Periodontitis: what is it and modern methods of treatment

Periodontitis is a common occurrence. However, not all people understand what it is periodontitis what must be done in treatment when periodontal disease than to treat periodontitis and so on.

In this article we will cover the answers to these questions, but will tell you about modern methods of treatment of periodontal disease, about which tips this is the case with healers and traditional healers. Read more what is periodontitis and how it should be treated.

Periodontitis – what is it

Пародонтит: что это такое и современные методы леченияPeriodontitis is a disease that consists in inflammation of the tissues around the tooth, which in medicine are called the periodontium. A distinctive feature of periodontitis is that because of this disease destroyed bone the base of the tooth – alveolar bone. The process occurs rapidly, making the treatment of periodontitis the most important issue in modern dentistry.

This is not the only disease that can affect the tissues around the tooth. The list of these diseases, we also find gingivitis and periodontal disease.

The treatment of periodontitis and other periodontal diseases specialists periodontists. They treat adjacent to the tooth tissues, studying their normal anatomy and physiology.

Treatment of periodontitis is important because over time, the disease can lead to serious consequences. Inflammation, reaching the bone framework holding the teeth, destroying it. The connection between the bone and the tooth weakens, the gums, vospalilis are omitted, which leads to denudation of the neck and root of the tooth. Later the teeth become loose, and if not treat the disease even at this stage, the last thing that happens is loss of the tooth.

The symptoms of the disease

There are the following stages of the disease, with each patient experiencing a diverse range of unpleasant sensations:

Easy degree of disease

Пародонтит: что это такое и современные методы леченияIn this case a person experiences at least uncomfortable feelings. Among them we will note bleeding gums, feeling of heaviness in the gums, and, very importantly, bad breath. Also in mild stages of the disease note the formation of periodontal pockets, i.e., gaps between the gum and tooth. Normal they shouldn’t be – please note: healthy gums fit snugly to the tooth.

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The average degree

In the middle stage of the disease retained the same symptoms as for mild, but they are amplified. It is also noted the appearance of pain in the teeth, the patient becomes more difficult to chew food. Some in the middle stages of the disease complain that the teeth began to wobble. There is discharge of increased periodontal pockets.

Severe stage of the disease

When the disease is already severe, the dentist has to face a huge periodontal pockets, of which is rich exudates, inability to chew food, as well as loss of or significant loosening of the teeth.

Periodontitis is the most dangerous disease among those that can hit teeth-gum segment, which is why everyone should pay attention to their health, in order not to miss the beginning of the disease and avoid its complications.

The development of the disease

Every disease of the oral cavity and any other parts of the human body there are factors in which it evolves much faster than normal. Let’s consider, in what case a person has likely to get periodontitis.

The presence of unhealthy microflora

Пародонтит: что это такое и современные методы леченияIn the human oral cavity inhabited by many bacteria, but all of them are a harmless part of our body for a time. Entering the mouth with food and water, the microorganisms deposited on the teeth and feed on the remains of the food we eat. If not removed in time from the mouth of the waste products of the data of microbes, the teeth are formed stones, which subsequently lead to the inflammation of the periodontium.

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Diseases of the internal organs

At risk are those people who suffer from hypertension, atherosclerosis, dystonias and other serious chronic diseases.

Abnormal metabolism

Any breach of harmony in the human body may be the first step to periodontal disease. For example, disorders of the endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular systems people are more susceptible to periodontal disease. Also at risk are those who have the body prone to allergies.

Developmental disorders of dentition

Oral health is chronically under question in that case, if a person has abnormalities of the jaw or bite. In this case, the load on the tissue of the tooth-gingival segment will be allocated incorrectly, causing certain parts of the periodontal will experience twice the voltage. People with bad bite often say they are unable to efficiently clean the mouth, causing the risk of developing periodontal inflammation increases.

The lack of adequate oral hygiene

Пародонтит: что это такое и современные методы леченияThis paragraph flows logically from the first, because the person who cares for your oral cavity correctly, risks and other unpleasant diseases.

Poorly rendered physician services

Medical errors often lead to periodontitis and the list is very considerable. We will cite only a few examples:

  • Amateur restoration;
  • improper installation of the braces and ignore physician designations guidelines for the care thereof to the patient;
  • low-quality filling;
  • accidental injury during operations in the mouth and so on.


If You think you have this disease, we do not sit idly by. Modern methods of treatment of periodontitis in its early stages are often able to save many teeth. Moreover, in the interests of everyone to say goodbye with disease little blood. What is the treatment for periodontitis?

Before prescribe treatment, the doctor should examine your teeth and mouth. If necessary, he will prescribe the. It will be possible to see in what condition are the roots of the teeth, neck the alveolar processes. Пародонтит: что это такое и современные методы леченияWill take a look at how to treat periodontal disease?

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As a rule, the treatment of periodontitis is limited to the purpose of cleansing the teeth from soft and hard plaque, because it becomes the cause of the disease. After that, the doctor may prescribe additional medications that will reduce inflammation, and help to restore the normal functioning of the teeth and gums.

Also, the periodontist will conduct patient insight into proper brushing will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. There are local treatments (use special paste, physiotherapy) and General (antibiotics).

In addition to plaque removal, the doctor will cure all carious teeth and remove non-viable. It is necessary that in the mouth was less potential hotbeds of infection. Such a formal treatment of periodontitis.

The popular treatment

Periodontal disease can also be cured at home, but You have to remember that the treatment of periodontitis it can be dangerous and the responsibility will fall on Your shoulders. If You are not sure that will cure the disease, it is better to leave this venture.

Folk remedies recommend the following:

  • sea buckthorn and fir;
  • tincture from marigold flowers and lime;
  • decoctions of oak bark;
  • the use of comfrey.

Do not forget about proper diet during the treatment of the disease, about the heavy use of vitamins in the first place. Here we answered the question how to cure periodontitis on your own.