Stomatitis in children: causes, symptoms, treatment, how does the child

If her mother noticed that her baby was cranky, not sleeping well, crying while eating, and his temperature rises, you should pay attention to the condition of the oral cavity in children. If mucous membranes are swollen, red or in the sky, cheeks appeared bleeding ulcers, you need to show the child the doctor. These are the first signs of the development of stomatitis in children.

Types of stomatitis

Stomatitis in children can be of different types: what is its manifestation in the mouth of a child, and what will be the prescribed treatment depends on the age of the baby.

  • Cтоматит у детей: причины, симптомы, лечение, как выглядит у ребенкаChildren up to 3 years often suffer candidal stomatitis (thrush).
  • Children 1 – 3 years – aphthous and herpetic type of the disease.
  • School-age children – infected allergic and aphthous.
  • Bacterial and which restores the appearance can affect a child of any age due to injury of the mucous membrane of the mouth during teething.
  • Looks like stomatitis, which are the first signs? It’s ulcers, which are localized on the sky, inside of the cheeks and lips, or tongue. On top they are covered with white, gray or yellow tinge. The main symptoms of stomatitis in children: swelling and redness, rashes on mouth, toddlers capricious, refuse to eat, in the sky, cheesy plaque.

    Types of stomatitis

    • Oral thrush often develops in infants, the main causes of its appearance is yet unformed immune system that cannot fight against the infection, infection during childbirth and treatment with antibiotics. The disease usually occurs without fever. Such stomatitis of the mouth manifests as ulcers, covered with white bloom that looks like curdled milk or cottage cheese, dry mucous membranes and cause itching, burning. Lesions may coalesce into a continuous film. Plaque is easily removable, under it there is a bleeding wound.
    • Aphthous stomatitis, its main features in children is round ulcers (aphthae), covered with a white or gray bloom, which are delineated with a red outline. The AFL is usually no more than 1 -2 pieces. Before their appearance in the language of bubbles, causing discomfort and burning (geographic tongue). In this type of disease is characterized by inflammation of the submandibular lymph nodes.
    • Cтоматит у детей: причины, симптомы, лечение, как выглядит у ребенкаHerpetic stomatitis in a young child develops as a result of infection with the herpes virus thus on mucous membranes form vesicles with fluid (vesicles) that burst and form erosion, inflamed and bleeding gums, aphthae are striking almost the entire oral cavity. Healing can be seen in the marble pattern on the inside of the cheeks, lips and tongue. Contamination of honey by children is transmitted via toys, Housewares.
    • Which restores stomatitis (zaedy), its symptoms in children look like skin irritation in the corners of the mouth. Cracks, in which a white coating. The cause of the disease is acute shortage of iron in the body.
    • Bacterial stomatitis what happens to little children? Call it disease-causing bacteria and viruses (Streptococcus, Staphylococcus) that enter the wounds in the mucosa. The cause of the infection and can serve as the presence of concomitant chronic diseases, previously migrated tonsillitis, influenza, otitis media. Is manifested by redness and oedema of the mucosa, increased salivation, formation of aft, unpleasant mouth odor, bleeding gums. May increase the temperature, the spread of infection on the tonsils, throat, esophagus.
    • Starts as allergic stomatitis in children? Quite rare, arises as a result of reactions to allergens (foods, medications). Before the eruption of the oral cavity observed increase in temperature, the deterioration of health. Then the mouth formed plaques covered with bloom.
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    Often the disease occurs on the background of acute respiratory viral infection. This happens due to the fact that during the illness of the mucous membranes of the mouth severely dry, salivation is insufficient. Therefore, bacteria entering the oral cavity, causing inflammation.

    Causes of infection

    • Thermal burn of the mouth.
    • The herpes virus type I.
    • Hypothermia.
    • Dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis.
    • Cтоматит у детей: причины, симптомы, лечение, как выглядит у ребенкаA weak immune system.
    • Bacteria: Staphylococcus or Streptococcus.
    • Violation of the natural microflora in the mouth.
    • An acute shortage of vitamins.
    • Food Allergy.
    • Stress.
    • Prolonged injury of the mucous membrane sharp teeth, braces.
    • Bacterial infection.
    • Bad oral hygiene.

    Causes of stomatitis in young children are associated with infection of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity through wounds. Therefore it is very important to follow the rules for the care of teeth and mouth at any age.

    The nature of the disease is: acute and chronic.

    • Acute stomatitis in children develops quickly, symptoms are expressed very clearly and the treatment is also occurs in a short time. There is an increase in body temperature to 38 — 39, which is difficult to break, increased lymph nodes. With herpetic stomatitis rash can spread to the outer side of nasolabial triangle.
    • Chronic is when develops stomatitis in children treatment, which has a long and undulating in nature, symptoms may not be immediately apparent. The disease is manifested by frequent relapses. When not treated may develop leukoplakia actinic plots of the mucous membrane.

