Oral thrush in a child and adults: how and what to treat?

The fungal disease, which is accompanied by the appearance in the mouth, white curd plaque, called candidal stomatitis. The infection causes painful sensations while eating or in conversation. Provoke the development of the disease of yeast fungi of the genus Candida, which normally live in the mouth. With the emergence of a number of adverse factors bacteria start to proliferate and infect the tissues of the mouth.

Oral thrush (thrush) is most common in young children, symptoms manifest as a whitish plaque in the oral cavity. The disease was detected on 3 -7 day of a baby’s life. This is due to an undeveloped immune system that can’t fight off the bacteria. Affected by this disease and the elderly because the immune defense of the body weakens with age. Another factor is the wearing of dental prostheses, which created favorable conditions for the reproduction of yeast.

Causes of thrush

  • Кандидозный стоматит у ребенка и взрослых: как и чем лечить?Pregnancy. It is a violation of hormonal background.
  • Weak immune system in infants and the elderly.
  • Diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The body is disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, which creates a favorable environment for bacterial growth. Sometimes candidiasis is one of the first symptoms of diabetes.
  • Constant feeling of dry mouth associated with the use of dental elixirs.
  • Sjogren’s syndrome (a pathological process that attacks the salivary glands).
  • Dentures that are not properly matched, contribute to the reproduction of fungi.
  • Treatment with antibiotics has an inhibitory effect on the intestinal flora, causing a deficiency of vitamin b, C and PP.
  • Failure to observe rules of personal hygiene.
  • HIV infection.
  • Oral contraceptives disrupt the hormonal background.
  • Alcoholism, Smoking, drug abuse. Bad habits reduce the protective properties of the organism.
  • Radiation therapy and chemotherapy in cancer patients dramatically reduces immunity.
  • Infection usually occurs by contact. Also aggravating factors is Smoking, classes oral sex, underlying chronic disease.

    If oral thrush is not treated in time the wound spread to the larynx, esophagus, skin and genitals.

    Symptoms of candidiasis in children

    • Poor appetite associated with pain during swallowing.
    • Plaques on the palate, tongue or cheeks that look like cottage cheese. After removal of the plaque remain inflamed sores.
    • Pain and burning sensation in the oral cavity.
    • The child is naughty.
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    First, oral thrush has the appearance of grains on my cheeks that usually take the remnants of the dairy food. Appear in the spread of plaques and films white.

    Кандидозный стоматит у ребенка и взрослых: как и чем лечить?The cause of infection in infants can be unformed immune system, indigestion, acidic environment in the mouth, poor hygiene (sterilization of teats and bottles). Infection may occur during birth if the mother suffers from thrush. Can develop diaper rash, as infection of the mouth penetrates into the intestine, and the bowel falls into a warm environment and actively propagated. Among infants most frequently oral thrush is common among premature infants and infants on artificial feeding.

    The older children also become infected with a fungal infection. This happens usually using pacifiers or toys that the kids take it in her mouth. In adolescence, children get sick very rarely. This happens if a strong weakening of the immune system.

    The symptoms of stomatitis in adults:

    • white patches in the mouth that bleeds when removed and there is swelling;
    • metallic taste in mouth or loss of taste;
    • burning and pain in the oral cavity or larynx;
    • dry mouth.

    Dry mucous membranes can some balms and conditioners for the oral cavity. If nursing mother infected the child, the infection gets to the nipples and cause soreness. In the case of disease compared to other chronic illnesses, the disease becomes chronic. Treatment of Candida species of thrush in adults differs little from the child’s care.

    Possible complications:

    • inflammation of the larynx;
    • the introduction of bacteria into the esophagus, genitalia (vaginal candidiasis);
    • violation of defecation;
    • the loss of muscle mass of the body;
    • fungal conjunctivitis.
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    In contact with bacteria in the eye, inflammation of the conjunctiva. The treatment involves the use of antifungal agents in the form of ointments and drops. Additionally appointed antimicrobial agents for oral administration.

    Forms of stomatitis

  • Кандидозный стоматит у ребенка и взрослых: как и чем лечить?Thrush – baby oral thrush.
  • Glossitis – white coating on the tongue.
  • Yeast Zayed road – cracks and pain when opening the mouth. Most often affects people who wear dentures, and children sucking thumbs.
  • Candidal cheilitis – white patches and peeling skin on the lips.
  • To spread the disease may foci or throughout the mouth, infecting only the superficial layers of tissues or penetrate deeply. Oral thrush has a different pattern of the disease: acute, atrophic (redness, pain), hyperplastic (thick white patches on the palate and the back of the tongue), chronic.

    Diagnosis of candidiasis

    The diagnosis after examination of the oral cavity and after hearing the complaints of the patient. Also take a scraping from the affected areas to identify breeding fungi of the genus Candida.

    Treatment of candidiasis in children

    Oral thrush in a child can diagnose a pediatrician, who will prescribe appropriate treatment. Usually the symptoms pass within two weeks. Infants perform regular treatment of oral antifungals with a solution of «Pimafucin», oral ointments. Older children appoint resorption of caramel «Imudon». Preparations for oral administration are assigned only at the severe stages. Treatment should continue until complete recovery.

    From the children’s menu to exclude sweets, flour products, irritating the mucosa. To regularly sanitize toys and utensils. The selection and dosage of drugs can be prescribed only by the attending physician, taking into account the patient’s age. You must strictly adhere to treatment regimens to prevent complications.

    Treatment of candidiasis in adults

    Кандидозный стоматит у ребенка и взрослых: как и чем лечить?How to treat oral thrush in adults tell dentist. First of all, you need to eliminate all possible causes of the disease, to make complex treatment for other concomitant diseases.

    Medication used antifungal ointments and drugs («Nystatin», «Liverin», «Stomatofit»), immunomodulatory agent, vitamins. Treatment of the oral cavity is carried out with antiseptic solutions — «Orasept», «Furatsilin». To reduce dryness of mouth using the solution of iodide. Herbal infusions and decoctions can help reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process, but they must be used together with primary treatment.

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    Before you start to treat oral thrush in infected adults, need to review his diet to avoid foods that cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth. Add fresh vegetables and non acidic fruits. We can not forget about regular care for the oral cavity and teeth. If the cause of the disease are dentures, need to go to the dentist and pick up the appropriate form.

    If oral thrush has spread to other organs, than to treat it will tell infectious disease physician.

    To help relieve the symptoms such drugs:

    • pills «Nizoral»;
    • «Declin» in the form of caramel;
    • «Diflucan»;
    • «Soon»;
    • «Lysozyme».

    Prevention of candidiasis

    The main preventive measure is good hygiene of teeth and oral cavity. Dentures should be handled spetsrastvorami, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system. For small children it is necessary to disinfect utensils, pacifiers, toys.