Remedy for sores in the mouth: tablets and medicines for children

Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mucosa in the oral cavity. The disease is prevalent both among adults and among children. manifested through redness, swelling, sores and blisters. These symptoms cause discomfort and pain, interfere with fluid intake and food, affect the purity of the pronunciation. If sores do not improve within weeks, you need to consult a doctor who will recommend the best remedy for stomatitis.

Средство от стоматита во рту: таблетки и препараты для детейThere are several types of this disease:

  • infectious – caused by viruses;
  • bacterial;
  • Candida is caused by fungi saprophytes;
  • allergic;
  • traumatic;
  • toxic – caused by the toxic effects of metal dental prostheses;
  • the treatment – which is a side effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy,
  • atrophic – appearing with hypovitaminosis, chronic diseases, bad environment.
  • If there was stomatitis, it what to treat and what medications are effective? A large number of preparations (gels, tablets, rinses) for stomatitis difficult to choose. He must determine the cause of the disease. Therefore, successful treatment requires an accurate diagnosis and treatment from a specialist. A cure of stomatitis are dispensed from pharmacies on prescription.

    Treatment should be based on an integrated approach that will allow you to quickly eliminate discomfort, pain, and prevent progression and chronification process in adults.

    Drugs intended for the treatment of stomatitis can be divided into three groups: reducing pain, relieving inflammation and suppress the activity of microbes and the drugs specific actions.


    Средство от стоматита во рту: таблетки и препараты для детейVery often, ulcers and sores cause pain that does not allow a person to live a full life of eating, drinking and talking. Therefore, it is advisable to use drugs with anesthetic effect. The most common among them:

    • Hexetidine in the form of tablets for sucking. It is composed of chlorhexidine and benzocaine to relieve the pain and fight germs;
    • Lidocaine antiseptic with local anaesthetic effect is produced in the form of a spray, which is irrigated by a damaged mucosa;
    • Ledogar – has anesthetic and antiseptic, is available in the form of a gel, which when applied to inflamed sores on the surface and provides effective treatment – after 5 minutes of applying the pain disappears;

    Stomatitis can be treated not only drugs pharmacological production, but with the help of medicinal plants. For the rapid healing of ulcers and plaques, for pain used herbal decoctions.

    Against the development of microorganisms

    Effective and rapid treatment of diseases is possible with the use of the funds, relieving inflammation and kill germs. These drugs come in various forms: ointments, gels, tablets, sprays. The choice depends on the severity of the disease and individual preferences.

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    Among the most popular sprays:

    • An ointment containing oil of peppermint and eucalyptus, glycerol. Due to such structure of the spray for a cooling sensation, which quickly relieves inflammation;
      Geksoral – antibacterial drug;

    There are many gels, as a rule, the combined action of:

    • Средство от стоматита во рту: таблетки и препараты для детейKalgel – the best and affordable tool for all ages from stomatitis. It acts as a mild anesthetic, relieving pain and cooling, and also as an antiseptic that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the kalgel most effective for Candida and bacterial stomatitis;
    • Vinilin – good remedy from progressive disease, treats inflammation of the mouth, providing regenerating and antimicrobial action;
    • Holisal – the most effective and reliable remedy for stomatitis. Relieves inflammations, kills pathogenic microorganisms;
    • Kamistad – antiseptic and local anaesthetic action. Is an effective remedy for stomatitis due to the content of lidocaine and chamomile;
    • Actovegin is aimed at the healing of ulcers initial stage.

    Also often, patients choose as the basis of treatment lozenges for stomatitis. For example, such as:

    • Eucalyptus M – an effective remedy for a number of diseases, including stomatitis in adults. It has a local anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative effect. It consists of eucalyptus and menthol, relieving swelling.
    • Exelis – medicine in pill form from thrush in the mouth. Eliminates inflammation, improves local immunity, accelerates the healing of ulcers.

    As a means to treat sores in the mouth, can be a rinse on the basis of the herbs from chamomile and eucalyptus leaves.

    Specific actions

    Средство от стоматита во рту: таблетки и препараты для детейFrom various types of stomatitis used drugs: antiviral, antifungal or antihistamine.
    If there is a herpes variant of the disease, the best remedy for this disease is the use of the following drugs: Zovirax, Birth, Acyclovir, Viru-Merz Serol, or interferonalfa oxolinic ointment.
    When Candida solution will help nystatin ointment, gel Miconazole.

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    An antihistamine medication used in the treatment of allergic stomatitis as well as other types of mucosal lesions of the mouth. You can take tablets of Suprastin, Tavegil, Fenistil, Loratadine.

    Important: the best medicine will be able to choose a doctor depending on the type of disease and its course. When properly selected drugs the treatment of this disease is quite simple and quick. From sores all the medications available and easy to use.

    The treatment of infantile stomatitis

    Among children common types of thrush: candidal, herpetic, aphthous, including allergic. The mucosa of the oral cavity of the child is gentle and delicate, quickly injured. The immune system is still undeveloped enough to fight pathogens. Therefore, inflammation of the mucous membrane in children is a frequent phenomenon.

    Funds from the thrush for the children is not only pharmacological agents. The younger the child, the less medication is allowed to use. Therefore, to combat the fungal infection it is important to create a more alkaline environment in the oral cavity. The best remedy for fungal stomatitis in young children – treatment of the mucosa with a solution of baking soda and kalgel. In older age the treatment can be replaced by rinsing. In both cases, the procedure is executed up to 6 times a day. It is also necessary to follow a diet, eliminating acidic foods and sweets, food which can damage mucous membranes, hot and cold dishes.

    The drugs for candidal stomatitis in children include ointments such as Nystatin, Clotrimazole cream Pimafucin. For teenagers can be prescribed antifungal tablets or suspension, for example, Diflucan or Soon. To the main medicine from this kind of stomatitis, the child is given vitamins, strengthen the immune system.

    Средство от стоматита во рту: таблетки и препараты для детейTreatment herpes the type of disease involves adherence to the same diet as in oral form. Effective folk remedy for this kind of stomatitis in children – treatment of ulcers with decoction of chamomile and fresh Kalanchoe. This anti-inflammatory procedure must be repeated 4 times a day. You can use special tablets and suspension for stomatitis is allowed for children from 4 years, for example, Hexoral tabs – analgesic and antimicrobial agent. Antiseptic local application the Taste has the same effect.

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    Irreplaceable cure for herpes stomatitis children – Acyclovir, drug, fighting directly with the virus. Available in the form of tablets, ointments and cream. All drugs containing acyclovir, is recommended for treatment of this disease in children. For the healing of ulcers, you can use Kartalin, oils of rosehip and sea buckthorn gel Vinilin.

    In the treatment of aphthous embodiment, the main is to avoid contact with the allergen and begin receiving medications antihistamines: Suprastin, Catrina. Antiseptic and antimicrobial agents from canker sores for children are selected by trial. Reactions are very individual, many children help Lugol spray Geksoral, treatment or rinsing with Miramistina.

    Cure for canker sores in children – Rotokan, Bonafton, Vinylinum. Immunologist may recommend Pirogenal or Dekaris for the correction of protective functions of the organism. Well established kalgel with canker and fungal stomatitis in children, even very young children. Its use is allowed from 5 months.

    The choice of medication for children and adults from any kind of disease – a problem for a number of specialists. Only their team based on diagnostic data and ongoing monitoring will be able to choose the right treatment.