The baby grows a tooth, and the second row or crumble dairy: what to do?

Sometimes the child has problems with the fact that the milk teeth are unsound or crooked grow, even grow in the second row. In dentistry there is a certain formula, which States that each tooth in its place. The array is built gradually, they all grow in their sequence. When a deviation can occur in a variety of fracture or eruption of additional.

Abnormal smile just can’t be beautiful, therefore it is best to get rid of in a small age. Each anomaly has its own method of treatment and causes.

The second row of teeth

Why is the second row of teeth? If the child on the gums growing tooth, this can be explained by the following reasons:

  • У ребенка растет зуб вторым рядом или крошатся молочные: что делать?when the milk changed to permanent, it so happens that the temporary has not yet fallen, and the root is already growing. Usually the latter is in the second row;
  • sometimes the incorrect development of the jaw correct placement of teeth becomes simply impossible;
  • another anomaly: hereditary svarkomplekt. This means that instead of the normal number (28), grows 1-2 more.

What can be done if the child in the gum growing tooth? Should as soon as possible to remove those milk that interfere with the growing radical. It should be remembered that baby fangs can only be removed after consultation with a dentist. As they shift occurs after 11 years, removal can disrupt the normal development of range and bite.

The destruction of deciduous teeth

What to do if a child has bad baby teeth? This problem is not always avoided, since high-quality paste and brush not always saved from destruction. Bad teeth can be the child of 2 years.

  • Very often on the strength of the enamel affects the diet. To the enamel was strong, give your baby more foods containing the vitamin group D. It helps to absorb calcium, which in turn is the key to strong bone tissue.
  • У ребенка растет зуб вторым рядом или крошатся молочные: что делать?Sometimes teeth crumble because of the huge amount of sweets. Need to reduce the amount of sweets and chocolate, as they destroy the enamel. Instead, they need to give the child more fruits, for example apples, kiwi, pears, vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, beets. Hard vegetables and fruit will not only enrich children’s vitamins, but will also help to cleanse enamel and make a gentle massage the gums. It is good to include in the diet dairy products, fish and dried fruits. They contain a lot of calcium and fluorine. From useful products to strengthen it is also worth mentioning the cottage cheese, milk, fish, seafood, and dried fruits.
  • Sometimes it happens that the teeth crumble due to hereditary disease. To strengthen this case, use special toothpaste.
  • How to cure teeth that deteriorate and crumble? Bad teeth should not be treated independently. The dentist needs to establish what is the cause of destruction and how can I resolve or correct. Treatment needs to be faster, otherwise, if you run the problem, it may be too late.

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    У ребенка растет зуб вторым рядом или крошатся молочные: что делать?What to do if your child crumble and deteriorate teeth? If the destruction began with the caries, then you should know how it entered the body through a kiss from parents or nipples. Even milk needs to be treated if they deteriorate, as this determines the aesthetics of his smile in the future.

    Temporary teeth grow crooked

    First of all you need to know that it’s not scary. Beginnings of time the children are beginning to form in the womb. At first they may not match the size of the teeth, so the teeth begin to grow in the wrong direction. Crooked teeth and their causes:

    • inadequate diet of the mother during the development of the rudiments of when carrying a child;
    • monotonous diet of the baby, which is not enough of calcium and fluorine;
    • no load on baby’s gums. This happens if up to a year to give your child only soft foods. You need to give to chew solid foods and items;
    • excessive mouth breathing during various ENT diseases;
    • bad habits like sucking the nipples after year, including at night. You need to teach a child to Cutlery, cups and solid foods;
    • hereditary factors.

    If the child has a temporary curves or uneven teeth, this means that you need to go to the dentist.

    У ребенка растет зуб вторым рядом или крошатся молочные: что делать?This should be done, as after the milk in the gum formed the beginnings of permanent. If time does not take any action, then the constant can grow crooked. This also has negative effects: headache, problems with gastrointestinal tract and inferiority complex.

    Uneven milk – it’s not terrible, so do not frighten the child and panic by themselves.

    Why permanent teeth grow crooked? If a child is growing crooked root or anterior permanent teeth, this can be explained by the fact that the jaw is developing slower than regular. This may be due to the fact that the gum is not enough space due to the slow development of the jaw. Fix them in adulthood is very difficult, so you should pay attention to them in childhood.

