Teethers: which is better, how to use

The most intense period of the parents the baby is teething beloved toddler. How to determine that the child is already crawling, the first teeth? First and foremost he is concerned about:

  • increased salivation;
  • for no apparent reason increased body temperature to 38 — 39ºС;
  • the child was Moody, bad eating, disturbed sleep;
  • gums swollen, noticed teething little teeth.

To little comfortable moved this period, it is preferable to use Прорезыватели для зубов: какие лучше, как пользоватьсяteethers. However, the teethers are different, which is better suited to a child?

When a child climb teeth, as his restless. He feels inside him something pushes or hurts. The main problem ─ the unbearable zadanie. That is why the teethers that you can safely scratch the gums and minimize the oppressive feeling.

But to choose a product we need individually, so that the child liked it, quite possibly the same model, the choice is not limited.

The material of manufacture

What materials are there? To diversify for a baby state of comfort, teethers are silicone and wooden, textile, and plastic and latex. Each of this material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, teethers made of silicone and latex elastic, and flexible, perfectly springy, performs a soft massage of the gums.

Applying silicone teether for teeth, the child is able to feel the smell and taste of the material. In addition, he’s tough, can withstand the high temperature during hot sterilization. By itself, the silicone material may be translucent or transparent. Often without color or light shades.

The model from the latex is natural or synthetic. It is also flexible, soft and elastic. Its color more vivid, and so for a child it will be interesting. In addition to this, the first time you use it gentle unobtrusive flavor that disappears after it is carried out hygienic treatment of this teether. This processing is the means by which to wash baby utensils with warm water, also suitable for cold sterilization.

It should be remembered that the new teethers distinctive smell that disappears after treatment. Its a sharp «chemical» smell is not acceptable, to use such a model impossible.

Прорезыватели для зубов: какие лучше, как пользоватьсяPlastic teether bright different colors, it will suit kids who like something solid, hard, at the moment when they cut teeth. The smoothness and safety of this fixture is guaranteed, despite the active chewing of a baby, it does not crumble and does not break. Washing of such models is very easy, after washing they can be directly used for the purpose.

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In the manufacture of wooden teethers use of hardwoods. They are maple, juniper, beech. Highly resistant to chewing loads child. Such models have a natural look, or painted. Paint safe exposure to saliva and teeth of toddler, it is based on water and natural food coloring. Also, when painting, use the technology of deep dyeing, and the processing used beeswax. The main advantage is that the design has high durability, will last a long time, its surface will not have chips, scratches or other damage.

Прорезыватели для зубов: какие лучше, как пользоватьсяWash wooden model undesirable. You can just process an alcohol swab, then dry.

Teethers textile bright, light, with pleasant tactile sensations. Are soft by design, gentle on inflamed gums when teething used in the midst of the acute period. Models are made from fabrics of different textures. It should be remembered that this tissue may absorb the saliva, and the baby clothes will be clean. Accumulated moisture in the tissue is a favorable environment for pathogens. With reduced immunity in the child, such a model can cause stomatitis and other inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Therefore, to prevent development of secondary infection, textiles need to prostitiute. Well tolerated by heat treatment, retained color and shape.

If a baby has increased activity, that textile will never fit him. When strong pressure is applied, the fabric is able to be torn, and toddler get to the content inside the product. And this is dangerous.

This teether perfect for very young children whose teeth are still climb at first (4 to 6 months). In the future, the model needs to change.

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What is better to choose

Making the choice of products should consider not only the material from which it is produced, but also its appearance so that it can be used as pacifiers. Currently, there are a few types of models:

  • Прорезыватели для зубов: какие лучше, как пользоватьсяthe classic type has the form of a ring, can be made of rubber, wood or plastic. Sometimes found with animal, flower or beads. But conceptiona form is the most convenient, easily held in a small pen. It is perfect for both anterior and posterior teeth. This baby does not choke. Of course, in addition to such work, it is good to play with the ring will not succeed. But corrugated, dimpled surface, combined with a smooth, perfect for massaging the gums;
  • for an infant the most useful teether for baby teeth in pacifiers, and baby needs to get used to a nipple. When his climbing teeth, it not only sucks the nipple, and actively chewing. This was the reason for the pacifiers. This nipple is also great to massage the gums, has the form do not allow the sucking, the filler used is distilled water or cryogel;
  • a combined model has a soft part for gentle impact on the inflamed gums and hard, in order that the teeth easily erupt. Such a structure can bite and chew, and the pressure will be moderate, also used in the form of pacifiers.

For pain there are several types of products. They contain a special cavity and the channels for gel, are considered to be cooling. There are silicone and rubber. Distilled water or a special gel that fills in the entire model in whole or in part.

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Прорезыватели для зубов: какие лучше, как пользоватьсяHow to use a cooling teether for teeth? The answer is simple, as all ingenious. The product is placed in a cooling chamber for about 15-20 minutes. The liquid is thus cooled down. Cooling effect on inflamed gums will cause the anesthetic effect, not to bother the itching. It should be remembered that the product from a full freeze to bring is not necessary, you only need to put in the fridge. Otherwise, the handle will be annoyed from the cold, the baby will be restless.

How to make the right choice

Process, when a child is teething is natural and individual. Begins with 4 – 5 months of age. Therefore, it is best to use teethers for age and stage, in which teeth are cut. Only 3 stages:

  • the first teeth model made of silicone, the surface of which is convenient, and the seizure shallow;
  • when stage 2 is cut chewing group of teeth. Here is necessary products that have a wide grip and raised projections, especially suitable for posterior teeth;
  • in the last step the group of chewing teeth intensively cut.

The child’s parents must remember that he primarily makes a range of teethers and he is the chief critic, his temper a priority. Even expensive product may not be interested in the baby and easy will save and preserve.