Pain in root of tongue when swallowing: causes inflammation

The pain at the very root of language is not a frequent symptom. However, it cannot be ignored, it can signal about serious pathology of the language or of closely placed bodies. The root, in contrast to the tip of my tongue, impossible to bite, so the pain must be taken seriously. The causes of such a signal are varied. Understand why can hurt the root of the tongue.

The main causes associated with inflammation:

  • Болит корень языка при глотании: причины воспаленияInflammation of the tonsils — lingual or Palatine.
  • Inflammation in the tongue, the tissues of the pharynx, larynx.
  • The effect of chemical or physical stimuli.
  • Inflammation of the salivary glands under the tongue or the formation of stones.
  • Inflammation located near the lymph nodes.
  • Congenital goiter

    Sometimes a person is born with a pathology — he has an additional thyroid gland, which is in the process of growth will increase slightly in size. Goiter is a knot with a diameter up to 2 cm to Eliminate the problem impossible without the help of surgeons. Before the operation should be examined to make sure that the thyroid gland itself is not affected and will function normally in the future.

    Inflammation in the tonsils

    Why inflammation can occur near the root of the tongue? On the border of the oral cavity and pharynx are the organs of protection, are presented lymphoid tissue — Palatine (paired) and lingual (single) tonsils. They prevent the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the respiratory and nutritional way. Inflammation of the tonsils accompanied by fever and General depression. When swallowing soreness is very pronounced, it is difficult to drink and eat. The root of the tongue and tonsils swell, they get plaque white or yellowish. As the treatment is prescribed antibiotics, frequent rinsing with antiseptic agents, lozenges with anti-inflammatory action.

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    Pharyngitis and laryngitis

    Болит корень языка при глотании: причины воспаленияInflammation affecting the throat and the throat are called pharyngitis and laryngitis, respectively. These diseases affect people of any age group. We assume the development of one of the diseases is possible if:

  • Observed fatigue on the background of increasing temperature and decreasing appetite
  • A sore tongue, especially during chewing and swallowing (as is typical with pharyngitis).
  • It is noted nasal congestion, cough and hoarse voice (laryngitis is typical).
  • Find out what occurs on the inflammation alone is not possible. Therefore it is not necessary to resort to folk medicine, it is better to consult the doctors. Pharyngitis is well treatable with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs. To eliminate the pharyngitis also alkaline solutions.


    It is the name of a disease in which the pathological process affects directly speech on. Typical for this process:

  • Increased secretion of saliva
  • Loss of taste
  • The discomfort in the mouth, aggravated when swallowing
  • Pain and redness of the tongue
  • Therapies — the use of antibiotics and drugs to relieve inflammation.

    Mechanical and chemical effects

    Болит корень языка при глотании: причины воспаленияThe most common factors, traumatic speech on are:

  • Smoking habit, especially if it’s a cigarette without a filter or with a high content of tar and nicotine.
  • A large intake of spicy foods and spices.
  • The constant use of too hot drinks.
  • Solutions of concentrated acids and alkalis, drinking by mistake or intentionally.
  • Cuts, scrapes and chafing poorly installed dentures.
  • The severity of the process will depend upon the time of action factor. If you inadvertently make one scalding SIP of coffee, the burn will be, but not too big, and he will heal quickly. With constant exposure, the injury will be deep and will hit a larger portion of tissue. The pain may be unilateral. For example, was incorrectly customized crown on the right side, then to hurt the root of the tongue will be on your right.

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    When injury occurs:

  • Pain symptom is pain in the throat and root of the tongue.
  • A specific smell from the mouth.
  • Language becomes more dense and thick, its color changes.
  • As a treatment after injury is prescribed a diet that excludes any food, irritating the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. The damaged area is treated with drugs for wound healing and antiseptics.

    The tumor

    The root of the tongue began to hurt — the causes can be terrible. This tumor formation. In this situation, the drugs ineffective against inflammation, and sore throat and aches constantly. People feels like a foreign object prevents to swallow, chew and speak. One way out — to address urgently to the doctor, after all, how fast is diagnosed and treatment is started, can depend even the patient’s life. Modern medical practice involves the irradiation and chemical therapy.

    Knowing the answer to the question — why can hurt the root of the tongue, every conscious person should not delay to consult a specialist. May depend on not only the future health of the whole organism, but also human life.