No teeth of children 10-11 months: why and what to do?

Asking such a question search engine, it is not easy to find useful article that told why the child at the age of 10-11 months has no teeth and what to do in such a situation, why in the year the child still has no teeth or why you should not panic in such a situation. You will encounter forums in which women, and not having the slightest notions about medicine, trying to help each other.

For help with any problem you should turn to professionals. It is better that it was a doctor, but if he isn’t around, then it is better to trust at least articles having the basis of some accurate health information, especially when it comes to teething baby in 10-11 months.

Next, we consider what to do and what to do if your child is already 10 or 11 months or even a year, and he is still not chewing organs, is there reason to panic in this situation and what should be done, and what better to abstain.

Violation teething

Baby teeth are important for child development and should not be underestimated how much they needed the child, and 10 and 11 months and a year. They allow him to eat adult food, to grow and Нет зубов у ребенка в 10-11 месяцев: почему и что делать?to grow properly. Facial development of the segment depends on how well will be developed masticatory apparatus in baby’s mouth.

Disorders of eruption considered a pathology to which we attribute the absence of teeth at a later age, incorrect sequence of eruption, hypoplasia at the time of their emergence from under the gums.

To better understand what is happening in the child’s body and how certain factors can affect the masticatory organs, best to contact first to ensure how the teething and where they come from.

The development of the dental apparatus

The digestive system occupies a Central position in a person’s life including, like that of other creatures. Therefore, the organs that are related to the digestive system are in the process of embryonic development is very early. At 3-4 week of development the embryo has the intestinal tube, and a rudiment of the mouth that we’re interested in the first place. At the same time, starts the development of the dentition, the bookmark in primary dentition and permanent rudiments.

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Deciduous and permanent teeth are inseparably linked, because as long as the child will grow his permanent teeth, that is 6-7 years old, they will replace the temporary teeth. By the time of birth they are well developed and ready to soon erupt, but the first – not earlier than 10-11 months.

The eruption of the masticatory organs, probably one of the Central events in the life of a kid and his parents because this process is fraught with stress for the child. Parents are also very worried, trying to alleviate the plight of the kid, but how can that be, if the time came, and the teeth never erupted?

First, let’s define what a «term» in this case. The first teeth of a child appear on a 6-8 month of life, although it is possible that they may appear later. So don’t worry if there’s a slight delay. Will first fill up the lower jaw, and behind it arrives and top. It is necessary that the child formed a correct bite, meaning the teeth were right against each other. More you are familiar with the sequence of eruption of teeth in this table:

Нет зубов у ребенка в 10-11 месяцев: почему и что делать?

Every body is different, but there are cases in which parents should pay attention to the development of their kid’s teeth:

  • delay in the eruption of more than a few months to a year;
  • previously, the development of the teeth;
  • impaired sequence of eruption in 10 or 11 months;
  • a tooth is missing or broken in 10 or 11 months;
  • the dentition appeared before the birth of the baby.

Causes of disorders of eruption

As we noted earlier, the bookmark of the teeth and their further formation occur in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, a common cause of pathology are disorders in the development of the fetus in the first 4 weeks of development, or disease suffered by the mother during pregnancy. Probably not necessary to say that the first trimester is crucial and critical, because at this time there laying all systems of the future man.

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Нет зубов у ребенка в 10-11 месяцев: почему и что делать?To diseases, which can cause incorrect development of the teeth must include the following:

  • rubella;
  • congenital syphilis;
  • measles and other dangerous diseases.

Adversely affect fetal development harmful habits of the mother and her environment: Smoking (active and passive), alcohol consumption, intake of medicines, prohibited for consumption by pregnant women and so on.

It cannot be denied that genetic factor and the unique features of the organism significantly affect the eruption of primary teeth.

Symptoms of disorders

There are special formulas that show how to relate the age of the child with the number of penetrated his chewing organs and to understand, whether all is going well, but we’re not going to overburden the reader, immediately going to the point.

The concept of the norm in this case is very loose because in different sources we can find different terms. Some pediatricians insist that the first teeth later than the eighth month of life is pathological, others argue that this is quite normal, but it is impossible to separate the pathology from the norm, without learning a specific patient.

Even if there is a delay in the development of the teeth, if the baby appears healthy and he has not found systemic pathologies, the parents can calm down and wait a bit until the teeth begin to cut.

If a child is sick, this could be a problem with his teeth. Earlier eruption, for example, may be individual feature of the organism, and evidence of incorrect operation of the endocrine glands.

The causes of pathology

So let’s for a moment imagine that the eruption of the first teeth after the eighth month of life – is really a pathology. What could cause such a phenomenon, when in the year the child has no teeth at one year or in 10-11 months?

  • Нет зубов у ребенка в 10-11 месяцев: почему и что делать?Poor nutrition, lack of essential substances for the development of the teeth in the body. In such a situation, parents need to review the diet of your child and add more foods containing minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, carbonates.
  • The presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The masticatory organs are connected with the entire digestive system and they can not develop independently.
  • Rickets. Rickets occurs when a lack in the diet of the child витаминаD, metabolic disorders.
  • Disruption of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which is responsible for all processes in our body.
  • The presence of genetic anomalies.
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    Treatment and prevention

    Treatment delays the development of milk teeth always depends on what the cause of this phenomenon. The physician needs to understand what is in the child’s body and then prescribe treatment from this ailment. To cure teeth that do not erupt, it is impossible, because there is always Нет зубов у ребенка в 10-11 месяцев: почему и что делать?some reason why it isn’t happening. It is also necessary to identify whether a child the rudiments of the teeth, because if they do not, you will have to take other measures.

    If the teeth are cut early, parents need to worry about that tooth decay is not «eaten» them prematurely. But if in a year or 10-11 months the child has no masticatory organs, this can be a problem.

    The prevention of the disorders of dentition may not exist, because when a child is born, the influence on its development parents have a tremendous, but the basis is already laid, so the main attention should be paid to health, nutrition and way of life of the pregnant woman.