Sore gums between teeth: what to do?

Many not by hearsay known such trouble as the pain in the gums. This symptom gives its owner a painful sensation in the implementation of seemingly mundane processes – eating, drinking, and even in a normal conversation. Often the pain is worse after contact with gums hot or cold, often accompanied by an unpleasant mouth odor. If there are all these factors, in most cases there is existing in the human body inflammation, which can easily result in the loss of teeth.

Causes of pain in the gums

The decision about what to do if sore gums between teeth, must be taken only after identifying the sources of problems. They are often correlated not only with the immediate inflammation of the gums, but the disease of the tooth. To determine the feature is thus: if the pain occurs in the gums under one tooth, you should pay attention to the condition of the tooth. If the inflammation is formed near a pair of three teeth, it’s talking about diseases of the gums.

Qualitatively to help determine the origins of which appeared in the body of the deviations and assign then an objective treatment only by a qualified dentist. Consider the basic gum disease:

  • Болит десна между зубами: что делать?Gingivitis. This disease is characterized by swelling, bleeding and redness of the gums and is concentrated in its extreme parts. Often occurs in people with negligence related to the care of the oral cavity or carrying out it wrong. Resulting plaque and bacteria in the outer part of the oral mucosa lead to pain that occurs in the gums between the teeth. Inflammation develops, often threatening exacerbation in the form of periodontitis;
  • Periodontitis. The disease similar to gingivitis, which is accompanied by severe zagnoenie in the periodontal pockets. The result can be very sad – the gum pulls away from the wall, forming a gap, in the end the tooth may fall out;
  • Periodontitis. The disease is accompanied by rotting near the base of the tooth, then formed a cyst or abscess. This process occurs because of running caries or pulpitis in the tooth, can also occur after poor-quality treatment. The patient’s condition significantly worsens, body temperature rises, inflamed lymph nodes.
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    Pain between teeth

    Болит десна между зубами: что делать?The reason for sore gums between teeth, usually one: dentist incorrectly installed seal. Sharp edge of the seal hangs over the gums in the gap between the teeth, and injure the mucosa. To determine if this is possible with the use of dental floss. If between teeth floss breaks or clings to something, it is necessary to address besides to the dentist, about which there was treatment. The extra edge of the seal not only causes discomfort, but also retains the food particles, which contributes to the development of bacteria.

    In any case it is impossible to carry out the procedure independently, so as not to aggravate the condition. The dentist needs to grind the protruding edge of the seal, in rare cases it needs a complete replacement. If the gums between teeth hurt from established crowns, the doctor will prescribe rinses or gels for the oral cavity. If after the procedure the situation has not stabilized, the specialist replaces the crown.

    Hurts under the tooth

    If the gums are sore directly under the tooth, the cause is often one – periodontitis. In the process of eating when depressed, the patient feels very severe pain – the ache gums above the tooth or below it depending on location. Purulent abscess accompanying the disease cannot be prevented in the home or with the help of folk remedies. If the symptoms are similar to those listed, you need to urgently make an appointment to the dentist-surgeon.

    The doctor after examination and obtaining x-rays of the affected area makes the diagnosis, and depending on the extent of the disease appoints the kind of intervention – medical or surgical.

    Don’t forget that in periodontitis formed a cyst, which disease can manifest itself from the external side of the gums in the form of a pimple filled with pus. Independent entry purulent masses and opening of the cyst is not a solution to the problem to see a specialist is necessary in any case as the infection begins to develop in the tissues mucous membranes.

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    Treatment and prevention

    Болит десна между зубами: что делать?What if next to tooth sore gums? Minor inflammation and redness enough to conduct the procedure independently. To do this:

    • To do mouth rinse with chlorhexidine;
    • To treat the area of redness holisal-gel.

    The treatment must be done daily, preferably in the morning and after dinner. Pick up time is necessary so that after processing, had the opportunity about 3 hours to refrain from eating. For a small inflammation will be enough a 10 days of this treatment.

    In advanced cases, when the dentist has the diagnosis of «periodontitis», treatment will be more extensive:

  • The doctor removes microbial plaque or caries-infected areas, if any;
  • From the root canals of the tooth is removed the nerves;
  • Processing occurs in the affected channels, and a medicinal paste and sealing;
  • Remove stones;
  • There is a final kind of therapeutic.
  • Prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis is not a big deal. The oral cavity should be cleaned at least 2 times a day with a soft bristled brush, ideally electric, about three minutes. To make regular rinsing of the mouth with the decoction of disinfectant and anti-inflammatory herbs. It can be chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort or propolis. You can do massage of the gums and lotions with the use of fir and olive oils.

    In food it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweets and eat more vegetables and fruits. However, if you suspect that the gum between teeth hurts after eating, you need to see a specialist.