Signs of teething in infants

The appearance of the first teeth in infants is accompanied by deterioration of General health of the baby, which is very concerned about their parents. The symptoms of certain diseases with similar signs of teething in newborn babies. How to determine what the baby will soon come out of first cutters, the duration of the first dentition, is there a pattern of growth?

Clinical signs

The first teeth in babies start appearing after 4-7 months, the timing of the eruption depends on genetic predisposition, General health of the baby, infectious diseases of the mother during pregnancy.

What are the first signs and symptoms of teething in newborn babies?

  • Признаки прорезывания зубов у грудничкаWhen you start to grow teeth, in children it produces a large amount of saliva, because the mucous membranes become inflamed. The secret of salivary glands performs the function of antiseptic, destroys pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity. Another symptom that occurs when the first teeth in babies, infants, is the appearance of a red rash on the chin, cheeks or neck. Urticaria is formed after constant hydration with saliva.
  • When the first teeth erupt in young infants, they are constantly trying to take something in your mouth, bite down on the breast during feeding. They do it in order to reduce the itching in the gums.
  • When cut first teeth in infants, it is possible to notice symptoms of edema and redness of the gums in the area of the Central incisors. Crown push their way through the jaw bone and soft mucous membranes. This process causes pain, some inflammation.
  • The first signs, the harbingers of teething in children-infants – that capricious mood of the baby. The baby is constantly crying, not sleeping, eating. Due to severe pain may refuse to eat.
  • When the first teeth in infants, can climb small the body temperature to 37.5. This is due to the inflammatory process in the gums. Another reason could be the accession of infection after penetration of the bacteria in wounds on the mucous membranes, which are formed from the injured tissues with hands or toys. In such cases, developing sores that require emergency treatment from a pediatric dentist.
  • Признаки прорезывания зубов у грудничкаSometimes the appearance of the first milk teeth in babies are accompanied by the formation of bluish bruising on the gums after crown come to the surface the signs and symptoms are edema, localized swelling depends on what is teething in infants.
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The first indication that baby teething can be different for different babies reaction to it of various degrees of intensity, some moms don’t even notice when and how did the first teeth of their child. The process of growth of the crowns the formation of the occlusion may be accompanied by other nonspecific symptoms caused by weakening of the immune system of the baby.

  • Sometimes the signs of the appearance of the first teeth in infants occur in the setting of diarrhea, this symptom may be related to the fact that in the digestive tract of a baby gets a large amount of saliva. But the violation of the chair is caused by E. coli or poisoning, so the child should show the pediatrician.
  • The first signs of teething in infants may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, the causes are the same as for diarrhea. Excessive salivation is also a cause of cough, rhinitis-specific.
  • Signs of emergence and growth of the first teeth in newborn infants can be expressed in a sharp weakening of the immune system of the child. As a result, the baby is often sick with respiratory, infectious diseases.

If the baby has high fever, bother, nausea, vomiting – this may be a symptom of food poisoning or a viral infection. Redness of the mucous membranes, the appearance of the mouth bubble rash can be triggered by herpes stomatitis. Papules appear in the mouth, on the lips, in the region of nasolabial triangle.

The order of teething

In what time frame, how many months to climb the first teeth in infants, the order in which they are cut, as the signs and symptoms of their appearance in children? According to the scheme of the growth of the temporary units first teeth grow in babies at 6-8 months, but often found earlier signs of teething in babies 4 or 5 months. Sometimes the growth of dairy units begins only after a year.

How to come out baby teeth in infants? Crowns usually grow in pairs on the upper and lower jaw. The first out of the Central incisors of the lower jaw, then cut their antagonists the opposite row. They are followed by lateral incisors, first and second premolars and the last climb fangs. The same procedure is a change of milk units to permanent.

When and for how long climb, erupt the upper teeth after the appearance of lower in infants? The gap between the crowns antagonists is about 7-14 days.

Признаки прорезывания зубов у грудничкаHow long, how long baby teeth erupt in infants? Just to 3 years, the baby should be 20 time units. Scheme of teething in infants may be slightly different on the timing and order of growth. This is not always a pathology, the cause may be hereditary predisposition, recent infectious diseases, metabolic disorders in the body. When the abnormalities in the growth is significant, you should consult with your pediatrician and dentist.

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It is important to provide proper hygienic care of the oral cavity of the child. For this purpose, the teeth and the mucous membranes of the infants treated wipes that mom wears on her finger and wipes her mouth of crumbs. You can use a piece of gauze soaked in a soda solution.

Medication to relieve the pain of teething

How to help baby when teething? Relieve itching and pain by using special teethers. This silicone ring with a rough surface, filled with gel. A toy put in the fridge for 30 minutes and then give the child.

To help the baby to relieve the pain using pharmaceutical drugs:

  • Признаки прорезывания зубов у грудничкаThe dentinox gel has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In the composition of the product contains chamomile extract and safe anesthetic. The tool can be used for children from 4 months.
  • Pasoral «First teeth» is made based on plant extracts. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of the gel is provided by natural components without chemical additives.
  • Dental Baby safe remedy, relieving the pain and inflammation of the gums during the first dentition. You should pay attention that the gel is prohibited to use with stomatitis, gingivitis.
  • Kalgel contains the anesthetic Lidocaine, natural essential oils. The drug relieves pain, swelling and inflammation, a beneficial effect on the soft tissues, normalizes mineral metabolism.
  • Holisal gel reduces inflammation, destroys pathogenic bacteria, fungi, reduces pain syndrome. The drug can be used to treat children older than 1 year.
  • Dentated – this is a homeopathic remedy made from natural herbs. The gel effectively reduces inflammation, reduces pain, lowers body temperature and normalizes digestion. The drug is recommended for use in children with severe tooth growth.
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Признаки прорезывания зубов у грудничкаWhen you can use pain gels? Drugs containing Lidocaine, have fast action and are recommended for severe pain. But such means cannot be used more than 3-4 times a day. In moderate pain it is best to use natural plant-based, containing healing herbs. These gels reduce inflammation, thereby decreasing pain and swelling.

Before using medications should consult a doctor, as any tool can have contraindications, to cause allergic reactions and have side effects. It is impossible to warm the child inflamed gums, heat promotes rapid growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Folk remedies

Признаки прорезывания зубов у грудничкаWhen there are contraindications to treatment, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. Sore, itchy gums massaged with a gauze-covered finger, which was pre-dipped in a decoction of chamomile, soda solution or honey (if not allergic reactions). Pharmacy chamomile can be used for making soothing tea, it would be useful to add the peppermint leaves and a little honey for taste.

You can wipe the child’s gums with essential oils of lemon, peppermint, clove and fir. These drugs reduce inflammation, promote tissue regeneration, nourish it with vitamins and microelements.

Signs of teething begin to disturb the baby for 3-7 days until the crowns are above the surface of the mucous membrane. Mothers notice a change in the mood of the crumbs and try to alleviate his condition. It is not necessary to self-medicate, consult a pediatrician will help to choose the right medicine and quickly relieve the inflammation, swelling in the gums.