Prevention of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a disease in which the affected periodontal tissue. Occurs quite rare from 1-8% of patients, but has serious consequences, up to loss of teeth. Complete recovery is possible only at the initial stages, therefore, you should pay special attention to the prevention of this disease.

The exact causes of periodontal disease is still not identified, known only several factors influencing the development and course of the disease:

  • Профилактика пародонтозаLesion of the mucous membrane of the mouth;
  • Smoking, alcohol;
  • Mechanical trauma: bruises, fractures, surgical intervention;
  • Hormonal failure in the body;
  • The deficit of mineral substances and vitamins;
  • Digestive problems and gastrointestinal tract;
  • Decrease in immunity.

In each case the causes and symptoms of the individual, therefore, prevention of periodontal disease and prevention of its development require a range of measures.

Professional prophylaxis

To prevent a diagnosis — periodontal disease, the first task of the doctor to identify the most probable cause of the disease, the patient is assigned examination of the body. The greatest attention is paid to problems that are bothering the patient for a long time.

Профилактика пародонтозаThere should be regular full cleaning of the oral cavity, the purpose of which is to eliminate all harmful bacteria and plaque and deposits. Wrong oral hygiene significantly affects the rate of development of degenerative changes in the periodontal tissues.

Timely elimination of defects of the teeth, bite correction and prosthetics for missing or damaged units is of great importance not only in the treatment of periodontal disease, but its prevention. Therefore, you should not run, even such dental disease such as caries, pulpitis, gingivitis, plaque.

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Prevention of periodontal disease is the use of specialized toothpastes along with vitamin-mineral complexes, reduce the risk of disease to a minimum. As they improve circulation in the gums and the mucosa.

In cases where the disease is the history of a family, for the prevention of a doctor can be assigned massage the gums. It should be conducted at the dental clinic with special equipment or at home directly by the patient. The result of this massage, become improve blood circulation and as a consequence of the saturation of the gums oxygen.

The best prevention is timely and regular checkups at the dentist.

Self prevention

For the prevention of pathologies of the teeth at home, the first things to remember about maintaining the body’s sufficient levels of minerals and vitamins. This can be achieved Профилактика пародонтозаby taking medical drugs or the proper balanced diet.

A large number of fruits, vegetables and dairy products will help replenish necessary vitamins and minerals. So eating grapefruit helps stop bleeding gums and saturation of vitamin C. For the natural hygiene of the mouth is recommended to use green apples and carrots; they cleanse the teeth from plaque worse toothbrush.

The content of useful trace elements necessary in the diet for prevention of periodontal disease:

  • Copper — cheese products, raw potatoes, prunes, liver, and sour cream;
  • Zinc – legumes, any cheeses, seafood;
  • Calcium – fish, cheese, cottage cheese;
  • Iron – apples, poultry, beans.
  • Ascorbic acid – currant berries, all citrus fruits, rosehips, gooseberry, bell pepper;
  • Fiber – pumpkin, apples, cabbage, lettuce, etc.;
  • Fatty acids – vegetable oil fish.
  • Additional vitamin complexes: Martinoli-M, Centrum, Multitab.
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In addition to eating beneficial, it is best to think about the exclusion from the diet of harmful foods that often become the main causes of diseases of the teeth and gums.

Sugar-containing foods, along with carbonated drinks erode tooth enamel several times faster than in natural conditions. And cause inflammation of the gums, as well as the development of pathogenic bacteria. The same consequence results through measuring the consumption of fast food depleted in minerals, but supersaturated with sugar and food additives.

Important step in the prevention of periodontal disease include quitting Smoking and drinking alkogolesoderzhaschie drinks. So they reduce the rate of metabolic processes and blood circulation in the mucosa and contribute to the destruction of tooth enamel. Bad habits are often the cause of not only the development of periodontitis, but the occurrence of cancers of the oral cavity.

Prevention of folk remedies

There are a huge number of folk recipes for the treatment of periodontal disease and its prevention. These include various ointments, teas and tinctures, which include: honey and propolis, horseradish or garlic, fir or sea buckthorn oil, beet juice or sauerkraut.

  • Профилактика пародонтозаMassage the gums with honey or propolis with salt, improves blood circulation and oxygen saturation of the gums. It is recommended twice a day, morning and evening. To massage the gums should be within a few minutes without forgetting to wash your hands. Directly massage, place the index finger, which caused a drop of oil in a circular motion. You need to massage the area around all the teeth. It is also possible to use such essential oils as eucalyptus, mint, coriander or lemon.
  • One clove of garlic, rubbed into gums every day for a couple of weeks, will significantly strengthen them, will cure the bleeding and destroy all pathogenic bacteria.
  • For the prevention of destructive and dystrophic processes in the oral cavity, it is recommended to lubricate the gums of sea buckthorn or fir oil. A course to fifteen treatments will contribute to the saturation of vitamins, minerals and improve metabolism in the periodontal tissue.
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Do not neglect the prevention of periodontal disease, as this disease cannot be cured completely, only stop or slow the process. And its development may affect how individual factors and General condition of the body, so at the first signs you must consult the dentist and take the full course of complex treatment.