Red dots on tongue child: causes

Changes in the structure of the tissues of the tongue, the appearance of redness and plaque speaks of the development of viral or infectious diseases. This can be additional symptoms of the internal organs, which cause deterioration of General health of the person. The red dots on the tongue in an adult or child are a sign of disorders of the liver, cardiovascular system, immune system weakening, injuries.

Why redness appear

Causes of red dots on tongue:

  • injuries of the tongue from the sharp edges of teeth or dentures;
  • thermal burn;
  • scarlet fever;
  • mononucleosis;
  • liver disease;
  • malignancy;
  • anemia;
  • allergies.

To change the color of the language and can after eating staining foods, berries, fruits.

Scarlatinous language

Красные точки на языке у ребенка: причиныScarlet fever is most common in small children. Infectious disease in the initial stages is manifested by the appearance of bacterial plaque gray. After a few days the mucous membranes are cleared and crimson. The child’s language in small red spots, similar to nodules.

Rash appears all over body, itchy and burning. Patients complain of malaise, increased body temperature. The inflammatory process may spread to the region of the larynx, the tonsils, cause a sore throat.

A sick child is placed in quarantine conditions for 10 days, prescribe a course of antibiotics. Mouth rinse with antiseptic solutions or herbal decoctions.


It is a contagious disease of viral nature, characterized by a sharp increase of lymph nodes, sore throat. The cause of the disease – the herpes virus, more common in infants and young children.

Красные точки на языке у ребенка: причиныIn the mouth of a sick child swollen gums appear red dots on the tongue at the sides, can be seen by the teeth marks on the mucous membranes. Erosion without plaque, painful. Salivation is difficult, the secret is viscous, mouth unpleasant smells. Marvel may throat, causing the development of angina. The back of the tongue covered with dirty-gray patina, after removing the remains of erythematous tissue.

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Treat mononucleosis by boosting the immune system. Patients are prescribed the intake of antiviral, antibacterial medicines, vitamins. Antiseptic mouth rinse (Chlorhexidine, Furatsilin). Deep erosion locally treated with anti-inflammatory ointments.

Exudative erythema of the oral cavity

The disease begins with the deterioration of health of a person, then the mucous membranes in the oral cavity affects the small bubbles. Localized rash on the tongue, cheeks and lips. Papules quickly opened to form a red, sore point at the tip or any other part of the language. Later they are covered with a fibrous coating.

Красные точки на языке у ребенка: причиныWhen poor oral hygiene, joins infectious process, erosion, fester, cause acute pain, increased salivation. The disease can be chronic, manifested by periodic exacerbations.

During treatment, taking pain, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, askorutin. Make antiseptic bath, application of ointments in the affected areas. For plaque removal use of proteolytic enzymes for tissue healing – agent drugs.

Malignant disease

Kaposi’s sarcoma in the oral cavity is manifested by formation of dark-red dots, nodules on the surface of the gums, tongue, palate, inside of the cheeks. The color of the spots does not change with pressure, education, painful on palpation, cause discomfort during eating, talking. The surrounding tissues are hyperemic. Stains can be multiple and appear in any part of the body.

Красные точки на языке у ребенка: причиныThis disease is not independent, it is usually diagnosed on the background of cancer of the lymph system. At risk are people with immune deficiency.

Tongue cancer is manifested by the formation of seals and growths in the muscle of the body. The most common affected his side. The first symptoms: discomfort, changes in the structure of the language. The disease progresses there is pain, inflammation, unpleasant smell, increased regional lymph nodes.

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Treatment of benign and malignant formations of the language are given by the oncologist. The sooner you get started the therapy, the more positive forecasts for recovery.


Красные точки на языке у ребенка: причиныWhen platelet dysfunction appears bleeding of mucous membranes. Red spots, bruising even after minor injuries. May experience excessive bleeding during menstruation in women vomiting, in the urine and feces found specks of blood.

Treatment is aimed at improving platelet function, increase blood clotting, preventing bleeding.

Red papules, dots, erosions, or ulcers, affecting the language of the child or adult, can be a symptom of serious disease, so if you change the state of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity should consult a dentist.