Rough language and strong reasons for the white coating

Language always reflects what is happening in the body of the deflection and if it is a strong white coating, and the surface became rough, then this one has your reasons that indicate the problems, such as stomach or endocrine system.

Healthy language should not be a thick layer of sediments or redness, and it needs to be pink shade, and if not, then you need to find out what the problem causes such symptoms.

Causes of plaque and roughness

A thin layer of white residue after waking up is not always refers to anomalies, because while sleeping on the surface of the tongue to accumulate dead skin particles epithelium, pieces of food, but it can also be due to decomposition of the protein substance called mucin that is in the composition Шершавый язык и причины сильного белого налетаof saliva.

In addition to natural processes, the plaque may be collected from microbes of the oral cavity microflora. It is usually transparent color and can be easily removed during brushing. It is also recommended to buy a special brush or scraper to clean held better and after hygiene gargle with a special mouthwash with a disinfectant composition.

If the tongue was covered with a thick layer of white plaque and cannot be removed by conventional methods and at the same time there was a feeling of discomfort, it is necessary to do a survey to find out why he was formed.

Plaque diseases of the digestive tract

Any gastroenterologist will link together gastritis with low acidity and a dry, smooth tongue with white coating, because it is considered a normal symptom for inflammation of the mucosa in the gastrointestinal tract. If the surface is rough on the pH of the stomach is much higher than normal.

For gastritis is characterized by indigestion, when there is a burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus, acute pain in these areas. Chronic stage can take place without pronounced symptoms before relapse, which may be caused by a food with lots of spices, Шершавый язык и причины сильного белого налетаalcohol or Smoking, because it damages the already unhealthy the surface of the mucosa. In remission, understand that this is gastritis can be gray-white plaque and a strange, unpleasant taste in the mouth, and after eating, diabetics, often sweating and General weakness appears.

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If the plaque is localized in the center of the language, it may indicate peptic ulcer disease. In addition, its surface can be covered with red spots of desquamation (shedding of cells).

When the ulcer is in the duodenum, patients suffer from burning tongue and in the evening the pain is like after a burn.

If the patient enterocolitis or colitis, tongue coated bloom at the base and noticeably swollen, and you can see this on the prints of the teeth on the edges. These diseases have other symptoms, e.g., nausea, unstable stool, and pain.

Other causes and symptoms

Plaque is white, which is localized closer to the tip of the tongue can be a symptom of inflammation of bronchi of different shapes and styles, but if it is on the basis of the authority and at the sides, it is possible for a hidden form of kidney failure. The latter diagnosis should be given special attention, because the problem is quite serious and can cause terrible consequences ranging from diseases of the circulatory system, can be fatal. In this pathology in the mouth there is dryness and unpleasant odor, and the person feels constantly tired and quickly Шершавый язык и причины сильного белого налетаrunning out of steam during exercise. Treatment need to the doctors, nephrologists, which will concentrate on testing urine for protein levels.

If you take into account diabetes in this disease, the language of the couple he becomes rough with a dense greyish tinge closer to the center of the body, and the question of why this is happening, there is a simple answer, the problem is the robot submandibular glands. Because of failures in the endocrine system, they produce less than the required norms of saliva and therefore, such symptoms.

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The reason why there were white patches on the tongue and under it and creates a burning sensation may be glossitis. The disease is characterized by loss of taste and pain.

In anemia, when the body is not critical enough iron, on the surface appear red spots-what’s going on atrophic changes, and around them is a white coating.

You need to note that the reason for this symptom like a thick layer of white plaque may be hiding in malignancy of the gastrointestinal tract, so it is impossible to self-medicate, and be sent by the first signs of a doctor.

Infection in the oral cavity

In addition to the diseases of the stomach, disruption of the endocrine system and abdominal organs cause a rough surface and a white coating capable of infection. In the microflora of the oral cavity there are enough pathogens, including fungal nature, for example, Candida. They are constrained in balance with beneficial bacteria at the expense of the immune system, and if the protection goes the balance is disturbed and the body is exposed to constant attacks of infections.

Шершавый язык и причины сильного белого налетаTo plaque can cause such diseases as tonsillitis (tonsillitis) catarrhal, lacunar and follicular. The culprits of pathology are mainly streptococci and staphylococci, and typical of her low-grade fever, pain and burning sensation in the throat. When fibrinous tonsillitis on tonsils appears a layer of yellow plaque, which often extends to the base of the tongue.

Not to mention this disease as candidiasis, caused by the fungus Candida. In everyday life it is called a yeast infection, due to the thick layer of white coating on the tongue, something resembling cheese. If it is carefully scrubbed, then under it is visible irritated reddened surface, which sometimes bleeds. In addition, the Candida in the chronic form often appears in the background of HIV infection.

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Candidiasis is often confused with leukoplakia, which is characterized by increased cornification of the superficial layer of the mucosa. In this disease there is a burning sensation and plaque in the shape of spots of white and red on the upper and lateral parts of the tongue. In addition, there are flat and verrucous form of leukoplakia. For the first characteristic flat spots, and for the second slightly raised, but regardless of the type of the disease should go to a medical facility upon detection of such symptoms, because it may eventually develop into malignancy.

The most common diseases that is characterized by such symptoms is herpes. Initially, the gums and tongue swell and redden, and then appears in the language of the white plaque. It is recommended to start treatment immediately after the onset of symptoms until the mucosa began to spread small painful sores.

The reasons of why language is knitting, becomes rough and it appears the white plaque is a whole lot of and correctly diagnose the disease only a doctor, so do not delay with the visit to him and as soon as the opportunity to head to the hospital.