Sore on lip inside, sore white sore inside

Язвочка на губе с внутренней стороны, болит белая болячка внутри

Skin and mucous membrane of the lips – the most delicate and vulnerable of all body tissues. Therefore, any pathological process easily affects the area. The lips perform a number of functions, what is the complexity of their structure. Besides the fact that the lips delimit the primary parts of the digestive tract, involved in formation of the frame the face shape facial expressions, they also participate in the act of articulation. Around the mouth opening is a huge number of muscles, both large – circular muscle of a mouth and small – a lot of facial muscles. Lip is divided into 3 parts: the outer, inner and red border of the lips. The red border is a kind of transitional border. Most often, the pathology is localized here due to the fact that the skin in this area is very thin, and under it a large number of blood vessels (hence the name).

Sore on lip: causes

If you find that you have a sore bottom lip inside or out, it is possible to suspect the following causes, which could be a sore – ulcer:

  • the formation of microcracks in the damage of tissues and subsequent colonization of the wound by microbial agents with the development of immune and inflammatory reactions;
  • persistence of herpes simplex virus, which became active because of low immunity, for example, as a result of hypothermia, SARS or the common cold;
  • burn;
  • allergic reactions;
  • the manifestation of galvanism – when the mouth is 2 of the prosthesis or any metal structures that come into contact with each other generate an electrical current, which forms a sore;
  • obstruction of the excretory ducts of the salivary glands.
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The pathogenesis of the formation of ulcers

Язвочка на губе с внутренней стороны, болит белая болячка внутри

Such an abundance of blood vessels leads to the presence in the hearth of a large number of immunocompetent cells and biologically active substances – mediators of inflammation, sensitive to penetration of the pathogen. And pathogens to penetrate the lip often. Since the skin is sensitive, and the lip – this part of the face that is constantly exposed to irritants, whether mechanical stimuli in the form of roughage or temperature factors, they are often exposed to the formation of microcracks and pores. These micro-cracks penetrate the microorganisms or from the environment or from the oral cavity. That is, these cracks are the gateway of the pathological process. As a result of the introduction of alien activated a protective response of the body. The vessels of the lips, narrowing sharply, and then just as quickly expanded. The result is a rich blood supply and with it the body’s cells – leukocytes, monocytes, macrophages, neutrophils and others. They absorb bacterial cells, thus killed themselves. In this process, the lysis is released by microsomal enzymes that can break down tissue. Similar reactions take place in any tissue, if there is an infestation of the microorganism. However, in no other tissue except the lips, occurs in this education of disease – sore, it would seem, because of such trivial reasons. And it happens due to the thinness of the surface, the cloth quickly melted under the action of enzymes, produces defect – painful sores on the lip from the inside.

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In addition to microbial invasion, another common cause of ulceration on the inner surface of the lips – it is a disease, like herpes. Herpes is a virus. He strikes the man most often in childhood or adolescence. This person carries the disease by type of influenza, not knowing what the causative agent was herpes. After a single infection in the body, it persists in it throughout life, it is impossible to eliminate. Usually localized herpes virus in the peripheral nervous ganglia. Under normal condition of the body it is latent. However, it should be no bad situation that will lead to the weakening of the immune system, like herpes immediately make themselves felt, and, basically, it is manifested only in the mucosa of the lips.

Язвочка на губе с внутренней стороны, болит белая болячка внутри

Eating too hot food or skin contact of the lips of any corrosive chemical compounds can also cause the formation of ulcers on the inner surface of the lips.

Very often an ulcer on the lower lip inside is formed as a result of immune desensitization. Lip skin is the first to make contact with any allergen in the mouth, so very often on the surface can be formed small vesicles, blisters and even sores caused by the formation of immune complexes antigen-antibody, which are deposited on the mucosal surface, causing the delimitation of this area from healthy tissue, thus preventing generalization.

Diagnosis and treatment

If You find that You have a sore bottom or top lip on the inside, then do not panic. As already mentioned, the reason for such formation may be quite trivial. As a therapy it is recommended to avoid the use of rough, too hot food or acidic fruits, which will further irritate the surface, causing a deterioration process. If You are sure that the reason the ulcer appeared on the inside lip – cold sores, you can use antiviral drugs. The most common such drugs are acyclovir, zovirax. They can be in the form of ointments, as well as in the form of tablets for oral administration. For faster and better healing process, you can use the ointment levomekol, de-panthenol, herbal medicine, antiseptic solutions. They are aimed at the elimination of pathogens from wounds and speed repair. However, if the long white lip sore does not heal or recurs frequently, you must contact your dentist, who will determine the cause and suggest activities that will eliminate their appearance forever.

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