Sore tip of tongue: causes, what to do and how to treat?

Physicians can assume the development of the disease of any organ, only examining the tongue of the patient. The normal state of this muscular organ gives people verbal communication and correct perception of the taste of food and beverages. If the pain occurs in the tip of the tongue, these processes are violated, the speech and eating cause discomfort. What could be the cause and what to do if there was such tenderness?

Possible causes

The factors causing the pain is on the tip of the tongue, numerous — mostly physical or inflammatory in nature, often involving infection. Why hurt the tip of your tongue? Consider common causes:

  • Болит кончик языка: причины, что делать и чем лечить?Traumatic — thermal burn, crack, and rubbing.
  • The reaction of allergic nature.
  • Infectious processes in the oral cavity.
  • Viral sore.
  • Habits Smoking.
  • The use of medications.
  • Anaemia background iron deficiency.
  • Disorders of the nervous system.
  • Intestinal, cardiac and cerebral pathology.
  • Trauma

    Sore tip of tongue causes often associated with the installation of new prostheses. Has not yet formed the habit, the body often affects the crown. Over time it passes. The situation is worse if the prosthesis was done professionally — then all the work the doctor needs to do it again. When a person eats in a hurry or carelessly, the language can get in between the teeth and to be bite. Sometimes, when it hurts the tip of my tongue — the causes can be associated with food addictions. When a person eats a lot of sour and often spicy or sucking candy. In this case, eating habits should change.

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    Болит кончик языка: причины, что делать и чем лечить?Sometimes following the fashion trends, the organ of speech, especially pierce — piercing. Metal for the new jewelry can cause an allergic reaction. Take the product of another material or completely remove. As allergens can be food, alcoholic beverages, tobacco smoke, drugs.


    Stomatitis is a collective name for a number of diseases of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. They are characterized by symptoms of inflammation — redness, tenderness, increased local temperature and swelling. A particular sore — sore on the tip of my tongue. Further, the process involves the entire cavity and flows into the mouth and throat. To treat the disease follows, using a range of measures — drugs against inflammation, to stimulate the immune system and antiseptic. There are effective rinse decoction of herbs (calendula, chamomile). When running the process, the tissue can be affected very deeply, up to necrosis. Then require surgery to remove necrotic tissue. This helps prevent the further development of the process and avoid blood poisoning.

    Sometimes on the tongue is a single sore, in common parlance — PIP. What to do if a sore tongue tip due to PIP? And than to treat? And nothing. Usually, discomfort going away. If you still need to speed up the process, you can rinse your mouth very weak, pale pink solution of manganese. Presumably, the appearance of the PIP triggered by low immune system, stress or a small wound in the tongue.

    Glossitis and glossalgia

    Болит кончик языка: причины, что делать и чем лечить?Glossitis — inflammation of tissues of the speech on that cause infectious agents. Predisposing factors — unhealthy habits, inadequate oral hygiene, permanent burns and injuries. The language is very red and swollen, is greatly increased, there is a burning sensation at the tip. Eating and speech difficult language like stopping in the mouth, increases the amount of saliva. The disease can cause complications — phlegmon or abscess. For the treatment prescribed antifungal, anti-inflammatory drugs and anesthetics. If the process is cumbersome, resort to hormonal and immune therapy.

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    Glossalgia — this disease often affects older people. It is characterized by the feeling in my mouth burns and bakes, especially on the sides and tip of body. Often this process develops after the physical damage dentures.

    If the observed disorders of the nervous system, pathology of blood vessels and the digestive system — they can trigger glossalgia.

    Measures therapy — replacing prosthesis, meticulous oral hygiene, sedatives and vitamin therapy.

    Other reasons

    A feeling of numbness in the tongue can occur in diabetes mellitus, anaemia with iron deficiency. In some women after climax, the organ of speech becomes less sensitive.

    Methods of treatment and prevention

    Болит кончик языка: причины, что делать и чем лечить?When physical damage has occurred need to wait for tissue healing, treating the affected area with an antiseptic solution.

    To prevent the development of inflammatory process in the mouth you must:

  • To pay attention to sanitation and hygiene.
  • Eat right, slowly and carefully to chew food, to abandon bad habits.
  • Trust prosthetics experienced and proven expert.
  • If the cause of the discomfort associated with other disorders — to diagnose and eliminate the underlying disease. What should I do? To consult with several specialists — physician, endocrinologist, dentist, neurologist, ENT doctor. To identify the root cause to understand why it hurts on the tip of your tongue and how to treat the underlying disease.