Stomatitis in infants: symptoms and treatment of the newborn

Microflora of the mucous infants sensitive to any changes. This is a common cause of stomatitis in infants. This disease requires a detailed diagnosis and timely treatment to avoid complications. Every parent needs to know because of what appears thrush in infants, what are the symptoms and signs of this disease, and what treatment is appropriate to apply.

The types of the disease

Disease affecting the oral mucosa in infants, is of several types:

  • Стоматит у грудничка: симптомы и лечение новорожденногоstomatitis acute herpetic;
  • chronic herpes;
  • canker, which is often chronic in nature;
  • candidal lesions in infants.

Every form of stomatitis in infants different symptoms. If the first signs and symptoms of thrush in infants, it is recommended before beginning self-treatment to consult a specialist.

Better than to treat stomatitis in the newborn baby is determined by the cause of the disease. This can be a disease due to allergic reactions and bacterial or infectious nature. In the treatment of stomatitis in infants is very important to correctly diagnose the extent and type of the disease and to find effective treatment that will target the cause of the disease. Thus it is necessary to know how visible the different forms of stomatitis in infants.

Herpes form

Acute herpetic stomatitis in infants caused by the herpes virus. This may happen because the parent kissing or touching other relatives. This form is characteristic of infants at the age of six months. The symptoms is:

  • Стоматит у грудничка: симптомы и лечение новорожденногоheadache;
  • malaise and weakness;
  • a significant increase in temperature;
  • soreness of the lymph nodes in the neck;
  • the oral mucosa is swollen and covered with small bubbles.

After a few days there is a break of the bubbles, resulting in formation of small red erosions. This disease is often observed redness of the gums.

The disease can recur, particularly with frequent colds, infections or severe hypothermia.

Treatment of herpes forms

If you suspect thrush in infants, it is better to consult the pediatrician who will tell you how best to treat the problem. Usually the treatment involves the use of antiviral drugs targeted against the herpes virus. It can be ointment, gel or rectal suppositories. Ointment is processed by the mucous membrane of the mouth, paying special attention to places of a congestion of bubbles. Better than to treat stomatitis in infants depends on the extent of mucosal lesions.

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Rinse for infants are used for the treatment of the oral cavity. For this purpose, specialized solutions that are designed to fight the virus-the causative agent of stomatitis in infants.

When the temperature of the body should be used antipyretics for children. In the treatment of this form of the disease an important stage of recovery is admission of immunostimulatory drugs.

The chronic form of herpetic mucosal lesions in young children or newborns dangerous frequent relapses. Here the important role played by the immune system, so you should consult with your doctor about prescribing an effective immunostimulant for infants.

Aphthous form of the disease

The reasons for the development of canker sores in babies are:

  • Стоматит у грудничка: симптомы и лечение новорожденногоthe presence of allergic reactions;
  • infection with staphylococci;
  • problems in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and liver;
  • low immunity.

For the disease characterized by the appearance of a single aft – small ulcers with a whitish bloom and a red border. Aphthae appear on the mucous membrane of the mouth, including the inner part of the lips.

When aphthous stomatitis in infants marked anxiety and malaise, sometimes increasing the temperature and tenderness of the lymph nodes in the neck. When you touch Attam and when eating, the child feels severe pain. The baby is restless and cries during feeding.

If the infant discovered the stomatitis, it is time to start treatment. Before starting treatment, it is important to distinguish aphthous stomatitis, disease caused by the herpes virus.

  • With herpetic stomatitis bubbles cover entire sections of the mucosa, while canker sores appear single.
  • The bubbles are very small, while the size of aft can reach 5 mm in diameter.
  • The sores triggered by the herpes virus is manifested by redness of the gums. In the aphthous form of this effect is not observed.
  • Herpes form of the disease is accompanied by a rash in the lips and around lips, while canker affects only the inner mucosa of the oral cavity of the child.
  • Stomatitis in infants requires timely treatment, so do not delay visit to the doctor.

    Treatment aphthous form

    Before treatment should rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction. If the child’s diet is allergen or medication, they need to stop taking until complete recovery.

    Aphthae are treated with antiseptic agents. This can be a herbal infusion, a solution of chlorhexidine or use of mouthwash with the content of anaesthetic Стоматит у грудничка: симптомы и лечение новорожденногоmeans. Since the baby can’t rinse your mouth, it is recommended to treat aphthae parents manual with help of a tampon.

    In some cases you may need physiotherapy on the recommendation of a doctor.

    Before treatment should consult a pediatrician. The doctor will determine the causative organism and prescribe the appropriate medication.

    If the disease is accompanied by fever, can be assigned to a children’s fever medicines. In some cases need correction of the immune system.

    Aphthous stomatitis may recur several times a year. It often accompanies colds and hypothermia. In this case, you need a receiving immunostimulatory medications and vitamin complexes. If the stomatitis is often returned, it is necessary to conduct a detailed examination of the child and to rule out disorders of the digestive organs and the endocrine system.

    Candida form

    In newborns there is an imbalance of the microflora of the oral cavity. Any failure of the body leads to dysbiosis. Very often this is accompanied by active growth of fungi of the species Candida, which are present in the microflora of each person.

    Стоматит у грудничка: симптомы и лечение новорожденногоCandida disease has a characteristic white bloom on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, including the tongue and inner part of lips and cheeks. This condition is accompanied by burning sensation and pain, so newborns react with tears and anxiety.

    Treatment of oral mucosal lesions carried on by means of soda solution or special means from the candidiasis. Parents should wipe the baby mucous soda or antifungal solution, paying special attention to the affected areas of the mouth. The mother must also undergo treatment to avoid re-infecting the baby during breastfeeding.

    How do we treat oral thrush in newborns and infants will in detail tell the doctor, and he will tell you how often you should treat the oral cavity.

    How to avoid the development of the disease

    Often the development of thrush in newborns caused by the contact with older people. Children’s delicate microflora are very sensitive to any stimuli is a manifestation of dysbiosis. To avoid this and not to wonder about how it is better to treat stomatitis in the newborn infant, just follow the simple rules of communication with a newborn.

  • Стоматит у грудничка: симптомы и лечение новорожденногоYou should not kiss babies on the lips, no mother, no relatives, this will help to avoid the development of stomatitis from a baby.
  • A pacifier and a pacifier should be rinsed with boiled water before giving to a child. Mother in any case can not take a child’s pacifier in her mouth.
  • Before breast feeding it is recommended to treat nipple soda solution, to avoid irritation of the oral cavity of the newborn.
  • An important precaution is to keep a daily heat treatment of bedding babies.
  • If they began to appear suspected stomatitis in the newborn, and also the first symptoms and signs of the disease, should as soon as possible to visit the pediatrician, who will prescribe an effective treatment. If early detection of stomatitis in infants and begin treatment, you can permanently get rid of this problem.