    What to do if your child has buck teeth? To solve this problem is possible only in the dentist’s office. First of all you need to explain to your child that it’s not aesthetically pleasing, but do it gently, so that he was not offended, but understood. Straighten them the best childhood because at school the child may be hurt for this reason.

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    Today it is possible to correct the curvature in several ways: braces, splints or trainers. У ребенка растет зуб вторым рядом или крошатся молочные: что делать?Braces should install the older children, so they can independently care for them and wear for a long time. And small children that are older than a year, you can set the Kappa or trainer. Such devices are not seen by others and they are easily removable when needed.

    The sooner you start straightening, the faster they will become straight. The teeth in the gums in children emerged not to the end, so to straighten would just. But the older the child, the stronger stronger teeth in the gum, the harder and longer they will have to rectify. In any case, it’s a long process that lasts often more than a year.

    The gap between teeth in children

    Why is a child between the front teeth a gap? Bridle or a gap between front teeth child called the diastema. The gap can be up to 1 cm Some children take this as a highlight, but some really want to get rid of it. Too great a bridle or a gap between teeth can make it difficult to talk, therefore, in such cases, people often turn to the doctor.

    Typically the slit is formed, if the upper lip frenulum is attached too low between the incisors. It is believed that a crack may occur if the palatal suture has not amethystina – this is due to the rapid growth of the jaw. The third view is that the gap appears because of genetic factors. The gap between the bottom can be justified by the fact that the frenulum is attached too high.

    У ребенка растет зуб вторым рядом или крошатся молочные: что делать?If the bridle between the teeth formed very early (before 6 years), to work on a fix is still early, as the jaws and gums with the bone tissue is not yet fully formed.
    Usually the gap between the teeth formed by the normal development of the jaw bones. While baby teeth gave way to permanent fix it should not. But to monitor the teeth every six months is necessary for overall prevention is to save the child from problems with a smile in the future. The frenulum is corrected, if necessary.

    To remove the gap, you can apply the following ways:

  • Restoration, through which a gap sealed. The seal is chosen according to the shade of the enamel. The effect is negligible, if the work performed by a qualified dentist.
  • It is possible to put veneers. This is a lining of ceramic material, but this method requires grinding of enamel, which is a huge disadvantage.
  • Correction with clear aligners, braces. The process is very time consuming, but is the most effective of all. This correction restores a natural look that does not lead to any negative consequences.
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    The choice of method depends on the preferences and financial capabilities of the patient. The dentist will help you choose the best way to disguise the cracks, so be sure to visit it.

    Tooth trauma – what to do?

    What to do if a child knocked out a baby tooth the front or from it’s chipped? If the child knocked out a baby tooth, it’s chipped or it is broken, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. If this is not done, the child will go to regular growth with a huge hole. If the child knocked out a molar, he may never grow up.

    У ребенка растет зуб вторым рядом или крошатся молочные: что делать?What to do if the child has a broken or chipped tooth or knocked it? Children are constantly injured this way and it is not always possible immediately to assist him. At any damage, be it a piece of the tooth, or its absence, you should immediately consult a doctor.

    If the child broke a piece of the baby tooth, so he kicked him or he just snapped and there is a lot of bleeding, you should immediately call the ambulance. If damage is bloodless, for example, this happens when a tooth is chipped, then you need to immediately take the child to children’s dentistry.

    If a child has a tooth knocked out or broke a piece, then you should rinse your mouth with filtered or boiled water, put on the bleeding site with gauze (if any) and to calm the baby.

    If a child has a tooth knocked out, it is possible to increment back if you follow this instructions (do you need fast):

    • find out and lift it without touching the roots;
    • placed in physical solution in warm milk or cheek to maintain humidity. The roots should not dry out, otherwise after 30 minutes, all attempts to get it back will be futile;
    • pay a visit to the dentist: it is possible to return it into place.

    These tips will help keep your baby’s teeth in perfect order, and in future it will Shine aesthetic smile. The main thing – to visit a doctor on time and take care of the permanent and temporary as it should be.