Solcoseryl — dental adhesive paste and gum gel

Dental dental gel or ointment Solcoseryl dental usually necessary to restore the skin, or to cure ulcers, erosions in the oral mucosa. Although ointments are fat based are rarely required to resolve the problems of internal defects of the mucosa due to the unreliable fixing, they are still very efficient and effective.


Solcoseryl in the healing of mucous membrane of the mouth commonly used in three forms: gel, ointment or paste with adhesive action. Tooth gel Solkoseril from Denta works most effectively on wet wounds and defects of the labial border of the gums, and after drying and healing of wounds need ointment.

Солкосерил - дентальная адгезивная паста и гель для десенWhen you want to apply Solcoseryl ?

In the following cases:

  • wound with a crust on the epithelium of the face;
  • dry wounds along the labial border;
  • weeping wounds;
  • light burn wounds.

Solkoseril gel for gums has a transparent dense structure and smell of meat broth. An ointment for the gums Solcoseryl has a white or white-yellow color and light smell of a mixture of meat broth and vaseline.


Both substances help to heal wounds that are both outside and on the surface of the mucosa in the oral cavity. Solcoseryl dental for gums greatly speed up the healing process and tissue regeneration. On the basis of the features and differences in the composition of the gel and ointment are used for different purposes, healing the different parts of the skin.

The gel form of this drug does not include fat, so it is easy to wash off. It forms on the wounds, some granules, which promote healing, and Assosiate selection. Therefore, the gel is required for weeping wounds.

Солкосерил - дентальная адгезивная паста и гель для десенDental ointment Solcoseryl and its instruction manual says that it is best to apply to dry wounds. The ointment forms a special film which allows to protect the wound from the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and regenerate tissue.

The wounds are formed so that they are at first moist and then become dry. To start you need to treat with gel, and after the wound healed a little and forms a crust, you will need the ointment.

To apply any form of Solcoseryl need for a pre-sanitized surface. This should be done due to the fact that no gel or ointment do not contain any ingredients that protect the mucous membranes of the mouth from bacteria. Solcoseryl may not protect against the development of inflammation. In this spirit, the wound is treated with antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide or Chlorhexidine.

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In the presence of pus in the affected area, may require surgical intervention before product is applied.

Instruction manual also says that the gel should be applied on the ulcer with a thin line several times a day. To close the wound after applying the gel do not need. Solkoseril gel for the gums and oral mucosa should be applied prior to desiccation of the wound and the appearance of dry granules. If the wound Солкосерил - дентальная адгезивная паста и гель для десенstarted to heal, then the affected area needs to be treated with ointment.

In the treatment of serious injuries on the skin and oral mucosa, it is best to combine Solcoseryl dental injection. If in the process of using one kind of drug experience side effects such as skin becomes red, irritation, temperature jumps, it indicates the onset of inflammation. In such a situation it is advisable to contact the clinic. If the drug does not work after 21 days, it is also necessary to consult a doctor.


Apply the product to be locally applying it on the damaged surface. If there are trophic ulcers, the wound should be treated with antiseptic agent.

In dentistry for gums Solcoseryl is applied to the affected area a very thin layer several times in 24 hours. The gel should be applied 2-3 times, and the ointment 1-2 times. Treatment should continue till complete scab formation. It should be formed epithelium and the scar that tells about the end of the regeneration process.

Severe damage to the oral mucosa, gums and skin can be cured using other forms of Solcoseryl, for example, parenteral.


Солкосерил - дентальная адгезивная паста и гель для десенThe drug should be used only in the case if there are no allergic reactions to components.

Pregnant and lactating women can use the drug only after consultation with your doctor. Since testing of any drug on pregnant and nursing women is prohibited, it is not known neither about the security of the applications, nor the effect on the fetus.

Side effects

Solcoseryl may cause irritation of the skin, but rarely. Most often it manifests itself as hives or dermatitis. If you have experienced an allergic reaction, you need to stop taking the medication. If there is a burning sensation when applying ointment or gel is quite normal. If the burning continues an impressive amount of time, you should stop using the drug.

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Special instructions

  • The ointment is not applied to a dirty wound, as it does not contain any components that inhibit the development of microbes.
  • If there were any signs of an allergic reaction, you need to contact the doctor to change the drug.
  • Can it be that after 2-3 weeks, the wound is not healing – it is also a reason to go to the clinic for a consultation. Sometimes it is the predecessor of the tumor.
  • How does the paste Solcoseryl?

    Before you apply the paste to RUB the shell of a mouth swab to become dry. Dental adhesive paste or solcoseryl ointment is required in small amounts: to squeeze from the tube a little paste and apply it on a certain area of the mouth or gums. This is followed with the finger and the sticks with cotton wool to moisten the means.

    Солкосерил - дентальная адгезивная паста и гель для десенSolkoseril dental adhesive dental paste applied to the skin several times a day after meals and several hours before bedtime. The cure depends on how well developed tissue regeneration in humans. Toothpaste Solcoseryl is needed in order to fully heal all wounds.

    Instruction manual says in the treatment of prosthetic decubitus ulcers Solcoseryl dental adhesive paste only be applied in dry form and after a complete flushing of the prosthesis. After that, the tool is wetted with water, and the prosthesis is mounted in place. Solcoseryl dental adhesive paste cannot be used after tooth extraction, resection, or suturing of the gums in the gap.

    The manual says that the paste has no components that kill the microbes. Based on this, it does not protect against inflammatory processes. So you need to treatment to disinfect the oral cavity by any antiseptic preparations.

    When any damage is applied the paste?

    Solcoseryl dental adhesive paste is most often used in the following diseases:

    • Солкосерил - дентальная адгезивная паста и гель для десенgum disease;
    • the sores caused by dentures that appear from addiction at the first time of wearing;
    • the mucosal with stomatitis or pemphigus;
    • Zayed.
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    Before the procedure to dry the shell with cotton wool (any convenient method). Then the wound is applied a paste with a very thin layer: you can do this tie the same with a cotton swab or a clean finger, and then slightly moistened with water. You should repeat this several times a day after meals to an absolute recovery of the patient and scab formation.

    Solcoseryl dental adhesive paste shell cover protective film that prevents the penetration of bacteria and protects against various injuries to several hours. If you apply the drug on the shell is not dried, it will delay the recovery.

    If the treatment is because of prosthetic decubitus ulcers, the paste is applied on the dried prosthesis and moistened with water. The course of treatment should take use of one tube at a dosage of 5 grams.


    Солкосерил - дентальная адгезивная паста и гель для десенDo not use this drug if you have allergic reactions to any of the ingredients. Pregnancy and lactation is not a contraindication, but nevertheless the drug must appoint a physician. If a woman feels pain after the application, you need to visit a specialist.

    Side effects

    The possible inconsistency of the work of the taste buds swelling. If you experience such phenomena, you should immediately consult a doctor, in which he will cancel the drug or replace it with another.

    Special instructions

    Since the drug contains no components that limit the development of infection, then you’ll need to disinfect the place where should be dealt to pasta.

    Pasta does not interact with other drugs, as studies have shown. If Solkoserilom was assigned to any other paste or balm for rinsing, you should use the drug in the last turn.