Sore gums at the end of the upper and lower jaw

If you experience pain in the gums, at the end of the lower jaw, need to start treatment and to go to the clinic for a checkup at the dentist. For such symptoms there are many causes and only a doctor can accurately diagnose.

Swelling after a visit to the dentist

Болит десна в конце нижней и верхней челюстиUsually if you experience discomfort when taking food, people are turning to the dentist, but sometimes the pain does not go away after treatment has.

After removal of the nerve pain remains for a couple more days also discomfort persists after the incorrect injection of the analgesic. In such a situation will help rinse the mouth with decoction of chamomile and diluted in water with baking soda.

Pain in the gums during pregnancy

Girls have problems with the gums for various reasons. The body thus reacts to hormonal surges in this period also falls the immune system, causing various bacteria and microorganisms begin to multiply rapidly. Therefore, during pregnancy the girls are gingivitis and periodontitis are the most common, even with proper care of teeth and oral cavity.

In addition, gum disease can be due to simple lack of vitamins. Any pregnant lady is to consume foods with a lot of vitamin and trace elements for normal functioning of the body in this period.


Болит десна в конце нижней и верхней челюстиGingivitis is the most common disease of the periodontium. The main cause of bad oral hygiene. Gingivitis is often found at a young age, when the process of maturation. As in the case of pregnancy, this is due to the hormonal activity and weak immune system.

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When the pain is felt at the end of the lower jaw, it is possible that the problem lies with the extreme tooth called molar. Sometimes, when tooth decay bacteria multiply causing inflamed gums. This can cause discomfort while eating, but if the inflammation is worse, you can begin pus. In addition to the threat of tooth loss can begin to spread infection in the oral cavity and organism as a whole.

It should be remembered that the most banal inflammation of the gums can bring the result to meningitis.

The pericoronitis

The pericoronitis is an inflammation that occurs when difficult or wrong eruption
teeth. Mostly sore gums at the end of the lower jaw, when it begins to erupt molar (wisdom tooth) that can grow a couple of years and this process can be accompanied by various complications. The problem that arises from the fact that the teeth simply have no place and mostly it happens when they incorrectly originally located.

When a wisdom tooth begins to grow, it appears the hood of the gums. Inside it Болит десна в конце нижней и верхней челюстиforms a great environment to breed bacteria. Inflammation arises from the process of eruption of the tooth and the chewing of food.

The only treatment in this situation is to surgically trim the obstructing hood and to treat the wound. To reduce the pain while at home, you can use these tips:

  • Drink special painkillers prescribed by a doctor;
  • To make a mouthwash. Suitable hlorgeksidin or solution furatsilina;
  • Not to disturb the mouth.


Periodontitis is characterized by pain and bleeding gums. This disease can affect the teeth of the upper jaw and lower. Those affected tissue that hold the tooth and if not treated immediately, it is possible to lose. The main cause of this disease is a common infection in the mouth.

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It can occur due to such factors as:

  • Болит десна в конце нижней и верхней челюстиThe emergence of Tartar;
  • Poor hygiene in the mouth;
  • Lack of vitamins in the body;
  • A weak immune system.

Periodontitis is a chronic disease and over time can return, so you should carefully monitor the situation so as not to aggravate the disease. He treated only in hospitals and no folk remedies completely from it will not help to heal.


Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissue which attaches the tooth to the gum. Develops this disease often goes untreated if you had a tooth, causing infection moved to the other tissues.

In periodontitis, the gums become inflamed and causes severe pain, particularly when pressed.

To recover you need to first complete the treatment of caries and its complications. In the most severe cases it is necessary to seek the assistance of antibiotics and even pulling teeth.


Periostitis is severe inflammation of the periosteum. In this disease, mainly sore gums at the end of the upper or lower jaw. The main danger here lies in the fact that the abscess is the first time without symptoms. While this primarily affects the layer that is inside of the periosteum, and only then external. Further, swollen gums and severe pain occurs at the end of the jaw. Most often the swelling moves to his neck and begin to inflame the surrounding lymph nodes and is characterized by high temperature and weakness. Called the disease in simple cavities and different infections, such as otitis media, and measles.

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Tumors of the jaw

Болит десна в конце нижней и верхней челюстиThe most dangerous cause of inflammation of the gums is of the tumor. They can be both the lower and upper jaw. The tumor is benign or malignant and can rapidly grow, affecting surrounding tissue.

The main reason for their occurrence is injuries and a long process of inflammation. Most often diagnosed with the ameloblastoma. It is an odontogenic tumor of the jaw and grows intraosseously. In advanced cases, transferred to the gum tissue.

What would cause pain of the gums at the end of the lower jaw was not to diagnose her needs dentist. To avoid diseases and their further complications it is necessary to observe oral hygiene and going to the doctor 1-2 times per year.