Periodontal disease: causes, symptoms and treatment

Under periodontal disease to understand the disease in which some of the tooth starts to dissolve the bone tissue and characterized by the absence of inflammatory process. The disease looks like teeth growing out from the jaw to extend, at the same time they become mobile. The disease occurs quietly, without any pain, may manifest only mild discomfort and itching in the gums.

Often the first sign is becoming increased sensitivity of tooth necks to chemical and thermal stimuli generated during food. Shaky if the disease is left untreated, in severe for the gum atrophy, and as a result, teeth can be lost. This is the main reason for the need of treatment of periodontal disease and immediate recourse to the doctor. On reception the doctor on the basis of the diagnostic results, will be able to describe in detail the causes and treatment of periodontal disease.

Пародонтоз: причины возникновения, симптомы и лечение

Causes and symptoms of the occurrence

The reasons for the onset and progression of periodontal disease a lot. Often, however, education of this disease is the consequence of disturbance of blood supply to bone and soft tissues due to the presence of plaque and, consequently, the development of pathogenic microflora and sediments between the gums. So first you need to focus all efforts on the elimination of Kaletnyk deposits.

The root causes of the disease

Other causes of periodontal disease:

  • Hormonal changes in the body associated with pregnancy, menopause, puberty, menstruation. Every cause its own effect on the increased sensitivity of the gums, promoting their destruction.
  • A variety of diseases can provoke an inflammatory reaction in the gums. Such diseases include: cancer tumors, AIDS, diabetes, disorders in activity of endocrine system, decrease in immunity in General.
  • The presence of malocclusion or damage to the surrounding tissues.
  • Disorder in the robot of the intestine.
  • A lack of vitamins.
  • Smoking, hindering the recovery process of the gingival tissues.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • The effects of some drugs. There are a number of medications can worsen the condition of the mouth, reducing saliva, designed to protect the oral cavity, provoke irregular widening of the periodontal.

Among other reasons for the occurrence and development of periodontal disease worth noting the poor supply of blood to gum tissue, which is very important for the health of the gums.

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Symptoms of periodontal disease

The disease has a manifestation of its rapidly developing atrophy of the cells of the tooth. In an x-ray cannot detect the narrowing of the medullar space, the reduction of the cells of bone tissue. All this leads to the reduction of the partitions between the teeth, decrease tissue structures of the jaw bones, osteoporotic lesions.

Пародонтоз: причины возникновения, симптомы и лечение

Periodontal disease has a long development, but if it already has occurred, then starts the instant progression that causes difficulty and pain in the process of eating.

Classification of the severity of periodontal disease

The severity of periodontal disease can be classified depending on the depth of the pockets and the degree of allocation of blood of the gum tissue. Also, there are times when signs of periodontal disease appear a good fixation of the teeth, a small layer of deposits on the surface, the exposure of dental necks, absence of gingival pockets, inflammatory reactions, visible defects are wedge-shaped. Loosening of the teeth occurs only at an advanced degree severe, in that case, if the root system is exposed halfway. In the most severe situations are added the symptoms of periodontal disease, as the inflammation of the tissue structures, periodontal disease develops into periodontitis.

The main signs

The basic symptoms are represented by:

  • Blanching of gingival tissues, the absence of an inflammatory process.
  • Reduce the amount of gums resulting in exposure of the cervix and the root system.
  • The lack of bleeding.
  • The presence of signs of enamel erosion, wedge shaped defects, of wear.
  • Presence of cardiac and vascular diseases, abnormalities of endocrinology and metabolism.
  • Itchy sensation, swelling, swelling of the gums, purulent discharge.
  • The mobility and spreading of the teeth.
  • The presence of plaque, which develops pathogenic bacteria.
  • The absence of pockets of the gums.
  • Stages of periodontal disease.

Пародонтоз: причины возникновения, симптомы и лечение

The symptoms and treatment of this disease are directly dependent on the stage of the disease. Conventionally, there are three stages:

  • Easiest where there are no signs of the disease. Sometimes you can pay attention to sensitivity.
  • Medium, on which the opening of the cervix and the root system begins to feel light gingival itching.
  • Heavy, characterized by a strong opening of the root system. There is pain during eating and tooth mobility.
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Therapy of periodontal disease

Methodology the treatment of this disease depends on the stage of disease and number of remaining teeth or those that need to vomit. This is because the less teeth, the more stressed or weakened remaining in the food process.

Gum disease treatment should begin with the entry on Advisory appointment with the periodontist on which the doctor will examine the oral cavity, x-rays and, according to the results, will plan the treatment.

First, you want to start is eliminating the ultrasound the root causes of illness, which are often the presence of stones and plaque, then with the help of medications reduce inflammation.

Local treatment

In a situation when in the cavity, a strong inflammatory process, anti-inflammatory drugs are used under medical supervision, and lung inflammation, anti-inflammatory therapy can be carried out at home. In this case, use combined treatment: gargle antiseptic balms, applying lotions with anti-inflammatory gel. Exercise routines twice a day after food and brushing teeth.

General medicine

In the case of medium or severe illness, additionally prescribe antibacterial treatment in tablet or injection form. However, the therapy will be effective only in the case when they were removed all the stones and plaque

Oral rehabilitation space

Пародонтоз: причины возникновения, симптомы и лечение

This event includes treatment karasneh holes, and removing the sick, permanently damaged teeth, as they are the repository of pathogens and can provoke further inflammation of the gums. In that case, when destroyed half of the gums and bared more than half of the root, the nerves of these teeth should be removed, and channels, which will reduce the movement of the teeth and slow down their destruction.

Splinting of teeth

If you experience tooth mobility, destruction is faster, there is a discrepancy of teeth. In this case, carry out splinting. Carry out this procedure to:

  • reduction or complete elimination of mobility.
  • stop bone destruction in the region of these teeth.
  • prevent the divergence of the teeth.
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Also this procedure is carried out before surgery, in order to stabilize the dentition.

Surgical treatment of the disease

The disease leads to the destruction of fasteners located between the teeth and gums, leading to formation of periodontal pockets filled with bacteria. Easy degree of disease allows to cope with these pockets by medication, with an average and heavy degree, such pockets can be eliminated only through surgery. Treatment with medications will only help to remove symptoms of the disease.


If in the mouth there is a strong divergence of the teeth, this situation can be corrected by installing the bridge-metal. In the absence of even one tooth in the oral cavity on the background of this disease, a prosthesis is required. In such a situation, apply chinaswamy clasp, which restores a lost tooth and strengthen the remaining.

Therapy of disease using laser

Пародонтоз: причины возникновения, симптомы и лечение

This therapy contributes to the elimination main symptoms and is an additional procedure to the main treatment. Using the laser ensures complete sterility of the dental pocket and quality the destruction of microbes. Also, the procedure is able to remove the bleeding, red gums, swelling, pain, affect the healing of injuries, to remove plaque, eliminate suppuration and so on.

As you can see, periodontal disease is a very serious disease of the oral cavity that can lead to loss of healthy teeth. It is therefore necessary to carefully monitor their health and to seek help to the doctor at the slightest suspicion of the disease.