Teething: how to help your child with teething

Every mom faced with the fact that children begin to cut teeth, asks questions about how you can help your child when teething and what you can use to help.

For a teething child, «how can I help?» complex and very important issue, because the child is experiencing multiple disadvantages associated with the eruption of the first masticatory organs.

In this article we will try to answer questions about how to help your child when he cut the first teeth, what can you give teething and what to do if you already have a teething baby how to help and treat the uncomfortable symptoms.

The timing of eruption

Teething is a process which often makes it possible to judge the biological age of the organism, as on the passport. We can also determine whether the normal development of the baby as to which teeth and how long he begin to erupt. To influence the speed of this process can be different factors. Genetics and heredity in the first place, but should not be ignored during pregnancy, possible complications, what the mother ate and what Режутся зубы: как помочь ребенку при прорезыванииthe child eats, in what environmental conditions the kid is grown and so on. The health of any person, especially a child, is very strongly influenced by environmental factors.

Have a normal newborn no chewing organs, they begin to erupt later. Note that in the fetus at birth is already laid 20 rudiments of the temporary teeth and 16 of the rudiments of permanent teeth. Of these formations later develop a dental apparatus.

Let’s look at the sequence in which teeth erupt in babies. First begin to climb the teeth on the lower jaw and the teeth that are called incisors. It is necessary for the formation of correct occlusion. Thus, the first teeth in the lower jaw will be on the 6-10 month of baby’s life. Then they will catch up with the maxillary incisors, the first molars will erupt next, the upper and lower canines and later all (24-36 months) will appear second molars. Children have only 20 teeth – they have no premolars and third molars.

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But do not think that these terms are the same for everyone. Doctors often observe cases when the teeth erupt prematurely or begin to do it later, not in that order, as it is considered the norm.

To 3 years the baby should have all his teeth, and 6-7 years will begin replacing primary teeth.


To determine that soon the baby will begin to erupt teeth for 3-5 days before the event. Let’s look at what needs to be done if the baby is teething, how to help him and what to give the child in this case. It is exactly what to help and what to give when are cut the teeth of a child; in fact, teething.

Режутся зубы: как помочь ребенку при прорезыванииThe most important signs of the imminent eruption:

  • there is swelling of the gums in the place where it will erupt the tooth;
  • the child becomes irritable, sleeps little;
  • the baby refuses food;
  • constantly dragging something in his mouth to reduce the discomfort that occurs when the leg;
  • in the mouth area and neck a rash as a reaction to the profuse salivation.
  • the increase in body temperature;

That will indicate the beginning of teething?

Normal the child does not have a fever during teething, but if it occurs, is attentive to his health. Inspect the oral cavity of the child, make sure that the gum color is normal (light pink), mouth no ulcers, erosions, no blisters filled with clear fluid.

This symptom in the context of teething may indicate ailments such as stomatitis, GRVI, the presence of the inflammatory process.

In the case of increasing the temperature of the baby body you must apply a febrifuge, for example, «Panadol» for children.

  • hematomas in the oral cavity;

Режутся зубы: как помочь ребенку при прорезыванииIn the presence of a hematoma is nothing to worry, it is normal phenomenon that can occur in children. Ensure that the «bruise» was not too large. This will be enough to help the child. In the case of an increase in the hematoma should take the baby to the doctor to cut the hematoma and released the extra blood.

  • vomiting;
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The appearance of vomiting in children with cutting teeth is also normal. The kid generates a lot of saliva, which he constantly ingests. This can cause vomiting. But if this does not happen and Your child have a fever and diarrhea, you should immediately call the doctor so he can establish an accurate diagnosis.

  • cough;

By itself, the cough can also be caused by the fact that the child choked on his saliva. But if You note any suspicious changes in the health of the child, it is reason to seek immediate medical advice.

  • snot;

This also happens to be teething, but the reason lies not in the teeth, but the fact that a child somewhere caught a cold or virus.

How to help?

What to do when a child is teething? Let’s look at some ways to soothe baby when teething how to help him and what you can give while teething.

Режутся зубы: как помочь ребенку при прорезыванииOf course, teething is a painful process, so it will be advisable to give the baby pain medication. If the child is still very small, it is better to choose candles, and for older children perfect suspension. Don’t forget that children should not be given Aspirin under any circumstances. What can help and how you can help your child when they start teething how to help your child when teething meds? Well, in the end, to give teething baby?!

  • Candles VIBURKOL. This drug is available in candlelight and it aims to soothe a young child, that is, its action is sedative rather than analgesic. This medicine contains herbal elements which is harmless.
  • Panadol. This medication is a dual action. It simultaneously reduces the temperature and mitigates the effect of the pain. The main active ingredient – Acetaminophen. It can apply to parents as infants and older.
  • A Suspension Of Nurofen. This is a stronger medication that works faster and more effective than Panadol. You should not abuse this drug, because it harms the health of the baby.
  • Gels and pastes for children teething. Another way to ease the torment your child is to buy him a gel or paste that can be applied directly in the oral cavity. The gels in this case are rather anti – inflammatory effects pain medication is not the best choice, because the flow of saliva greater, but also numbed tongue – a small child could easily choke or bite my tongue.
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    Toothpaste – a better solution. Special toothpaste for children with penetrate teeth is the herbal medicinal products, which you can safely for health to offer the child.

    How can you still help?

    Режутся зубы: как помочь ребенку при прорезыванииTeething what to do, in addition to help of medicines? Follow the child’s behavior, pay attention to the signals it gives You, try to understand what your child says.

    When the baby is teething, he’s constantly dragging something in his mouth. Buy him a special toy that he was chewing on them. If desired, these teething rings can be cooled and feed baby cold below the gum further down.

    Don’t forget to wipe the child from excessive saliva, may have to treat the skin around the mouth, on the neck with special creams that will accelerate tissue healing.