Perikoronit is a disease, its treatment at home

The lucky few have the appearance of wisdom teeth is seamless and painless. Headache, high fever, loss of appetite, increased sensitivity teeth eruption often accompany these symptoms.

Teeth appear-usually after eight to sixteen years, delayed the process for several years. Choking on painkillers the pain and discomfort you can skip complications perikoronit, it might lead to more serious diseases.

What is perikoronit

Перикоронит это болезнь, ее лечение в домашних условияхPerikoronit – inflammation of the gum tissue around the wisdom tooth. The most frequently observed it in the tissue around eights on the lower jaw. It develops after the tooth cuts through the gums partially. If the process of growth slows down, around the emerging piece of the tooth can accumulate bacteria, is an infection and inflammation of gums. Spread process on the cheeks and the neck.

Complicate the development of the disease food debris, forming plaque on the tooth surface. Accumulate plaque under the gum tissue and clean it just will not work. While eating the gums are injured and swollen, inflamed gingival margin.

When you have a difficult teething eight will put pressure on neighboring teeth and damaging the soft tissue, and bone. The reasons for such complications can be different from the incorrect position of the tooth root to seal the mucous membrane, which does not allow the tooth to erupt.

How does perikoronit?

First acute perikoronit is manifested as aching pain in the region of the future tooth, within a few days the pain syndrome increases if not treated. Possible discomfort when swallowing and chewing, difficult process of opening the mouth. Swollen lymph nodes, touching them cause pain.

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In place of the causative tooth appears with a soft swollen lump that looks like a hood. To touch him is impossible because of acute pain radiating to the ears, upper jaw and temples. In the transition from the acute form of the disease in suppurative, from the growth of appear purulent discharge. Maybe a slight increase in body temperature.

Перикоронит это болезнь, ее лечение в домашних условияхThe wrong treatment at home (or lack thereof) will cause acute perikoronit go into chronic. Inflammation will periodically subside, but then occur again due to purulent discharge will be no unpleasant smell. The bone around the tooth will begin to «disappear», it can become mobile.

The process goes on the cheeks and the mucous membrane between the tongue and palate. Eight will gradually leave the dental arch and to move forward or to either side. Infection can go to the neighbouring tissues and cause disease other teeth.

Self-diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment does not work, better to go to the dentist. The doctor will need to conduct examination and an x-ray which will show the location of the tooth and the condition of the surrounding bone and periodontium.

How to treat

The treatment begins with the removal of inflammation. The mucous membrane covering the dental crown, then to facilitate the eight output. After the inflammation is kicking in, you can evaluate the condition of the tooth. If the mucous membrane returned to normal in the dentition is enough free space and the bite is not broken, the tooth can be left alone.

Improper location of the eights keep it not: the position of the root does not change, and the growth of «the wrong way» will provoke a new inflammation infinitely, worsening the condition of the adjacent teeth. To carry out the removal of wisdom teeth, in the gums, have surgically.

Some dentists offer treatment laser beam through the skin affects inflammation, the infrared laser has a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effects. After the procedure, improves microcirculation, tissue are filled with oxygen and pain removed completely. Is this treatment for up to ten days, the procedure should be repeated daily until the acute perikoronit will not work.

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Is it possible to treat perikoronit home?

Перикоронит это болезнь, ее лечение в домашних условияхTreatment at home can not be called complete: the majority of funds will only temporarily block the pain and discomfort, while the inflammatory process will develop. Use home remedies only if there is no possibility to visit a doctor in the next two to three days.

The location of eights makes them difficult to clean, so food residues can stay for a long time. To get rid of them with the help of irrigation: syringe without a needle filled with saline and the jet is directed directly on the sore spot.

At the initial stage the salt solution will be sufficiently effective antibacterial medium: per liter of water need one tablespoon of common salt, dilute solution of ammonia (not more than 100 g. per liter of water). The resulting mixture was stirred until complete dissolution of the salt. Soaked in liquid, the fleece is applied to the problematic place for 10-15 minutes. Repeat several times a day. The same solution allows you to rinse your mouth.

Early treatment can be replaced with infusion of mint and wormwood, lemon balm and a decoction of the root of the cocklebur. Their main task – to remove pain and bad breath, to relieve inflammation. Combine homemade broth is better with antiseptic drugs.

As obezbolivaushee make can be any medium suitable to the organism – for example, «best medicine» or «caution». Contraindications there may be solely individual. Of course, limit the intake needs for pregnant and lactating women.

Additionally, the home uses the following means:

  • antimicrobial drug «Metronidazole» (three times a day for 5-7 days);
  • antibiotic «Amoxicillin» (full course, pill three times a day);
  • anti-inflammatory and analgesic «Ibuprofen» (after eating three times a day for one week).
  • but «Desloratadine» (once a day).