Pimples and bumps on the tongue: what to do if you get sick, how to treat?

Language is an important body which diagnose the symptoms of various diseases. In a healthy person it is pink, moist, no plaque and ulcerated. Any changes of the mucous membranes is the first signal of the emergence of pathologies of the internal organs or the mouth. Red, white or yellowish bumps on the tongue appear when the increase in papillae, which hipertrofiada as a result of shedding of the tissues.

Causes of pimple

Прыщики и пупырышки на языке: что делать, если болят, как лечить?Such changes of the surface epithelium cause inflammatory disease. Under the negative effects of pathogens occurs delamination of the epithelium, blisters are formed-papules filled with fluid. If associated infection, the bubbles filled with purulent masses, and when filled lesions bumps blood turn dark red. At bid opening there are erosion and ulcers.

Why does the language appear inflamed pimples?

  • allergic reaction;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • ENT disease;
  • beriberi;
  • thermal burns;
  • herpes;
  • stomatitis;
  • bad habits;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The main symptoms of pathologies are whitish, clear or yellowish bumps on the tip or root of the tongue. Also formed bacterial plaque, which may be difficult to remove from the mouth with unpleasant smells. The patient violated the sense of taste, reduced sensitivity, a discomfort during eating and talking.

Diseases of the oral cavity

If the tip of the tongue showed a white spot, the reason may be aphthous stomatitis. With the development of this disease affects the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Are formed inflammation, has an oval shape with distinct erythematous margins. Inside aphthae covered with white bloom, after the removal of which remains a bleeding ulcer.

Прыщики и пупырышки на языке: что делать, если болят, как лечить?If there’s a transparent bumps on the tongue filled with murky liquid, the cause is herpetic stomatitis. After opening the blisters are formed a painful erosion. The language is reminiscent of a geographical map, a sore, burning while eating. Upon accession infection may begin as an inflammatory process followed by suppuration, or deterioration of health, fever.

How to cure bumps, get rid of pimples on the tongue? Need to go to the dentist for treatment. Therapy should be aimed at removing the causes of disease (weak immune system, chronic diseases of internal organs). A pimple, papule on tongue treated with gel Asepta, Holisal. You should regularly rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions (Chlorhexidine, Furatsilinom, Miramistin). It is important to strengthen the immune system, take vitamins.

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Allergic reactions

Why the tongue is swollen and covered with pimples? This can be a symptom of allergies. Taking certain medications, foods can act as allergens and cause a similar reaction. Swelling is formed on all the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, larynx. Appears rhinitis, watery eyes, deteriorating overall health of the person.

What if the root and the whole surface of the tongue in pimples? In such cases, an urgent need to take antihistamines and to seek help to the doctor. You should also stop taking drugs that caused such a reaction. If the allergen is unknown, it is determined in the laboratory.

ENT diseases

Прыщики и пупырышки на языке: что делать, если болят, как лечить?Red bumps, bumps on the tongue, closest to throat, say that
inflamed mucous membrane of the pharynx, developed strep throat. There is a thickening and induration of the epithelium, blood vessels dilate, the surface is a muscular organ covered with papules. These formations can cause discomfort during eating. The main symptoms include pain, sensation of foreign object in the throat, laying the ears, increase in regional lymph nodes.

In hypertrophic pharyngitis form on the tongue, back of the throat pimples in the shape of a pyramid causes cornification of the epithelium. Such growths are present in the region of the upper palate, of the tonsils. To the touch they are quite dense, usually pathology is not accompanied by acute inflammatory process.

What if on the tongue, back of the throat there were red bumps, pimples? You must obtain a consultation from an otolaryngologist.

Infectious diseases

White bacterial plaque on the tongue and red, small bumps across its surface appear in scarlet fever. This is an infectious contagious disease characterized by appearance of small red rash all over body, chills, intoxication. Most often scarlet fever sick little children.

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3 days after infection, the disease manifests granular lesions on the surface of the tongue. Organ swells, becomes bright crimson color.

How to remove pimples on scarlatinous language? The treatment prescribed by infectious disease physician. Patients taking anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, stick to a sparing diet. It is necessary during therapy to observe a quarantine and bed rest.


Прыщики и пупырышки на языке: что делать, если болят, как лечить?Red, dense pimples on the root and sides of the tongue can occur when vitamin A deficiency in the body, disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. Epithelial tissue and exfoliated rohovit, forming a nodular seal on the mucous membranes and the skin.

Lose weight feel General malaise. Deteriorating vision, decreased amount of saliva, leading to dryness of the mouth.

How and what to treat vitamin deficiency and a pimple on the tongue? To get rid of these symptoms after taking vitamin A, fish oil. Nutrition should be balanced, contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Diseases of the digestive system

Gastroesophageal reflux disease can cause damage to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. This is due to the action of gastric acids and the change in the composition of saliva.

If you experience reflux is irritation of the oral cavity, develops thrush, appears white, inflamed pimple on the tongue, cheeks or gums. It is also noted damage to the protective enamel, dental caries.

What to do if there is a white pimple on tongue, inflamed and sore, how to treat pathology? You need to consult a gastroenterologist and dentist.

Treatment should be carried out comprehensively to eliminate the cause of the disease, strengthen immunity, speed healing of mucous membranes.

Lichen planus in the mouth

In the language formed, white bumps that hurt and hinder, what it is and how to treat them? Horny papules are white or gray can be a symptom of flat red lichen. Growths can merge, forming plaque or picture, like a snowflake. Mucous membranes are rough due to the rise of acne.

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The most pronounced symptoms of the disease in smokers. The place of localization of rash Прыщики и пупырышки на языке: что делать, если болят, как лечить?is back and the sides of the tongue, inner surface of cheeks. Less commonly affects the lips, gums, floor of the mouth.

Little white bumps on tongue cause a burning sensation, tightness, and sometimes there is swelling. At the opening of papules ulcers, covered with bloom, which are difficult to treat.

What to do if inflamed, a pimple on the tongue how to care? Lichen planus is a chronic disease that can last for years, periodically sharpening. Formed ulcers epitelizirutmi few months. The elderly, the disease can develop into malignant form.

How can you get rid of pimple on tongue? The treatment is carried out comprehensively, it is recommended that inspection of the dentist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, endocrinologist and cardiologist.

If the tip of the tongue appeared white, red or gray pimple, inflamed and sore than it needs to be treated will determine the doctor after inspection. Call the pathology can a large number of diseases of the oral cavity and internal organs. Therefore it is impossible to self-medicate and to postpone the visit to the experts.