Schedule of teething in children: how many teeth should be the child

When he was born a long-awaited baby, most parents ask the same questions: when they begin to erupt teeth babies have how many teeth should be present in a child at 9 months, a year, 2 years, up to what age will grow teeth in children, what is the limit for growth of teeth in 1 year and so on. A lot of new parents are absolutely not versed in these matters and have no idea how to behave when babies cut first incisors. Do not forget about the maximum care and caring for infants during this difficult time.

Where do they come from

График прорезывания зубов у детей: сколько зубов должно быть у ребенка

First milk crown laid the child in the womb, this happens on a period of 3-4 months. For the duration process takes approximately one month. For these reasons, the future mother must-have in your diet foods enriched with calcium so your baby’s teeth have been laid down correctly, and the child subsequently became the owner of a strong and healthy milk teeth.

The process of development of the permanent teeth begins after the baby is born and last until the eruption time.

The first moments of the eruption

The child develops quite rapidly. By the time the first birthday, children are unable to walk independently, speak in a strange language and have a certain number of milk teeth. In most cases, the parents carefully monitor the development of teeth in children, comparing it with the schedule of eruption of specific primary teeth in children. So, how many teeth must be the child of 1 year and beyond.

The beginning of the process

Usually the first tooth appears in infants about 6 months. But it is worth remembering that this is a График прорезывания зубов у детей: сколько зубов должно быть у ребенкаvery average age for a schedule of teething in infants. To erupt the tooth can in 4 months, and 9 (and it does not matter how many teeth should be the norm in 9 months), because every child develops individually. But if the baby is not cut through to the year no, better to consult on this occasion a pediatric dentist who will explain the reason for the delay and will prescribe the necessary treatment if necessary.

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In the end, according to the average standards of the cutters begin their emergence for about 6 months. First are the Central incisors on the lower jaw, then the eruption of upper Central. After growth begins, the lateral incisors, then the canines or first molars.

Thus, the average number of milk teeth in a child of 1 year should be 6-8 units.

Teeth to 2 year old

How many teeth in a child of 2 years, no one will answer with a 100% guarantee. Development of teeth each child is a highly individual process. Some kids can develop График прорезывания зубов у детей: сколько зубов должно быть у ребенкаexclusively on the standards set by the world health organization and exactly to 2 years they have cut exactly 16 teeth.

While most kids already have a mouth full set of 20 temporary crowns. There are lots of children and having 12 teeth at the age of 2 years and sometimes less. Very rarely there are situations when children have an empty space in the tooth row, which is not considered to be serious pathology. Therefore, to answer the question of how many teeth are in a child of 2 years, you just need to wait for a given age and not rush things.

Teeth by 3 years of age

If one day in the mind of a parent the question arises, how many teeth should be present in a child at the age of 3 years, then you should know that by this time the baby should get all 20 temporary crowns, which over time will begin to change to permanent. When the number of teeth in a child of 3 years is equal to 20, then between them there should be no voids or cracks.

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График прорезывания зубов у детей: сколько зубов должно быть у ребенкаTemporary teeth in 3 year old are in the following location: on both jaws, 4 cutter, a pair of canines, 4 molars, and chewing the rest.

Accurate timing of eruption and the development of milk teeth in infants, does not exist. But still the average growth time of the first incisors is considered to be from 4 to 7 months. Many people wonder whether children are born with slotted cutters? Indeed, it was recorded similar cases, when a child is born with one or a couple of teeth that look like growths, covered in a thin skin. This often happens to those born post-term, Yes, and these incisors fall out long before they are due.

The timetable for the eruption of all deciduous teeth. One of the first growing Central incisors, the most interesting that the eruption of the first Central upper teeth, the child is aged 6 to 10 months and the bottom is from 8 to 12. The incisors on the sides of the cut from 10 to 18 months, then there are the canines and the molars. According to this schedule, by 1 year a child should have at least 4 white, handsome, and a maximum of 12.

Schedule of teething

График прорезывания зубов у детей: сколько зубов должно быть у ребенка

On the chart teething is just a average timing of growth. It is important to remember that this is only a rough data – each baby development is individual!

Eye teeth

График прорезывания зубов у детей: сколько зубов должно быть у ребенкаSomehow, the most difficult is the erupting canines. But of course there are some people who know about their existence, just hitting them with a spoon. Cut the upper eye teeth (canines) almost like everyone else. But there are concerns that when you begin to cut the upper eye teeth, the child may experience more severe discomfort.

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The main danger that the fangs are located near nerve ending that connects the face with the Central nervous system. If this nerve lies close enough to the gum, then the cutting period starts tearing, the appearance of ulcers on the mucous membrane on the background of yeast infection. To little to alleviate the condition of infants during the period of such severe eruption, expert advice is required, for prescribing painkillers.

The greatest effect have the candles with the content of paracetamol. Additionally can be useful tool for the relief of rhinitis and anti-Allergy for quick relief of edema of the nasopharynx.