Sores on tongue: causes, how to treat these sores

The mucous membrane in the oral cavity is very delicate and easily damaged, especially in children and depressed immunity in it can get infected and as a result ulcers develop on the tongue and white coating. Found this problem in any age group, but there are diseases that are more common in adults (syphilis), and other kids (Bednar’s aphthae).

Язвы на языке: причины, как лечить эти болячкиThe treatment of ulcers, localized in the language should take place after a detailed inspection and examination by the dentist, during which he will have to find the reason why the sores appeared, focusing on the results of the tests and then tell you how best to cure them. After that, the specialist will prescribe a course of therapy that would take into account all the individual characteristics of the patient.

To simplify search of the reason why appear on the tongue sores, disease, which is characterized by such symptoms, were divided into 3 categories, and they differ significantly from one another as a way of infection and what to treat them, for instance, the child has a more delicate body and need special therapy.

Diseases of the mouth, causing sores

White coating and ulcers on tongue may be caused by abnormalities in the oral cavity and how and what to treat them will depend on what kind of disease was the cause of this unpleasant symptom.

Disease in the mouth can be:

  • Aphthous form of stomatitis. The disease was named due to the fact that formed sores on the tongue mostly from the side and underneath, but sometimes are located throughout the oral mucosa and they are all in the aft with a white coating. Over time, if not therapy, the pathology becomes chronic stage and by reducing the immunity may occur. In the case of not knowing how to treat such wounds on the tongue, then long to heal (over a week), they leave behind a trail of scar;
  • Herpetic stomatitis. This disease is characteristic of many small ulcers on the tongue that resemble blisters with fluid. While there is discomfort during eating, and its surface is covered with bloom. If the ulcer is under the tongue, these wounds cause severe pain, especially when communicating. It should be noted that pathology takes place during the week and does not leave behind any traces;
  • Язвы на языке: причины, как лечить эти болячкиStomatitis. He is characterized by the appearance of multiple ulcers with a white coating over or under the tongue, but usually the disease goes without complications and special treatment is required;
  • Thrush (candidiasis). This thrush appears as a child and an adult and it is accompanied by the appearance of the thick language white bloom, as if to try to clean it, it becomes visible sores, causing discomfort during meals;
  • AFTA Bednar. She found the child in the form of sores light yellow hue that appears on the tongue and localized it primarily from the side and from above, and because the cause of the disease is usually poor hygiene, to treat it will not be difficult.
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It should be noted that the treatment of sores on the tongue of the child should take place after the medical examination and is assigned only a specialist medications, in order not to harm the fledgling body.

Trauma to mucosa

The reason why appear on the tongue sores may be mechanical damage, where the side of the body and beneath it appear the sores arising from the incorrect treatment by a doctor, if the injury and before you do anything, you need to find out what caused injury.

The most common factors that can cause this problem are:

  • Household injuries;
  • Damage sustained in consequence of not correctly performed hygiene or bad means, which in this case is used;
  • A burn or irritation, which were obtained by food or drugs;
  • Unprofessional dental treatment;
  • Poorly made dentures and structures for treatment of abnormal occlusion.

Язвы на языке: причины, как лечить эти болячкиUlcers on the tongue caused due to such action no less dangerous and painful, but they heal fairly quickly, if you remove the cause and take diet.

Sometimes there are situations when the ensuing mayhem becomes as the beginning of pathology in the mouth, and increase the disease occurring in this point, so after the injury it is better to go to the doctor for a checkup.


These symptoms often occur on the background of other diseases such as:

  • During its course in the body of the infection and also due to weak immunity and allergic reactions in humans can develop gingivostomatit. It is manifested in the form of ulcers that can be found throughout the mucosa, including the surface of the tongue. Of the other symptoms can be noted fetid odor, temperature, and excessive salivation;
  • TB. Often it is not restricted to one set of lungs and can pass into the oral cavity. This happens due to seepage of bacteria that caused this pathology in the oral cavity. This process is accompanied by the appearance of bleeding ulcers, high temperature and weakness;
  • Syphilis. This is a disease characterized by ulcers in the oral cavity, which heal almost six months, and leave behind scars;
  • The human immunodeficiency virus. Patients with HIV infection are often faced with such accompanying symptom like ulcers with a white coating all over the mouth.
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Such ulcers on the tongue will not pass by themselves and need the original to treat the underlying disease which was the cause of this symptom.

Treatment of sores on the tongue

Sores on the tongue are treated once a doctor has identified the cause of the problem, and if he couldn’t identify, refer them to a therapist for a comprehensive survey.

Язвы на языке: причины, как лечить эти болячкиThis should be done, because every disease has its own individual treatment plan, for example, for thrush you need to take antifungal medicines and in herpetic stomatitis antiviral, but if the inflammation is too hard, then you will need a course of antibiotics.

Regardless of the reasons a doctor will prescribe vitamin complexes rich in ascorbic acid and adjuvants, in order to strengthen the natural defenses of the body. In addition, when extensive necrotic processes in the oral cavity, the dentist will remove the damaged tissue and process all antiseptic solutions.

In mechanical injuries, the problem may heal itself, but it is better to use such local means as:

  • Solution of brilliant green (Zelenka). A good antiseptic and healing agent, but before using it to treat sores on the tongue of the child should consult with your doctor;
  • Peroxide. Apply it for treatment of the affected areas 2-3 times a day, but if a white sore under tongue, for the treatment you need to rinse your mouth with medication after a meal. Thus, the effect will be more resistant;
  • A solution of baking soda and decoctions of herbs. Suitable for daily rinsing will help to remove the inflammation and the ulcers from the surface of the language, including if they are under it;
  • Furatsilin. Is treatment of wounds and helps to get rid of ulcers on the tongue with a daily rinse after eating.
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To self-medicate is not recommended because it can cause complications that can cure will not be so easy. For this reason, you should leave the diagnosis to a professional, and you can do the gargling until you have the opportunity to get to the hospital.