Swollen gums around tooth: what to do at home?

For many people, the question of what to do if swollen gums and bleeding is important because the soft tissue around the tooth begins to ache, but despite this, after determining the cause of the inflammation, get rid of the problem, you can even at home. To know the factor that caused it is not so easy and better to go to the dentist where the doctor will make inspection and diagnosis. You can simplify work to a specialist if you memorize all the symptoms that have been observed since the gums are swollen around the tooth and it will allow much faster to figure out what to do next and how to choose a course of treatment.

The causes of the disease

To determine the reason why the gums swell and hurt, focusing on external features, because the most common cause is mechanical damage. It occurs as a result of such action:

  • Опухла десна около зуба: что делать в домашних условиях?Strike;
  • Incorrectly selected toothbrush or toothpaste;
  • Due to the careless handling of the toothpick or due to incorrect execution of hygienic procedures;
  • Due to too much solid food.

When swollen gums, which is located on the inner side, the reason for this phenomenon may be sloppy chewing of food, especially certain foods containing sharp items such as fish or seeds.

In addition, if the gums are swollen around the tooth and hurt, it can talk about dental problems, but their treatment should take place in a doctor’s office, because at home remove them completely is often impossible. These conditions include:

  • Carious formation. They arise mainly due to non-compliance with hygiene and treatment depends on the stage of the pathology;
  • Periodontitis. This is a disease characterized violation about dental tissues and formed, it is often due to Tartar;
  • Periodontal disease. If the disease becomes noticeable as swollen gums, but the tooth does not hurt and so the patient does not understand what to do in such a situation, and to cure the soft tissue that is swollen will have to head to the hospital. It should be noted that when the periodontal disease treatment at home is ineffective and the main course of treatment is carried out in a doctor’s office.

If after the performed treatment of teeth, sealing of damaged areas, swollen gums, what to do will have to meet the doctor who performed the procedure? Most likely, you will need to re-make the seal and it is better to implement it as soon as possible, in order not to aggravate the incipient inflammation.

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Опухла десна около зуба: что делать в домашних условиях?The resulting swelling on the gums near the tooth can be the result of growth of 8, while swelling is evident even on the cheek side of the pathological process, but the special treatment is often not required and it is sufficient to rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions in the home. In severe situations, the doctor removes the hood from the soft tissues over 3 molar teeth to reduce the discomfort.

Dental disease, rarely amenable to treatment without the intervention of a doctor and if appeared above the tooth a swelling of the gums, it should go to the dentist to find out the cause of the problem and start the therapy. In addition, the problem never occurs on a level place, but it manifests itself mainly suddenly and need to remember what you may need first aid and that will help to remove swelling in the mouth until you see the option to consult a specialist.

Removal of edema

If the tooth gums swollen and sore, and to visit the dentist in the coming times, it is necessary to know what to do in such a situation and how not to hurt the already damaged tissues. With this purpose, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  • When on the gums above the tooth bloating, you should remember that you can not apply hot water bottles to his mouth, so that after such treatment the patient’s condition has not deteriorated. Heat promotes the growth of bacteria and it can amplify the inflammatory process;
  • It is believed that if you do the mouthwash with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide, it can Опухла десна около зуба: что делать в домашних условиях?reduce swelling of the gums, which are greatly swollen over the tooth. This drug has good antiseptic effect and is able to eliminate accumulated germs in the mouth. In addition, doctors recommend after the procedure additionally rinse your mouth decoctions of herbs, such as chamomile or lemon balm;
  • If the gums are swollen you can rinse your mouth with diluted iodine, which is not worse than other antiseptics to cope with the problem, and it is actually in each kit, allowing you to perform the procedure at home. For cooking you need to drip 2-3 drops of the drug on half a Cup of boiling water and allow to cool. You can then do a mouth rinse after each meal;
  • The gums around the tooth can vspyhnut at the most inopportune moment, for example, outdoors where there are no hospitals or pharmacies and how to treat a swollen soft tissue becomes clear. In this situation, you need to pay attention to the contents of the travel kit, which can be antiseptic. Among the most common these solutions for rinsing the mouth, as Miramistin and chlorhexidine. If the process is accompanied by a fever, you can take aspirin or paracetamol;
  • If the gums are very swollen, most people do not know what to do and taking antibiotics as the best treatment, but this is a mistake, because the drugs in this group has the right to appoint only the doctor after a detailed examination. These drugs can kill not only pathogens, but also useful microflora and therefore often have such health problems as stomach upset and thrush (candidiasis).

Appoint the antibiotics can only be experienced specialist, who will monitor the process and, if necessary, cancel their admission, in order not to undergo rehabilitation therapy.

If the reason why the gums around the tooth are swollen lies in the teething 3 molars, it is necessary to know not only what you rinse your mouth, but also try to promptly come to the dentist for an examination and an x-ray. After that, the doctor will be able to tell correctly whether rising 8 ka and do I need to remove the top layer of tissue to remove swelling.

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Swollen gums near the tooth is due to receive too much solid food, which caused her irritation. To eliminate such swelling can making rinse with antiseptic solutions in combination with a thorough dental cleaning.


Опухла десна около зуба: что делать в домашних условиях?Deposits appear because of poor hygiene and they are accumulated under the soft tissue, gradually turning into stones, which also cause swelling on the gums near the tooth. They constantly injure the soft tissue and, therefore, edema. To prevent the occurrence of stones is quite simple, because the main thing is to clean the teeth.

If you avoid the sediments did not work, then remove them in the dentist’s office using ultrasound. This procedure only affects the tissue and is harmless to other tissues, so it is quite popular and many do it every six months for prevention.

General guidelines

Removal of edema is not only due to rinsing, but also through a comprehensive approach to treatment, namely:

  • If the gums above the tooth is severely swelled, you should buy a brush with soft bristles and a special toothpaste from bleeding around dental tissues. You can also look for conditioners based on the bark of oak, which well reduce inflammation and accelerate tissue regeneration;
  • Опухла десна около зуба: что делать в домашних условиях?The diet of the patient of this disease should be more food rich in fluorine and calcium, for example, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, and dairy products. With the need to reduce consumption of sweets, especially for children with their immature enamel;
  • In such a period will not interfere with the use of vitamin complexes in order to eliminate the deficiency. In addition, the lack of vitamin «C» can begin scurvy, which causes gum disease and tooth loss. It should be noted that the greatest amount is in the citrus group of fruits, as well as in the currants and rose hips.
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All of these methods, it is desirable to combine as soon as the opportunity should visit the dentist to remove the swollen gum over the tooth. It is not recommended to take potent medicines without your doctor’s approval, because they may aggravate the disease and therapy will be longer.