Silver teeth kids, fluoridation and silvering milk teeth baby

Silver teeth — a procedure that helps many parents for several years, she has supporters and opponents. The fact that the mouth of the child must be protected from exposure to infections and caries in particular, every parent knows, but the methods used for prevention of dental caries in children, often limited to toothbrush and toothpaste. In dentistry there are many ways to protect milk teeth and therefore is dependent upon the cost you are willing to pay the parents for their child. Fluoridation of milk teeth is also used successfully as the plating of primary teeth in children of different ages. How to choose what is best specifically for your child.

When you should pay attention

Серебрение зубов детям, фторирование и посеребрение молочных зубов ребенкуThink about the prevention of dental caries the baby in advance, so plan the first trip to the dentist long before any problems occur. Baby teeth tend to decay just as the permanent and cheer no less, bringing parents and the child a lot of anxiety. The most common cause of tooth decay is sweet, which is full of carbohydrates. If your child have a sweet tooth, try to visit the dentist a little more often than once a year. The children’s dentist will be able to notice tooth decay at its earliest stage, when the meaning of silvering milk teeth are still there. With deep lesions of this procedure is to apply not worth it, better to be patient and to cure tooth decay the usual way, with the use of anesthesia.

When it’s too late:

  • if the child already went to school;
  • if the baby complains of pain;
  • if the decay has penetrated deeply into the crown of the tooth;
  • if the tooth is the chewing and defeat the point of education.

How is and how long it takes

The silvering of the teeth of children is carried out in several stages, each of which requires a small amount of time. Before you bring a new patient in the chair one, it is better to pick him up, he inadvertently grabbed the hand of the dentist. It does not capture the child too much, as this will cause unnecessary fear before the procedure. Explain to your child in advance what will be done by the doctor, the little patient was not broken and did not close the mouth.

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  • The tooth surface clean of plaque.
  • The affected tooth is isolated from saliva in the usual way, with the help of cotton swabs.
  • Solution with the presence of silver rubbed into the surface for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • As you can see from the list above procedure does not take much time, and if your child behaves quietly at the sight of the doctor, worry generally about. It should be noted that the silvering of all the milk teeth takes more time because the doctor spends time on each tooth individually.

    A few months procedure is repeated so that the destruction did not develop as long as possible. Often parents prefer to remove the damaged tooth ahead of time, which further leads to curvature of permanent teeth, or irregular bite.

    Silver or fluoridation, what to choose

    The silvering of the teeth has the effect of darkening that from the point of view of appearance is not very good. If we consider all drugs used in dentistry, it is the lesser manifestation of the coloring give the drugs in Japan. The color will gray, which is also unethical looks. Therefore, this type of treatment is not suitable for a school child, because this will be a cause of ridicule classmates. In a subsequent communication problems provided the child, so parents should pay attention to alternative therapies.

    Серебрение зубов детям, фторирование и посеребрение молочных зубов ребенкуInstead of silver, dentists recommend fluoridation of teeth in older children, to avoid mockery from peers. Of course, fluoridation of milk teeth requires compliance with more stringent regulations, the most difficult thing to get your sweet tooth didn’t eat treats for a couple of hours, otherwise the tooth surface can darken. So to promise the child a sweet for going to the dentist is not worth it. Fluoridation will not cause a color change of the enamel, is therefore most necessary from an ethical point of view.

    An important factor is that the silvering and the fluoridation of children’s teeth is painless, so they quietly visit the dentist in the future.

    It is important to remember

    Anyway, silvered teeth treatment-and-prophylactic procedure that requires the doctor’s professional knowledge and skills, and the parents patience and awareness. As with any procedure, silvering are the indications and contraindications, which you need to know and remember.

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  • Silver is not a treatment, this procedure only suspends development, and nothing more.
  • Before agreeing to the procedure find out how silver teeth in the clinic, because the medicines can be different, and the child has allergies to specific components in addition to silver is quite possible.
  • Sometimes the silvering of the teeth is prescribed quite small children, only it’s the exception, not the rule. Basically the plating is carried out only for children older than three years.
  • If the surface of the tooth deep caries, not a white point, then silver will not bring the desired results.
  • You need to carry out the plating of each tooth individually, not the entire mouth at once.
  • Silver is suitable only for suspension of the development of caries, and should not be applied in other diseases of the oral cavity.
  • Treatment or not

    Silvering is a temporary measure at the stage when the child is too young, of course, parents have two ways of development of events.

  • Серебрение зубов детям, фторирование и посеребрение молочных зубов ребенкуTo continue the plating until the last, that is, as long as the tooth doesn’t fall out.
  • Continue to do the procedure periodically, and to cure the tooth as soon as the child is ready.
  • Selecting subsequent treatment, parents can breathe easy, as the only quality seal to stop the development of caries, unlike temporary treatments that are just stopping her. Making the child the silvering of the teeth, the burden of parenting, alas, will not fall off your shoulders, so do not delay treatment indefinitely.

    What to do if a child comes in contact with your dentist

    Sometimes kids are very scared of doctors, and dentists are no exception. What to do when a child refuses to go to the doctor in advance.

    • Talk to your child beforehand and warned about possible feelings. If the child will jump and escape, it is quite possible that from the dentist he will come out with completely black teeth.
    • Do not leave your baby alone in the office, in any procedure are close, because only you believe it.
    • Discuss with your doctor the possibility of prevention in the home, such really is. It is better to pay for the doctor’s consultation, than to calm the inconsolable child.
    • Observe the hygiene of the oral cavity in advance, so painful visits to the doctor can be avoided.
    • Change dentist because your child is human, and has the right to communicate with those who he likes.
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    As a conclusion

    This article was to give you an idea about why children silver teeth, and what is the plating in General. In any case, before deciding on such a move, weigh all the pros and cons, and most importantly consult a good specialist. All procedures for the prevention of the destruction of the silvering of the teeth in children is not the only, and the choice depends on you and your financial capabilities. If your child was already in the dentist chair, it is unlikely that the procedure will frighten him, because nothing painful in it. How much is plating, depend on the clinic and the region, usually in the range 500-600 rubles. Fluoridation costs more and is held for the entire cavity, only the teeth the child will look in the usual way, without dark spots.

    It is not necessary to remove milk teeth at once, if they only showed signs of tooth decay, a good dentist will help to solve the problem of dental caries even in the youngest patients.