Spots on tongue child

The language is called a map of the body and when the child has a blisters, reminiscent of vesicles and pimples on the background stains or thick plaque, then this may be the cause of some serious diseases. In addition, the color of the neoplasm and inflammation of taste buds can tell a lot about the problem and about its perpetrator.

Pimples usually appear on the skin due to the inflammation or malfunction of the sebaceous glands, but in the case of a language where they do not exist, they are called inflamed taste buds.

Culprits appearance

At the onset of pimples or blisters on the tongue in a young child, you need to consult a doctor to find the cause and further treatment, but to avoid this, it is necessary to remember the most common factors from which they arise:

  • Пятна на языке у ребенкаAs a consequence of allergic reactions the language of a child may be all in pimples;
  • If we talk about the spots, they can be from coloring products;
  • Incorrectly composed the diet of the child;
  • The injury, especially if it is the result of a foreign object in the mouth;
  • Abnormal bite after an incorrect dental treatment.

If the child appeared inflamed, red bumps on the tongue, it is possible that the disturbed secretion of the stomach.

If the language is smooth and pale, there may be such reasons:

  • If you have problems with the liver;
  • After the injury, the surface is restored, but the new buds don’t grow;
  • Burns, in particular, caused by chemistry. The papillae are destroyed and the sense of taste blunted.

For these reasons, it is possible to put dozens of diagnoses and need serious examination, but it’s better to avoid food with spices and nurture ourselves at this time.

To reduce inflammation can make a gargle of herbs (chamomile, calendula) or use a solution furatsilina, but if in 2-3 days the symptoms do not go away, it is best to consult a doctor.

The spots of red

If the main problem is the child has red spots on the tongue that cause discomfort, the cause may be more serious and you should immediately treat your baby.

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Below take a closer look at possible disease.

Language of the geographical surface

Пятна на языке у ребенкаPathology characteristic of the inflammatory process in the course of which lose their color and taste buds on the background of language becomes a red hue. The name of the disease derives from the fact that on the surface of the damaged organ, erythema (redness), uneven and around them are white lines remaining papillae and all of this is reminiscent of the world map.

This pathology occurs without specific symptoms, but may diminish the taste sensations and eventually it may pass into the chronic stage.

A disease occurs when problems with the gastrointestinal tract and heart problems, as well as in women during pregnancy.

Erythema with exudation wounds

With this ailment arise red spots, which produce blisters filled with fluid. Usually these bubbles are yellow in color and cause severe pain, especially when the tongue moves. When the blister bursts, it forms a small ulcer.

Despite the uncertainty factors, the researchers called the cause of disease pathogens that can get into if there is a wound or crack on the surface of the body.

Red spots on the edges

Пятна на языке у ребенкаThe diagnosis not only by color and type of tumors, but also according to their localization, for example, on the sides and tip of the tongue.

Disorders that are localized at the edges can be:

  • Herpetic infection. She is characterized by the appearance of red blisters filled with fluid. The child has these bubbles on the tongue, in the early stages cause severe itching and then pain. The main cause of this disease is weak immunity;
  • Shingles. Usually the rash is in the form of blisters filled with liquid, which strongly start to itch and the problem is caused by a virus.
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Neoplasms red hue

Red spots on the tongue, a child may meet on a white plaque, and is characteristic of such pathologies:

  • Scarlet fever. This disease is caused by infection and often her children. Usually when her whole tongue covered with a thick layer of white Deposit, and in the center it stay bright red spots;
  • Anemia. In this pathology the entire surface of the mouth pale light shades. The reason for such effects is the lack of red blood cells.

Spots of white color

Due to too rapid keratinization (leukoplakia) of the child on the surface of the tongue Пятна на языке у ребенкаto form white spots. Basically, the disease is not considered a serious problem, because it can be quickly cured, but in some cases can be a symptom of cancers. For this reason, if you experience symptoms characteristic of leukoplakia is best to immediately consult a doctor to avoid possible complications. Reasons disease is considered to be the frequent damage to the mucosa in the oral cavity.

If the language of the child began to appear bumps that look like white pimples, then most likely it is the symptoms of such diseases:

  • Stomatitis. In this pathology the child on the surface of the tongue appear white dots, causing acute pain and itching when swallowing saliva and during meals. The causes of stomatitis may be developing an infection and poor hygiene and trauma, and cracks and usually after the appearance of tumors, they begin to spread rapidly in the mucous. Often points are merged into one large spot, which increases the discomfort. As for localization of acne on the language of the child, they are mainly located at the edges.
  • Candidiasis (thrush). Coating on the tongue when this disease resembles curd mass and the cause of the disease is a fungal infection. These white spots on the tongue are mainly found in infants who received the disease from his mother and the elderly, but also frequently occur during the reception of antibiotics and other drugs kill good flora. We must highlight the reasons a weak immune system where the yeast infection affects the majority of patients with HIV infection.
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Thus, the white spots can be a symptom of an underlying disease, and secondary on the background of a more serious problem.

In conclusion, I must say that it is very important to find the symptoms of pathologies on the surface of the tongue to prevent possible complications, but as a neoplasm similar to each other, then the diagnosis can only experienced doctor after inspection. For this reason, you cannot delay the visit to the hospital and to self-medicate.