vitamins.

Bleeding gums

Ополаскиватель для десен Лесной бальзам: инструкция и составThe emulsion base – five medicinal plants, fir extract and oak bark. Effective to improve the condition of the gums, rinse quickly eliminates pain and bleeding from gingival pockets, maintains the healthy microflora in the oral cavity, causing dysbiosis.

The rinser consists of fir extract, destroying pathogenic bacteria. Oak bark contains tannin components and helps stop bleeding. St. John’s wort, celandine, chamomile, yarrow and nettle heals the gum tissue and make them resistant to negative factors.

Inflammation in the gums

Based on the product contains decoction of medicinal herbaceous plants as well as extracts of aloe Vera and sage. The main action aimed at the elimination of foci of inflammation and pain, maintain the beneficial microflora of the oral cavity.

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The efficiency of the rinse is provided by the presence in its composition of the oil from pine nuts, which neutralizes the itchy feel and eliminates irritation, strengthening the gum tissue. Extract of sage has anti-inflammatory effect and limits the spread of pathogenic bacteria. St. John’s wort, celandine, chamomile, yarrow and nettle in the form of decoctions preserve health and strengthen the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

Comprehensive protection for 10 1

Ополаскиватель для десен Лесной бальзам: инструкция и составRevolution in the field of mouthwash. Due to its gel structure creates a protecting film on the gums and teeth. After the procedure rinse your mouth permanently protected from the negative effects of bacteria, chemicals and temperatures. In addition, reduced discharge of blood from the gums, plaque. Reduces sensitivity of teeth, freshens breath, restores enamel and makes it resistant to external influences.

Natural freshness

This emulsion is very soft and pleasant to the taste, is not bitter and does not cause burning sensation in the oral cavity. The gums become more resistant to negative influence of external stimuli (temperature, acids, etc.).

Eliminates bad breath, stops the carious tooth decay, plaque purified.
Part of this means there are extracts from aloe Vera and white tea, they make the gums more robust, eliminate bleeding, reduce inflammation and swelling. A decoction of herbaceous plants protect and restore gum tissue.

Intensive protection of the gums from the age of 50

Ополаскиватель для десен Лесной бальзам: инструкция и составThe tool is designed for older people. Provides intense protection and strengthening of the gingival tissue increases the secretory function of the salivary glands, improving the recovery of the mucous membrane, and minimizes discomfort from the use of prostheses.

After applying the conditioner due to the effect of the extract of propolis disappear irritation and itching, restoring the periodontal tissue. St. John’s wort acts on inflammation, prevents bleeding, limits the spread of bacterial colonies. A positive effect on the gums have the decoctions of herbaceous plants (chamomile, St. John’s wort, etc.).

The freshness of mint

The emulsion differs from the others particularly pleasant taste and smell. Its action is aimed at saving fresh breath during the whole day, and also prevent the appearance of carious spots, inflammatory processes in periodontal tissues.

Consists of peppermint extract, to ensure freshness and sense of cleanliness. Concentrates of forest herbs to support a healthy microflora and feed tissue with vitamins.

Basic care for teeth and gums

Mouthwash helps with bleeding and popularnosti gingival tissues. It strengthens them all day removes plaque, relieves pain, prevents the development of pathological processes in the gums.

Due to the presence of the extract of chamomile disappear symptoms of irritation, itching, bleeding and decrease inflammation. Birch juice nourishing vitamins, and herbal teas revitalize and strengthen gum tissue.

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For sensitive teeth and gums

Ополаскиватель для десен Лесной бальзам: инструкция и составThis elixir is remarkable that very quickly eliminates hypersensitivity of the teeth and gums, helps to strengthen them, prevent the buildup of Tartar and removes plaque.

The active ingredients of rose hips removes edema and block inflammatory processes. Extract of calendula fights with a touch and Tartar, does not allow germs to spread in the mouth. Aloe Vera eliminates symptoms of bleeding and inflammation. The gums become healthier and stronger thanks to the decoctions of medicinal herbal plants.

Natural whitening

Strengthening and nutrition of gingival tissue is the main action of this conditioner. Also reduces the incidence of bleeding, inflammation, accelerate regenerative processes. Teeth become whiter, plaque is formed much more slowly, breathing becomes fresh and long maintained a sense of purity.

The rinse aid components, such as extract of aloe Vera and fir needles, remove inflammation and bleeding gums. Decoctions of medicinal plants protect and strengthen the tissues.

The course of recovery gum Forest Balm

Relieves pain and inflammation, intense bleeding of the gingival tissues. Capillary-protective composition instantly removes inflammation, preventing their spread into the interior. Strengthens the vascular Ополаскиватель для десен Лесной бальзам: инструкция и составapparatus, disappear pain. Swelling and redness will be visibly reduced.

The results of the application

Procedures rinsing with means forest balsam contributes to the achievement of the following results:

  • Disappear dental stones;
  • Thanks to the penetration in hard to reach areas ensures high-quality cleaning of interdental spaces;
  • Preventive effect not only effective, but long lasting, because after rinsing, no need to rinse the mouth with clean water, as when using paste. Active components of shampoo on the microenvironment continues.
  • It is worth remembering that the use of rinse aid is suitable for health maintenance and as a maintenance treatment between the main therapeutic courses. Serious illness will not disappear just after the treatment rinse. But in the complex therapy efficiency of forest balm proven.

    Another definite plus of these conditioners cost. The market price of forest products balsam below the average, which makes it accessible to a larger number of consumers.