Than rinse your mouth with the flux on the gums

Abscess (dental abscess) is a serious disease in which the inflamed periosteum. It often happens that the original causes cavities, which deepens and develops into the pulpit. Gradually, the infection reaches the root of the tooth and develops into periodontitis, which becomes inflamed and eventually Чем полоскать рот при флюсе на деснеthe periosteum. She is a thin film that covers the whole skeleton. In addition, the cause may be infection, recorded in the hole after tooth extraction or trauma.

If time does not begin treatment, we will begin complications, such as cellulitis, sepsis and inflammation of the jaw (osteomyelitis). When there is no time to go to the hospital can temporarily reduce the discomfort associated with flux, a mouth rinse with chlorhexidine or with special ointments.

Symptoms characteristic of periostitis

Pathology characteristic of severe swelling of the gums, pain, fever and purulent abscess that is formed above or below the tooth, depending on localization.


  • Чем полоскать рот при флюсе на деснеWhen the disease is located in the lower jaw, swollen chin and cheek. This greatly increased lymph nodes;
  • If the abscess is on the upper jaw, it greatly swells the cheek up to the eye.

However, many people who have experienced this disease consider it a nightmare, so before you let this disease go, you need to listen to the advice of doctors.

If the flux on the gums is still there, then rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions until you have the opportunity to visit the dentist.

Chlorhexidine when abscess

Using chlorhexidine, you can’t help but wonder what rinsing your mouth with the flux, because this solution is many years used in medicine for disinfection and treatment of pathologies that were caused by an infection.

Most of the drug is used for rinse with angina, stomatitis, and fungal infections in the oral cavity, but sometimes it is used as a preventive measure against tooth decay.

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Apply chlorhexidine only externally, so you should read the rules of operation of the drug:

  • To rinse your mouth you need to purchase a 0.05% solution of the drug, and if the concentration is above, it is possible to burn mucous membrane, chlorhexidine solution, alcohol-based for this and does not fit;
  • The drug is poorly aligned with the components of toothpastes, so it will need rinsing after 1-2 hours after hygiene and that it is advisable to rinse mouth with water;
  • For rinsing you need to dial in the mouth small amount of the solution is approximately equal to 2 tablespoons, and the procedure should be performed at least 1-2 minutes. A day to realize this action 3 times, and the rate may be no more than 2-3 weeks. It should also be noted that chlorhexidine is a drug for external use and take it inside, even accidentally, is prohibited. If this happens, you need to drink a liter of water to dilute its concentration in the stomach and take activated charcoal, and when the drug got in large quantities, it is recommended to consult a doctor;
  • After tooth extraction is not recommended to do the rinsing to wash the blood clot protecting the hole, but you can just type the drug in the mouth and hold for 2-3 minutes, without any movements;
  • To the effect of rinsing with chlorhexidine remained for a long time should refrain from taking food and water for 1-2 hours after the procedure.

Чем полоскать рот при флюсе на деснеChlorhexidine is considered to be time-tested medication, and he’s capable of when used correctly can delay the pain in the gums before the visit to the dentist.

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It is believed that better long rinsing the mouth with antiseptic agents to the flux burst than paying the dentist, but if it happens, will need to urgently get to the hospital. First, the cavity may be pus and inflammation will start again, and secondly, is likely to hurt the roots of the teeth and will require restoration.

Ointment when abscess

If it is now clear, rinse your mouth than the flux, then the question remains, what ointments can be used from this pathology on the gums and choose the best option from this list:

  • Vishnevsky Ointment. Differently it is called balsamic liniment and it serves to stop the formation of an abscess in the early stages of the disease and greatly reduce the pain in the gums. The xeroform located in salve, it has antibacterial property, and birch tar improves blood circulation and together they with the help of castor oil, which improves absorption, has a devastating effect on the infection. For use balsamic liniment to apply it to a sterile bandage and apply to the gums for 2-3 hours. Use of the drug after opening the abscess or in the early stages, but formed the focus should not do it, because the amplified blood flow may spread purulent mass, thereby exacerbating pathology.
  • Чем полоскать рот при флюсе на деснеLevomekol. The drug has a number of components with antimicrobial and wound-healing effect and apply it 3 times a day. In addition, the treatment of choice for treatment after opening the abscess and for this, you can enter the ointment directly to the cavity. To the drug has not subsided it is better to apply it on a gauze bandage and apply to the site of the inflammation for 1-2 hours;
  • Metrogyl Denta. The drug is made in the form of a gel in which the active substance is metronidazole and chlorhexidine. Due to its structure, the drug is well held and absorbs quickly, which speeds up the effect of healing and relieving swelling. In the early stages can stop the disease and more running will reduce the symptoms. You can use it 2-3 times a day, but after applying it is better not to eat anything or drink for about an hour.
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Periostitis treatable if it is noticed immediately after the first manifestations of symptoms and this will be enough for ointments and mouthwashes, but when the disease is in more advanced stage, cure is not so simple and therefore it is better not to run pathology in the oral cavity and visit the dentist 2 times a year for a checkup.