On the gums appeared a white sore: causes, how to treat

Infectious diseases of the oral cavity are manifested by the formation of foci of inflammation, ulcers or erosions. The affected area may be covered with a whitish bloom, contain a purulent mass. Ulcer on the gums appears when viral or fungal infections after mechanical injuries, burns, allergic reactions.

Aphthous stomatitis

Aphthous form of stomatitis characterized by the formation on the surface of the mucous membranes of a single oval of redness with clear congested path. Later the site of inflammation is covered with a dense white bloom, while the removal of which remains a bleeding ulcer.


  • pain and burning sensation of the gums during eating;
  • inflammation of the regional lymph nodes;
  • education aft on the gums, cheeks, palate, tongue, lips.

На десне появилась белая язвочка: причины, как лечитьCauses of aphthous ulcers on the gums: a weakened immune system, diseases of gastrointestinal tract, trauma, burns, allergies to food or medications, viral illnesses.

Aphthous stomatitis occurs in acute or chronic form. In the first case, the symptoms expressed clearly, the treatment gives quick and positive result. In the chronic stage, signs of disease are manifested weakly, periodically relapse of the exacerbation, long-term therapy.

What you need to treat white sore on gums with aphthous stomatitis? You must fix the cause of the disease.In case of allergic reactions, one should take antihistamines to exclude from a diet allergens, replace the medicines if they caused the development of the disease.

Locally aphthae treated with therapeutic gels, ointments: Metrogil dent, Holisal, Asepta. These drugs act as anesthetics, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory drugs.

For the destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms prescribed to rinse the mouth Hlorgeksidinom, Furacilinum, baking soda. It is useful to apply the treatment, recipes of traditional medicine, this mouth is treated with a decoction of medicinal herbs (sage, chamomile, calendula, oak bark). If there is a accession of infection, formed a purulent inflammatory process, antibiotics are prescribed.

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Oral thrush

If on the gums, cheek, lip or tongue appeared white ulcer covered with cheesy bloom – it is oral thrush or thrush. Cause disease yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, who constantly live in the human oral cavity without causing disease. But under favorable conditions, these microorganisms begin to proliferate and hit the surface layer of the epithelium of the mucous membranes.

Often Candida white sores are formed on the gums of a newborn child, the elderly, patients with chronic diseases and with deficiency of immunity.

The main symptoms include:

  • the formation of erosions, covered with the white stuff like cottage cheese or curdled milk;
  • pain, a burning sensation, which worsens during eating;
  • little kids refuse to eat, constantly capricious;
  • in the mouth there is a specific flavor of metal;
  • ulcers may coalesce, forming a continuous film.

На десне появилась белая язвочка: причины, как лечитьIf there is a sore, erosion on the gums of your young child, it is necessary to show the pediatrician for appropriate treatment. Adult visits the dentist.

Therapy is primarily aimed at eliminating the causes of disease, strengthening the immune system. If the cause of yeast infection become chronic ailments of the digestive system, diabetes, it is necessary to spend treatment of these diseases. In the formation of ulcers under artificial dentures should choose the correct form abutments, to hold regular hygiene procedures.

How to treat Candida sores on the gums? For normalization of microflora perform antiseptic rinse, do local processing erosions healing gels, taking antifungal and immunomodulatory drugs. In adults, conduct a professional dental cleaning from solid stone, which is the source of the infection, treatment of caries, pulpitis.

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Aptos Bednar

На десне появилась белая язвочка: причины, как лечитьThis disease affects mainly children. In the oral cavity on the palate, gums are formed ulcerated ulcers, covered with white or yellowish coating treatment is carried out by a pediatric dentist. Aphthae have clear contours, covered with thick bloom, which is impossible to remove yourself.

The cause of the disease is poor oral hygiene, systemic soft tissue injury to toys or other objects. Most often, the pathology found in premature infants or in infants who are breast-feeding. Less erosion amaze kids of preschool age. Ulcers cause severe pain, burning during the meal.

How to treat on the palate, the gums sores Bednar? It is necessary to regularly sanitize personal hygiene items and utensils of the child. The oral cavity should be cleaned with antiseptic, analgesic ointments. Heal such sores long enough, tissue regeneration can take several months.