    When you need a doctor?

  • Cтоматит у детей: причины, симптомы, лечение, как выглядит у ребенкаHigh temperature.
  • Language is covered with bubbles and white bloom.
  • Children find it difficult to drink and chew.
  • The kid acts up and can’t sleep.
  • If you detect signs of stomatitis in your child, you need to visit the pediatrician.

    Aphthous stomatitis

    Treatment stomatitis in children provides a diet that does not contain irritating ingredients, local treatment of the affected areas, receiving immunomodulators, also the doctor may prescribe antihistamines if you are allergic to foodstuffs. At the temperature of antipyretics.

    Effectively help the regular rinsing of the mouth «Miramistin», anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the gel «Holisal». For more rapid healing aft applying the gel «Solcoseryl». Older children appoint antibacterial means «Imudon» in the form of absorbable tablets.

    Herpetic stomatitis

    Cтоматит у детей: причины, симптомы, лечение, как выглядит у ребенкаHow quickly to cure the child has herpetic stomatitis tell the baby doctor after examination of the oral cavity.
    First of all, are appointed by antiviral agents, and drugs that strengthen the immune system. In fighting infection will help candles «Viferon», pills and ointments «Acyclovir», and «Zovirax». You must also rinse your mouth with a solution «Chlorhexidine» or «Miramistina». Taking antipyretics if the temperature is above 38. To strengthen the immune system – «Immunal», «Amiksin». There are also special children’s toothpastes that contribute to the strengthening of local immunity.

    If the sores inflamed and bleeding gums of the child during brushing, you need to replace your toothbrush to a soft. Any kind of disease, it is recommended to take vitamin complex.

    Oral thrush

    What to quickly cure oral thrush-infected baby? You need to follow the oral hygiene, to eliminate the causes of disease, strengthen the immune system. These methods enough to cope with the infection at an early stage.

    For treatment of newborns is used in treatment of wounds yodinolom and 1% of aniline dyes.
    In the more severe stages of prescribed antifungals («Candida», «Diflucan») in the form of tablets, gels or ointments, given the age of the child.

    Also prescribed a diet of sweet, sweet, salty, spicy, hot, solid food.
    The course of treatment depends on the extent of lesions of mucous membranes of the mouth and the presence of complications. Take medications strictly according to doctor until full recovery to avoid relapse.

    Which restores stomatitis

    Cтоматит у детей: причины, симптомы, лечение, как выглядит у ребенкаAs stomatitis causes pathogenic microflora, its main features – zaedy in the corners of the mouth, and treatment in children is aimed primarily at the suppression of bacteria. Appointed local and General therapy. For topical application use the ointment «Nystatin», «Levorin», «Sulfur-salicylic». These funds contribute to the healing of fractures and relieve pain. If the disease is caused by a streptococcal infection, prescribed ointment with antibiotic: «Syntomycin», «Erythromycin».

    Inside take antifungal drugs: «Diflucan», «Nystatin», «lamisil».It is also important to take zhelezovanadievoj funds.

    As a Supplement to the basic treatment, you can use a rinse decoction of medicinal herbs.
    The course of treatment for candidiasis or bacterial stomatitis last 1 week, in herpetic form – 10 to 15 days.

    Bacterial stomatitis

    How to cure child bacterial stomatitis? In addition to the General rules of treatment, given oral antibiotics («Lincomycin», «Ampiox») and antihistamines. To enhance the protective functions of the organism take Immunostimulants («Interferon») and vitamins. Treatment of the oral cavity carry out «courses Beadle trichopolum», «Help».

    Allergic stomatitis

    Cтоматит у детей: причины, симптомы, лечение, как выглядит у ребенкаTherapy of stomatitis in children is to eliminate those foods that cause allergies. If such a reaction were given antibiotics, you need to consult with a doctor to replace the drug. In other respects the treatment is the same as with other types of stomatitis. Antihistamines in the form of syrup: «Core», «Suprastin».

    The consequences

    Frequent recurrent stomatitis in a child can be the consequence of neglected or goes untreated in its acute form, causes the transition to the chronic stage.

  • Necrosis of the inflamed tissue.
  • Lymphadenitis – inflammation of lymph nodes.
  • The spread of infection to the tonsils, the esophagus, internal organs.
  • The infected by genital candidiasis.
  • Prevention

    • Regular oral hygiene.
    • Disinfection of toys, utensils.
    • Regular visits to a pediatric dentist.
    • Isolation from infected children.
    • Excluded from the diet foods that cause allergies.

    Starts stomatitis, what are its causes and what treatment will be most effective? These questions will be answered by the pediatrician or pediatric dentist. After examination, the doctor will choose an individual treatment based on the age of the child. It is not necessary to self-medicate in order not to harm the baby. Name, dosage of the drug must appoint a specialist.