Sore inside cheek of the mouth, in the corner, inside the child

Dental problems are manifested in different ways, one of the most unpleasant and obvious symptoms – swollen cheek. Why might it be a tumor and can quickly get rid of it?

Some diseases of the teeth and gums for a long time can occur without symptoms, and inflammation of the cheeks from the inside (on the inside) is a Testament to the advanced stage of the disease. To inflammation may occur suddenly, and the cause to detect you can.

Of course, if the inflammation you need to see a doctor (especially if a sore and swollen cheek in children). Self-medication in some cases can be downright dangerous and will end it eventually more serious problems.

What can trigger an inflammation?

Consider a few options.

The swelling after tooth extraction or treatment

Болит щека внутри рта, в углу, с внутренней стороны у ребенкаAfter treatment at the dentist, the patient may complain that your cheeks hurt under the eye or on the inside. It may safe and harmless phenomenon. Traumatic treatment or tooth extraction often leads to slight swelling, which will pass through a few days alone, even without any intervention.

If swelling is very painful or persists for a long time, it’s time to sound the alarm. So, aching pain, sometimes reinforcing, weakness, fever and headache can talk about periostitis. Difficulties with the swallowing reflex – an infection in the tonsils.

Special attention should be paid to swelling in the oral cavity after tooth extraction. The lack of a protective blood clot in the hole leads to the infection of a wound, to solve this problem without professional help will not work. If you’re having unpleasant symptoms – swollen and sore cheeks from inside the mouth, an unpleasant smell will have to go to the dentist.

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Infectious diseases

If a sore cheek from a small child inside the mouth in the corner – this may indicate mumps, popularly known as «mumps». During this infectious disease is damage to the salivary and pancreatic Болит щека внутри рта, в углу, с внутренней стороны у ребенкаglands. At risk – children from 3 to 15 years.

Symptoms – General malaise, dryness in the mouth of a child, major inflammation, withdrawing at a palpation a sharp pain, high fever (up to 39 degrees). The patient needs vitamin diet and bed rest, antiviral and antipyretic drugs. Diagnosis can pediatrician.
The treatment of mumps, the child will take about two weeks. It is believed that a full recovery will come nine days after removal of all symptoms. During illness it is important to protect the patient from contact with healthy people with mumps are contagious.

Problems with teeth

If suddenly swollen cheeks or gums from the inner side can talk about the development of the flux – purulent inflammation of the periosteum. This can lead to a normal running caries or serious mechanical injury of the gums. Infection get dental root and provoke the development of septic pouch.

In the initial stages of the disease there are only redness in the problem of the gums and slight swelling. If diagnosed flux in time, to get rid of it by using drugs. After appearing on the gums, purulent pouch will have to go to the doctor. The bag definitely needs to be open, to release all the pus from soft tissue.

Flux in a child occurs about the same pattern as the adult, except that obvious purulent inflammation will occur much faster.


Болит щека внутри рта, в углу, с внутренней стороны у ребенкаTo provoke the tumor can various injuries. Even a blow to the outside of the cheeks can cause swollen cheek inside the mouth if there is injury to the mucosa of the sharp part of the teeth. To relieve swelling caused by injury, you can use cool compresses.

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For minor injuries to go to the doctor do not have and swelling subsides by itself. Serious wounds on the mucosa will require rinsing with antiseptic solutions. Long bleeding and headaches are a signal that it is better to see a specialist.


Swollen cheeks while teething baby (and eights in an adult) is a frequent phenomenon. It is accompanied by sharp or dull aching pain, increased temperature and pressure, General malaise and difficulties in mouth opening.

To remove the pain symptoms will help any pain relievers that are appropriate to the patient. To swollen place can make a cool compress, but warm cheek is prohibited – this leads to rapid development of infection. The discomfort can last several days if the process of cutting was delayed – it is better to consult the dentist. Some problem teeth erupt independently can’t.


Swelling of the cheeks sometimes causes gingivitis – inflammation of the gums, which can observe the redness of the soft tissues of the mouth, unpleasant odor, itching, bleeding (especially when brushing or biting solid food). Gingivitis occurs due to weak masticatory stress or bad oral hygiene.

Relieve inflammation by using special ointments or antiseptics rinses – fit the usual «Chlorhexidine». In the diet must necessarily include hard food (carrots, apples, crackers). Need to brush your teeth regularly after eating the process can be replaced by a rinse, and interdental spaces clean will help dental floss.