Nurofen teething for pain relief: is it possible to give?

There are the first signs of teething in children between 4 to seven months. During this period they can become quite Moody, often crying. They may have a fever, there is increased salivation and runny nose, which often leads to diarrhea.

Нурофен при прорезывании зубов как обезболивающее: можно ли давать? Young mothers often ask the question: «Can I give Nurofen during the eruption of milk teeth?». Yes, there will be withdrawal pains from Nurofen teething.

The formation of the oral cavity begins before birth but remains in its infancy. A clear timeframe for the eruption does not exist. It depends on the individual. Sometimes there are cases, born with one tooth.

The process of teething is quite painful, but in age the children are still very small and highly capricious. In rare cases, this process is painless and you will be able to determine that the tooth is cut only by the appearance of saliva and the desire to scratch the gums. The use of Nurofen teething without fever, it is recommended only if the baby feels pain.

Now developed medicines that can be applied to very young children. Which ones to use and how to do it?

Types of drug

Нурофен при прорезывании зубов как обезболивающее: можно ли давать?Releasing it in several forms:

  • Tablets;
  • Candles;
  • Suspension.

Children’s drug – syrup is orange or strawberry smell and white color. Sometimes use candles. A major component in their composition is «Ibuprofen». Releasing it in bottles with a volume of 100 ml and 150 ml Candles are rarely used Nurofen, teething.

By its pharmacological properties it is able to relieve pain quickly, reduce body temperature and has anti-inflammatory properties. Its effect occurs within 8 hours.

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«Nurofen» can be assigned to children from the age of three. This allows its use as a pain reliever, teething. It is recommended to consult a specialist before you start applying this drug to children at an early age.

In any case, before the drug choice for children consult your doctor. «Nurofen» it is forbidden to give children, if you have already given other drugs.

There are several restrictions on the use of «Advil»:

  • If there is hypersensitivity to «Ibuprofen»;
  • Intolerance to at least one component in the «Nurofen»;
  • In that case, if the children are currently sick, urticaria, rhinitis or if you experience asthma attacks, especially in cases of disease after ingestion of aspirin;
  • Any disease or disorders of the stomach and organs associated with it;
  • In diseases of the blood and kidneys.

Possible side effects

Нурофен при прорезывании зубов как обезболивающее: можно ли давать?If you are using any medications, observe the reaction of the body. If you notice a deterioration of General
state stop taking drug and immediately contact the hospital.

At the reception, children’s Nurofen in the eruption of deciduous teeth, there may be side effects, but this happens very rarely. The most common ones:

  • Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea;
  • Skin rashes, swelling, itching, shortness of breath;
  • Children have a bad dream, he is constantly in an excited state;
  • Palpitations and increased pressure;
  • He can drink liquids and not to ask the toilet or his diaper is not filled.

Special attention need to track all these symptoms in infancy. He is still so small that it can’t tell you about their feelings. Therefore, the correct Prem medicinal product will depend on the parents.

Nurofen teething

Use this medication during the eruption of the teeth, perhaps, but subject to certain conditions:

  • Нурофен при прорезывании зубов как обезболивающее: можно ли давать?Obligatory consultation of the doctor, not the advice of friends and acquaintances;
  • Strict compliance with the prescribed dosage;
  • During this period, they should not suffer any complex disease;
  • At the first, even the most minor, adverse symptoms stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.

Nurofen as a pain reliever during the eruption of milk teeth in suppository form is used when a sharp rise in temperature and fever. If teething is happening causing him severe pain, he can not sleep, cries a lot it is possible to use the drug. In this pharmacological form allows its use no more than three days.

Whether «Nurofen» teething? Yes, but only after consulting a doctor. It must be remembered that drugs created on the basis of chemical elements and can accumulate in the body of the child. So if possible, avoid using them and use only in cases of urgent need.