Retention cyst of the lower lip: treatment without surgery

The mouth should be kept clean and 2 times a year you need to go for a visit to the dentist that it began to develop a variety of pathological processes, for example, a retention cyst of the lower lip. It is a closed cavity with a greasy or slimy contents. The cyst is divided into several types, including retention type of pathology. He belongs to true group, that is lined with epithelium and develops this process in the glands only on the type of sebaceous or salivary.

The reason of development of this pathological process are the blockage of the ductless gland tumor, stone, dust or scar tissue. Because of this secretory fluid accumulates and dilates adjacent tissue, thereby extending itself to the duct, and creating a Ретенционная киста нижней губы: лечение без операцииcavity.

A cyst develops in the mouth, usually near the major salivary glands and, depending on its location is divided into the following types:

  • A cyst of the lower lip appear due to blockage of minor salivary gland;
  • Ranula occurs due to blockage of the sublingual gland.

Furthermore, the cavity may develop near the submandibular and parotid gland. It is worth noting a cyst that develops on the inner side of the lips. It resembles a little ball of liquid and it can not be seen immediately, as the pathology is not felt and does not cause discomfort.

Causes of retention cysts

A cyst on the lower lip comes from the fact that it was blocked ducts, but this phenomenon has its own reasons:

  • Due to trauma or burns;
  • Inflammation in the oral cavity;
  • Atrophy (reduction) of ducts;
  • Genetic predisposition.

Symptoms peculiar pathology

Ретенционная киста нижней губы: лечение без операцииSuch education can reach 2 cm or more in diameter and the development period is usually 2-3 days. Painful sensations do not exist and it initially did not even notice, but if the process is accompanied by a strong inflammation of the discomfort. It should be noted that if the formed ball to try to crack or pierce, then it will stand out liquid white or reddish and the wound eventually healed, but without addressing the causes the cavity again start to form.

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The tumor is not usually distinguished by its color from the rest of the mucous membrane, but when growth becomes the blue tint, which indicates the thinning of its walls. Doctors advise when this ball immediately consult a dentist to obtain professional treatment, and otherwise the possible complications and the defect will be visible from the outside.

Diagnosis the lower lip

To assign the correct course of treatment to make a thorough diagnosis and will include:

  • A study using the probe to understand how the channel size and whether it has a stone;
  • Ultrasound examination in order to understand the structure and size of education;
  • Puncture (analysis of content);
  • Sialography helps to investigate complex cyst by filling the salivary ducts with medications containing iodine for contrast.

Traditional medicine

Ретенционная киста нижней губы: лечение без операцииAfter performing a comprehensive examination of the oral specialist is often advised to wait 1-2 weeks, because the cavity has the ability to dissolve on their own, especially if it has been obtained as a result of injury or burn. In such a situation will help reduce inflammation, which caused a cyst on lip, treatment of folk remedies. Thus it is necessary to consult before applying with the attending physician in order not to aggravate the problem, because they can cause allergies and other undesirable effects.

Treatment without surgery retention cyst on the lower lip, which arose because of clogging of ducts to comply fully will not work and the cyst often can not go away on its own.

In this situation traditional medicine will be useful only as a secondary therapy after surgery. Of its methods can be distinguished:

  • Thoroughly chewed for 5-10 minutes aloe or Kalanchoe. The juice of these plants has a beneficial effect on the damaged tissue and accelerates the regeneration process;
  • Cotton swab, processed in the tincture of ficus, helps to quickly relieve inflammation. You can cook it by mixing 10 gr. juice with 70 gr. alcohol and then the mixture needs to steep for 3 days. Ready infusion should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1 to 3, then it is possible to make the treated tampon to the cyst for 10 minutes, 3 times a day;
  • It is recommended to do regular mouthwash, especially after eating. Suitable decoction of chamomile, lemon balm and calendula.

If the cavity is not resorbed within 10-14 days, it will have to be removed by surgery. During surgical intervention is an important its size, because the smaller it is, the more chances the absence of cosmetic defects after surgery. I remember cases when the cyst was resolved, but after a time, reappeared, and the doctor was forced to treat by surgery.


Ретенционная киста нижней губы: лечение без операцииSurgery to remove cyst in medicine is called a cystectomy. It is performed under local anesthesia and no more than 1 hour. During the operation, the surgeon will make 2 cuts along the cavity and remove fluid accumulated there, and then amputated the small salivary glands, and remaining in the wound to stop the pathological process is not started again. Next, the doctor will stitch that can be 2 types. In the first case have to be removed after 10 days in the office of the surgeon, and the second thread will resolve themselves after a week.

In the postoperative period it is recommended to perform the following procedure:

  • To do mouth rinse with antiseptic solutions in the morning and evening and also after eating;
  • To treat the wound with special ointments or gels after a meal for best healing.

Of complications after the operation, often occur:

  • Swelling and bleeding of the wound in the first 2-3 days;
  • Pain during talking and eating, but not more than 5-7 days;
  • Numbness of the lip, as a consequence of surgical intervention may remain for 1-2 months.

First and foremost you need to stop to worry and to expect a quick recovery, because it takes about 6 months or more. It is also worth noting complications during surgery:

  • Damage to the cyst before its removal during the implementation of cuts. Lost all the contours of the cavity and there are difficulties with its complete amputation. In addition, there are chances of recurrence of the pathological process;
  • Education through the defect in the salivary gland. It can occur due to severe bleeding during the operation;
  • During the surgical intervention used a lot of anesthetic drugs, so complications can arise from this, especially in people prone to allergic reactions.

Ретенционная киста нижней губы: лечение без операцииIn recent years it has become a popular procedure performed with a laser. It is quite accurate, fast and blood at this type of transaction is not much, but the chances of occurrence of cosmetic defects is quite ambiguous.

In case if there is a relapse, that is, the cyst will once again begin to form, doctors prescribe another type of surgery called cystotomy. During execution of this procedure will be fully amputated salivary gland to permanently remove the possibility of re-formation of the cavity.

Self-treatment of this pathology is not recommended, because not all cases it can disappear. With regard to prevention, then you only need to avoid injury to the salivary glands and hygiene of the oral cavity.