Sore mouth: causes and treatment of inflammation

The sky is the separating partition between the oral cavity and upper nasal pathways. Is part of the articulatory apparatus involved in the formation of speech. Is divided into hard and soft region. Solid starts behind the upper incisors, covered with mucous membrane, soft located above the base of the tongue.

Why inflamed and sore mouth, what to do, than to treat? The causes of the inflammatory process, there may be several, the method of treatment depends on the type of disease.

Causes of pain

  • Болит небо во рту: причины и лечение воспаленияMechanical trauma or thermal burns. Damage can cause solid food or too hot tea.
  • Periodontitis, pulpitis. Toothache can spread to surrounding tissue.
  • Osteomyelitis of the upper jaw is suppuration of bone tissue, which leads to severe swelling in the surrounding membranes.
  • Stomatitis is manifested by the formation of ulcers, erosions on the mucous membranes of the mouth. Inflamed areas covered with a coating of white, yellow or gray.
  • Tonsillitis, pharyngitis gives pain in the soft palate.
  • Flat leukoplakia is the keratinization of the mucous membranes. Inflammation develops, accumulates plaque on the top mouth.
  • Neuralgia – a disease that affects the nerve endings. The pain spreads to the sky, temple, jaw, head, neck.
  • Inflammation, redness of the soft palate in the mouth, the causes of alveolitis after tooth extraction in the upper jaw.
  • Benign tumors: hemangioma, lymphangioma, papilloma, norwayboy.
  • Sialometaplasia characterized by the formation of extensive ulcers.
  • If it hurts the sky, mouth sores, there is inflammation, need to go to the doctor to determine the cause of the pathology.

    When to see a doctor?

    Болит небо во рту: причины и лечение воспаленияConcern is to serve the growing inflammation of palate, pain, fever, bleeding of the surrounding tissues. Expert advice is necessary in a strong swelling of the mucosa, loss of taste, discomfort during eating, the appearance of purulent discharge.

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    Some diseases without adequate treatment can develop into chronic stage, the malignancy. Therefore it is not necessary to endure the pain, you need to go to the dentist for selection of therapy.

    Treatment of diseases

    If the inflammation of the palate occurred as a result of trauma or burns, hurts, what to do? The oral cavity should be treated with antiseptics (Chlorhexidine, Miramistin), it is possible to perform the treatment at home with decoctions of herbs, with a solution of baking soda and salt. Treatments to kill pathogens, promote rapid healing of wounds.

    Болит небо во рту: причины и лечение воспаленияWhy hurt the sky, mouth ulcer, covered with a bloom, how to treat? Symptoms of stomatitis. The disease is of several types, different reasons for the formation. Most often the oral cavity affects the fungal form of the disease (thrush). Treatment involves taking antibiotics, the antiseptic treatment of the mouth. In severe necrotic stages of taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Sore hard palate in the mouth, causes the destruction of teeth due to pulpitis and periodontitis, it is necessary to perform the treatment? With the development of pulpitis or periodontitis inflamed nerve bundles surrounding the tissue surrounding the tooth, can be formed purulent mass and to accumulate in the deeper layers of the jaw. Thus there is a strong throbbing pain. Treatment must be performed by the dentist. When the pulp is cleaned the root canals, eliminate inflammation, a blind cavity in the tooth filling materials. Periodontitis brush their teeth from hard deposits, periodontal pockets, washed, taking antibiotics.

    Why after surgical removal of the sky is severely inflamed and sore, redness? The reason may be the alveolitis is inflammation and suppuration of the walls of the wells. With a weak immune system, loss of the protective blood clot, poor hygiene in the cavity with fresh wounds fall pathogenic microorganisms and food debris. Formed purulent mass, increased body temperature, swollen gums, soft tissues of the face. Treatment is performed by a surgeon-dentist. The hole clean and provide an anti-inflammatory drug, prescribed antibiotics, and antiseptic procedures.

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    Болит небо во рту: причины и лечение воспаленияSore, swollen, inflamed hard palate behind the front teeth formed on the bundle, why? It is the primary symptoms of sialometaplasia. Nodule can grow up to 2 cm in diameter, after it turns into a large necrotic ulcer covered with bloom. The oral cavity treated with antiseptic solutions, make the application of therapeutic gels on the affected area.

    Why a little sore the mucous membrane of the palate in the mouth, inside the top was a grayish plaque how to treat upper sky? With the development of flat leukoplakia occurs keratinization of the tissues, a strong discomfort the patient is experiencing. You may receive a burning sensation and a weakening taste sensations. This disease can develop into malignant form. Often the sky is striking leukoplakia of Tappeiner: mucous membranes change in color, become folded, formed on the surface of the nodules is red. Treatment starts with eliminating the causes of illness. Then prescribes vitamins, immunomodulators in severe surgical treatment.

    What to do if it hurts the mucous membrane, the sky is inflamed, there was a bump, what kind of treatment you need to perform? The growths can be a symptoms of benign or cancerous tumors. Benign growths are removed surgically. So, if there was inflammation in the area of the sky, there was a bump, treatment at home can not be carried out, need expert advice!

    If there is pain in the mouth, forming ulcers or growths in the sky, you must see a doctor, self-medication can lead to deterioration of health!