Periodontal abscess: treatment by opening the gums

Periodontal abscess is an inflammatory process beginning under the influence of the stimulus on the tooth and develops in the mouth, increasing in size and marking to serious consequences. Inflammation is formed in the cavity of the gums, called the gingival pocket and represents formation spherical shape, which tend to increase in size with the development of the disease. The disease is accompanied by painful sensations when touching the tooth with the surface of solid objects, or when exposed to hot temperature. If time does not begin treatment, the inflammation and contained in the sinuses, the gums, the pus can spread around the perimeter of the oral cavity, affecting new tissue and even bone.

The causes of the disease

Among the factors causing periodontal abscess, the most common are

  • Пародонтальный абсцесс: лечение посредством вскрытия десныthermal and mechanical damage to the surface of the gums;
  • gum disease such as periodontal disease, gingivitis, periodontitis);
  • the presence in the body of the source of infection;
  • violation of the rules for the restoration of teeth, damage to the surface of the gums with incorrectly installed seal or in the implementation of rehabilitation works;
  • the presence of a foreign body (toothbrush, bits of food, glass, fragments of teeth), striking the surface of the sensitive gums or periodontal tissues.

Symptoms and diagnosis of disease

Bacteria that cause disease penetrating into the damaged area of the gums, and begin rapid reproduction. This causes a reaction of the immune system in the form of allocation of leukocytes. However, they are not coping alone with inflammatory processes in the periodontium, accumulate there with blood serum and dead tissue.

Periodontal abscess can develop without distinct characteristic symptoms and pain.

However, it can always be diagnosed by swollen. inflammation of the surface of the gums.

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In General, the disease is characterized by the following features:

  • when trying chewing food painful stabbing and shooting type, aggravated by contact with hot objects;
  • for the period of the development of the disease is characterized by sudden fluctuations of temperature of the body;
  • areas of gingival pockets, directly affected inflammation represent the pineal formation in the extreme surface of the gums;
  • in the process of applying pressure to the tooth in the area of damage can be detected by its vacillation, and the space under the spherical formation may yield purulent mass.
  • Пародонтальный абсцесс: лечение посредством вскрытия десныBy the way, in case of rupture of a tumor or abscess it can drain the formed pus, but the inside will remain the source of the disease, which will inevitably lead to the re-emergence of periodontal abscess. In this case, you must perform the treatment, which is to extract the total volume of dead skin cells and pus, so that the periodontal abscess does not progress.

    In the General case for diagnosis an experienced dentist enough external signs of the disease. However, in order to avoid possible mistakes, the therapist may recommend additional passage of x-rays.

    The treatment of the disease

    The treatment of the disease is a very important process that requires special skills of a trained technician and performed exclusively by the physician. Self-treatment is unacceptable, attempts to perform an autopsy of the tumor can cause deterioration. Unacceptable treatment using anti-inflammatory drugs because they can eliminate obvious signs of periodontal abscess and hamper diagnosis.

    • Treatment of periodontal abscess dentistry includes his autopsy, the elimination of purulent masses and necrotic tissues. The autopsy of the damaged section of the gum is performed using local anesthesia, which eliminates the reception before going to the dentist strong painkillers. Along with this treatment involves the treatment of the plot antiseptic with further anti-virus and anti-inflammatory therapy.
    • Пародонтальный абсцесс: лечение посредством вскрытия десныAs accelerating the healing process of the injured surface of the gums in addition to the basic treatment can be applied to other treatments. Among them are the following processing methods: iontophoresis, treatment of the damaged area with a laser or the appointment of physiotherapeutic procedures.
    • In rare cases, the poor condition of the disease may require drainage of the injured area, the essence of which consists in the introduction into it of a tube of small diameter for the removal of gingival pockets had accumulated there purulent masses.
    • Further treatment of the disease consists in the appointment along with antibacterial drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs immunostimulating action.
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    In the case of ignoring of the disease, a periodontal abscess may extend the affected area, resulting in damage to the new tissues, bone tissues and even cause the change of facial features.