Stomatitis treatment adults at home folk remedies

Stomatitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. This is a group of diseases United by a single common symptom. Depending on the localization process, each pathology has its own name, for example, glossitis (inflammation of tongue), gingivitis (inflammation of gums), cheilitis (inflammation of lips), etc. in the event of stomatitis treatment adults at home, on an outpatient basis, usually with medicines.

Thrush in adults can occur as an independent disease, or it can be one of the symptoms of rubella, measles, tonsillitis, scarlet fever or other infectious diseases.

Лечение стоматита у взрослых в домашних условиях народными средствами

More recently, it was thought that the disease are mostly children. But due to environmental degradation and reduced immune protection stomatitis have been increasingly diagnosed in adults. But all these factors are not direct causes that cause stomatitis.

The only cause of disease is microorganisms, to deal with which affordable medicines. But the factors contributing to their rapid reproduction and development of the pathological process in the mucous membrane very much.

How and what to treat thrush in adults at home, depends on the type of disease and the factor that caused the inflammation.

First thing you need to adjust the power. Do not eat spicy, salty and rough foods because it can aggravate the process, causing irritation or further injury. Despite the fact that the treatment of stomatitis in adults, it is possible to draw folk remedies at home, you should still seek medical to specify a diagnosis and prescribed the necessary medicines.

Catarrhal (simple) stomatitis

Лечение стоматита у взрослых в домашних условиях народными средствами

The most common type of the disease. The cause of stomatitis in adults believe chronic foci of infection in the oral cavity, Tartar deposits, tooth decay, periodontal disease, and the errors in hygiene.

Mucous in this stomatitis looks red and swollen. On the tongue appears yellow or gray powder. Adult the patient feels pain and discomfort just during meals.

Stomatitis treatment adults at home can be performed folk remedies with the assistance of gargles with antiseptic solutions. Good effect is given a decoction of chamomile and calendula. Ointments and gels in this case can not be used. Once the sores will take place, you need to immediately begin to treat the sources of infection in the first place to carry out sanitation of the oral cavity.

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Лечение стоматита у взрослых в домашних условиях народными средствами

The disease is caused by a herpes virus. Inactive present in the body for many adults. Hypothermia, exacerbation of chronic infections, stress, immunosuppression – factors that contribute to the fact that the herpes virus activated. There are small yellow bubbles that are very close to each other. They gradually burst, forming a common ulcer. Over time, the site of the ulcer is formed thick crust. Looks like herpetic stomatitis on the tongue you can see in the photo.

Treatment of folk remedies of this disease in adults caused by the above reasons, the home environment should be performed with application of antiviral drugs and local anesthesia, it is possible to use hydrogen peroxide. Zovirax, Viferon-gel synthesis or Oxoline will be able to cope with the pathogen, while Ledogar or Lidocaine okay relieve pain at the site of inflammation. The next stage of treatment, ulcer healing. This will help the gel Metrogyl,Holisal or Actovegin. In addition to these drugs, your doctor may prescribe antihistamines, and immunomodulators (e.g., Imudon or Amiksin) and faster to cope with the disease. Subsequently, to prevent recurrences, your doctor may prescribe a three month course of vitamin-mineral complexes.

Candida species

The disease is caused by fungi. The yeast Candida is always present in the oral cavity, but under certain provoking factors begin to actively proliferate. May be the result of long reception of antibiotics, deficiencies in hygiene, trauma from wearing dental structures, and reduced the protective response of the body (immunodeficiency, diabetes, tuberculosis). Sometimes the disease occurs during the treatment of hormonal therapy (steroids).

Лечение стоматита у взрослых в домашних условиях народными средствами

The main symptom of this form of stomatitis – soft white plaque that is easily removed. Beneath the mucous membrane looks red, its surface erasilova. Together with a touch zaedy appear in the corners of the mouth, sensation of dryness and burning.

Treatment of thrush in adults, including plaque on the surface of language, should start with oral administration in the home of one of the antifungal drugs — Nystatin, Levorin, Amphotericin b, and diet (eliminate from the diet of sweets and carbohydrates). In parallel, the mucosa is treated at home with antifungal ointments, for example, Nistatinovaya. Effectively help folk remedies, for example, rinsing with baking soda. White patches are preferably removed using gauze.

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Aphthous(ulcerative) stomatitis

The chronic form of disease with frequent relapses (at least 3-4 times a year), especially at a young age. Cause of disease is microorganisms, which are activated during various provoking factors, primarily by reducing the immunity. Sometimes this type can be a type of allergic reaction.

Лечение стоматита у взрослых в домашних условиях народными средствами

In the mouth on the palate, the tongue, gums appear aphthae – small ulcers round shape with a white bloom in the middle. They rise on the basis of erythematous and cause discomfort to the patient beginning to complain that they are prevented from small pimples in the mouth.

Since a common cause of aphthous stomatitis in adults can be allergic reaction, you first need to remove the trigger – allergen and to immediately start the treatment at home antihistamines – Tavegilum, Suprastin or Keratinom. This can be done at home. In addition, treatment of aphthous stomatitis need to spend locally. This treatment of the mucous anti-inflammatory ointments and painkillers, for example, Holisal-gel or Actovegin, which must be applied 4-5 times a day. Very helpful rinsing solutions Furatsilina, borax, baking soda, decoction of chamomile and sage, other people’s money. It was observed that aphthae disappear under the influence of high temperature. Therefore, all funds for the treatment as a rinse should be hot.

Ulcerative-necrotic stomatitis Vincent

Kind of aphthous stomatitis in adults which is characterized by severe course. When the disease there are changes in the General state – raising the temperature to 400C and phenomena of intoxication and the marked local symptoms — bleeding gums, severe pain,dryness of the mucosa and tongue, unpleasant breath. Then there are numerous mucosal ulcers with necrotic plaque, which can be seen even in the language. Here’s stomatitis Vincent.

This is a pretty serious disease, so how to treat this disease in adults, especially if the disease has affected the language can only tell the doctor. Incorrect or delayed treatment at home can lead to serious complications, even in adults – an extensive necrosis of the gums and exposure of roots of teeth. Processing takes place in stages and only after local anesthesia:

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Лечение стоматита у взрослых в домашних условиях народными средствами

  • house application of antiseptic solutions (best use of 0.05% Chlorhexidine solution);
  • lubrication of the oral cavity, including the tongue, any dental gel (Iruksol, Holisal, Metrogyl-Denta);
  • antibiotics (Claforan, Lincomycin or Cefazolin);
  • antihistamines (loratadine, Suprastin, Klaritin, etc.).

Most types of stomatitis in adults treated at home, you only need to consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary medicines. In the inpatient treatment of stomatitis need only patients with allergic reactions, severe disease or infection, characterized by high contagiousness (infectiousness).

Treatment at home

Folk remedies, used in the treatment of stomatitis at home, most often to rinse, apply fresh aloe juice or Kalanchoe.

For adults excellent bactericidal effect of garlic. The need to crush the clove and mix with sour cream. Keep the mixture in your mouth for about half an hour. The procedure is repeated several times a day.

To treat stomatitis in adults folk remedies as a home rinse use the juice of cabbage or carrot (mixed with water in proportion 1:1) three times a day.

To the site of inflammation, you can apply a paste of raw potatoes.

Unfortunately, traditional medicine cannot always completely eliminate the phenomenon of stomatitis in adults. Therefore, doctor’s consultation and drug treatment, not only at home necessary in any case.