Puncture of the language and implications

Thanks to fashion trends in recent years, the piercing suffered from various parts of the body, including the tongue. Piercing in language – is a daring decoration that allows you to stand out among others. At the same time, it is also a means to enrich private life.

The guys are in the punctures of the metal rod, ring, and girl – elegant jewelry with stones and crystals. Most daring do whole cascades of language, insert the tunnels. Jewelry made of materials resistant to oxidation – gold, titanium, surgical steel, plastic or flexible Teflon.

Puncture of the language of the procedure is virtually painless – taste buds and nerve endings located primarily on the tip, so the pain is not felt.


Прокол языка и последствияIt is important to observe the correct technology puncture, it will help to minimize unpleasant consequences.

The procedure is performed without anesthesia – it is sufficient to rinse the mouth and handle region of the piercing with an antiseptic solution.

Next, the wizard puts a mark where it will be inserted decoration, and measures the thickness of the tongue. These data are needed for proper selection of rod size given the fact that the language the first time will be swollen.

The puncture is exposed to the Central side, the tip and the frenulum. This should be possible to stick out his tongue, which is secured with the special clip. The puncture needle is carried out from the bottom and immediately entered the decoration.

Lateral punctures require special attention, as there is a risk to get into an artery. The puncture tip can be painful. The difficulties are caused by horizontal and punctures.

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Particular care

Puncture of the language has unpleasant consequences – first couple of days he will be in a swollen state, with the result that it is difficult to talk and eat.

Within 4 hours after the procedure, you need to limit food intake, alcohol and Smoking.

Прокол языка и последствияEvery 3 hours is recommended to rinse mouth with an antiseptic solution, and to eat more cold foods to relieve edema.

Within 10-14 days the wound is delayed. At this time, be sure to follow a strict diet, eliminating sharp, fatty, fried foods and solid products. Optimal soups, yoghurts, cereals, dairy products.

When the wound is healed, you can change the long barbell for a shorter one so it was not difficult to speak and did not touch teeth. Full recovery occurs through

4-6 weeks due to enhanced tissue regeneration of mucous membrane.

Risks and consequences

Making a decision about the tongue piercing should be aware of the risks associated with it.

There are consequences that cannot be avoided:

  • swelling and soreness in the first few days;
  • the diction is a period of adjustment to the decoration may be accompanied by various defects of speech;
  • addictive – language the most moving part of our body and decoration it will require a long adaptation before will become completely invisible.

May experience an unpleasant taste in the mouth, plaque, if the decoration material or means for rinsing does not suit you. To eliminate bad feelings you can change the solution or earrings.

Also there are various risks that can have negative consequences for health:

  • damage to the arteries in the failure to observe a puncture, resulting in possible massive blood loss and even death;
  • anaphylactic shock in the case of the master the use of anesthesia puncture of the language should be done without anesthesia;
  • the language of nerve damage can lead to loss of sensitivity, disturbance of motor function;
  • infection at the puncture while the needle is applied repeatedly, or have been violated its sterility – it is possible to bring such serious diseases as hepatitis B and AIDS. Piercing in the salon at a qualified specialist will help to avoid this problem;
  • inflammation – failure to comply with hygiene, diet, kissing, alcohol and Smoking healing wounds can occur with problems.
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Прокол языка и последствияPiercing the tongue is worn constantly, as without the decoration of the puncture heals very quickly. This can cause dental problems such as:

  • damage tooth enamel;
  • chipped teeth;
  • inflammation and bleeding of the gums;
  • the increase in the interdental spaces.

Lesions occur in the lateral puncture, or puncture of the tip of the tongue as a result of constant contact of the jewelry with the tooth enamel and gums. The problem can occur when the puncture in the center is a very flexible language and speech, lip-licking, «the game» with the decoration can cause the appearance of chips and cracks. Also as a result of pressure on the teeth with the piercing for a long time the teeth start to spread to fix this issue will have expensive and unsightly braces;

Puncture language has implications that can seriously damage health, however, compliance with all rules and guidelines can minimize that. The beauty of the decorations, the pull of the shocking, unusual sensation when kissing and oral caresses more than cover all risks. After weighing all the pros and cons, evaluate all the possible consequences of the failure of language, it is easy to make the right choice.