Prevention of stomatitis in children and diseases of the mucous membrane

Stomatitis is an inflammation of the lining of the mouth, which is diagnosed often enough. Doctors recommend to carry out the prevention of stomatitis, especially in children to prevent this ailment.

Principal diseases

By far the most common types of this disease are:

  • Профилактика стоматита у детей и заболеваний слизистой оболочки Fungal stomatitis. Its main manifestation is presented a plaque of grayish-white color in the mouth. The patient may also feel an increase in temperature up to 40 degrees, in the recurrence of chronic or acute. The doctor will diagnose the disease with enlargement of lymph nodes, and if you see any of these signs, you should immediately seek help from professionals. This is due to the fact that the disease is easily removed by mechanical assistance;
  • Herpes. This type is most common and is diagnosed not only in adults but also in children. The cause of the infection can be direct contact with fluids or mucous membrane. The clinical picture is the occurrence on the lips and in the mouth of small bubbles with the water content. Thus, intoxication may lead to an overall deterioration of the body and the appearance of symptoms of cold, fever, dizziness and pain.
  • Allergic. Appears like this type of over-consumption of products or preparations containing substances, that the patient does not tolerate. The clinical picture is similar to herpes, but unlike him, after allergic wounds are not. In the oral cavity of the tumor disclosed and covered by the film, forming small ulcers.
  • Bacterial stomatitis. This is the easiest and fast passing grade of the disease. Its the main reason presented by the contact with infection and the appearance of inflammatory processes in the shell of the mouth, which in children often occurs because of teething. From it easy enough to get rid of because of antibiotics or regular maintenance.
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    Prevention of stomatitis in children

    Today every parent wants to avoid this disease in your child, as it may cause some inconvenience. So, prevention of stomatitis in children lies in the following points:

    • Frequent walks will help get rid of harmful effects of dust. Moreover, you should pay more attention to child nutrition, which are necessary vitamins.

    It was found that eating a variety of food and a dynamically changing diet has beneficial effects on the health of the oral cavity.

    • For prevention you will need to fence the child from cigarette smoke and fumes of alcohol. The psychological factor also has its influence on the development of the disease, therefore it is necessary to maintain normal and healthy family environment.
    • Профилактика стоматита у детей и заболеваний слизистой оболочки The personal hygiene of the mucous membrane is one of the main factors in the prevention of stomatitis. For this you need to wash your hands before eating and monitor the purity of the ingredients used. Of course, all of this will have to follow an adult, especially if we talk about the little ones who need to change diapers and to hold rinsing. Here is a wiping of saliva and snot.
    • During the emergence of the first teeth is required to carefully monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity, as it can cause inflammation and infection is constantly to penetrate them. The disease appears at a period more often, so it is best to consult a doctor.
    • If you have any diseases, even for dentistry, you should immediately consult a doctor for qualified help. Timely treatment and prevention will help to avoid complications that can affect the appearance of a disease or its transition into the chronic form.
    • You must teach the child how to behave in society. This is due to the fact that many infections occur after contact with dirty objects and other children who had the infection. You should explain to him that you should avoid eating common food, use of hygiene items and household items.
    • If the infection still could not be avoided, it is best to fence the child from their peers. Gotta stop Hiking in the garden.
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    General rules of prevention

    They are suitable for both children and adults, which minimizes the chance of occurrence of such illness. So, prevention of stomatitis includes:

  • Профилактика стоматита у детей и заболеваний слизистой оболочки Strengthening the immune system. Should abandon bad habits and start to exercise. You will also need to watch the diet, which should contain as many vegetables and fruits, and a small amount of fatty foods. Frequently required to walk and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Should be excluded from the diet of crackers and overly sweet food. For the prevention of stomatitis, an additional means may be substances with a high content of zinc, vitamin A and iron, which is very useful.
  • Need to avoid contact with carriers of the disease and the quarantine period is 10 days. Additionally, for the prevention of diseases of the mucous membranes is recommended to avoid contact with objects the patient.
  • The important point is the timely treatment of diseases, even colds. This is due to the fact that the mucous membrane of the mouth can be transmitted infection and cause disease.
  • In special cases the sores appear due to contact with bacteria after oral sex, so you need to use contraceptives in this intercourse.
  • The appearance of the disease is recommended to change the toothbrush and immediately consult a doctor to avoid visible effects.
  • Folk remedies in the prevention of stomatitis

    In the prevention of diseases of the mucosa of the oral cavity, in particular stomatitis, some doctors recommend the use of the advice of the ancestors. For this it is best to use infusions and decoctions.

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    Prevention is an effective tool for cooking that will need calendula, oak bark, chamomile and Clary sage. All of this mix and a few teaspoons of the resulting funds are backfilled in one Cup of boiling water. Rinse this solution in recommendations two times a day, regardless of meal.

    Anti-inflammatory effect has carrot juice. To prepare the treatment solution it is necessary to mix the main ingredient of warm water in the ratio 50: 50. A similar solution is prepared using boiling water and baking soda when added 2-3 tablespoons of the second. Rinsing is done 2 times daily after a meal, thus reducing the risk of illness by 30%.