The child grinds her teeth at night: reasons

The involuntary grinding of teeth is called bruxism. This occurs as a result of the contraction of the facial muscles. This pathology suffers from a large number of children, the attacks can last a short time or be present constantly. The degree of intensity of ringing may also vary. Why child grinding teeth in a dream by night, what causes the development of bruxism and what you need to do to get rid of the disease?

The main reasons

The main reasons why a child in a dream by night teeth grinding:

  • Ребенок скрипит зубами во сне: причиныgenetic predisposition;
  • stress;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • epilepsy;
  • ENT disease;
  • somnambulism;
  • teething;
  • a deficiency of vitamin D.

Bruxism in children can be caused by various reasons, for the correct diagnosis of a baby to see a doctor. Constant teeth grinding can lead to enamel abrasion of teeth, dysfunction of temporomandibular joint, pain in facial muscles and migraines.

Disorders of the nervous system

Why children much sripat teeth in your sleep? One of the reasons the disorder is somnambulism. It is a psychological disorder in which children in the dream, make involuntary and uncontrolled actions. The kid can talk, actively gesticulating, walking and teeth grinding. These actions occur unconsciously and after waking up children do not remember.

What to do if a child 3 to 4 years grinds her teeth in her sleep, talking at night? You should consult with a child psychiatrist.

Usually, the doctor prescribes sedatives. If the toddler suffers from epilepsy require treatment with anticonvulsants.

Why a child of 5 years very much grinding his teeth at night when asleep, if the child is 1 or 2 years? Bruxism in children can be caused by various stressful situations. After experienced the day of the event children restless sleep. Treat the pathology need a neurologist. To eliminate the rattle prescribe vitamin complexes and sedative drugs. Parents need to pay Ребенок скрипит зубами во сне: причиныattention to the condition the baby to understand the cause of stress and try to resolve it. Helps welcome hot baths, massage to the face.

Why a small child grinds her teeth at night while sleeping, what causes the pathology of the baby 9 months? Similar symptoms can be a sign of epilepsy. During sleep the baby disrupted the nerve cells of the brain, increasing their excitability. Attacks occur most often at the violent awakening or on the background of somnambulism. A baby cries in the night, wakes up suddenly frightened, there may be involuntary muscular contractions. Epilepsy most often affects children who have been in the family cases of this disease.


Why a baby or one year old, a small child’s teeth grinding day and night during sleep, severe cough? Grinding can be associated with eruption of primary teeth. Crowns make their way through the jaw bone, causing severe pain, inflammation and itching of the mucous membranes. Baby, thus trying to relieve pain and to scratch the gums.

What to do if a child of 7, 9 or 10 months much the script of the teeth during the day? Teething baby gums smeared analgesic, cooling gel. It’s good to massage the mucous membranes, to give children to chew silicone ring filled with gel. Usually when teeth appear, screeching stops and can be renewed during the change of milk teeth to permanent.

If the child 2 or 3 years, to reduce the negative effects of bruxism with a special cap to put on the jaw before bed.

Ребенок скрипит зубами во сне: причиныIf the baby is 8 months old grinding his teeth, he inflamed and severely swollen gums, it can be a symptom of gingivitis, which developed against the background of teething. While the mucous membranes are red, swollen, bleeding on palpation. The disease may be accompanied by painful sensations during meals, itching, inflammation, fever and the appearance of unpleasant mouth odor.

To relief the condition is treated with the gums healing gels containing anesthetic and anti-inflammatory components. Therapy is from 3 to 10 days. After the treatment is night the rattle and the baby was sleeping peacefully.

Lack of vitamins b and D

What causes grinding the teeth while sleeping a child how to resolve this pathology in young children? Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus which are necessary for normal growth of teeth. The absorption of these trace elements occurs in the intestine from entering the body food. Lack of the vitamin leads to disruption of mineral metabolism, which threatens to weaken the structure of bone tissue of the skeleton (rickets), enamel and dentin.

Ребенок скрипит зубами во сне: причиныHow to cure night teeth grinding during sleep in young children? Vitamin D is synthesized under the influence of sunlight, so children should be regularly led walks. Into your baby’s diet, you need to add dairy products and fish oil. To obtain a useful component from pharmaceutical preparations, vitamin complexes.

If vitamin D deficiency caused by the breach of the intestine, of the liver it is necessary to survey the baby and to carry out a serious treatment.

What reasons can cause teeth grinding during sleep in a child 10 months, why these symptoms occur in children? The reason may be a lack of vitamin B in the body of the baby, against this background develops anemia. The disease leads to the defeat of the digestive tract and nervous system. The child is in nervous condition, therefore, the gnashing of teeth at night during sleep.

Kids lose their appetite, disturbances of stool, skin becoming yellowish. Children quickly become fatigued, suffer from shortness of breath even with slight exertion. Treatment consists in administration of vitamin V a long time. The dosage is determined by the physician based on the age of the patient.

ENT diseases

Ребенок скрипит зубами во сне: причиныWhat child grinds her teeth in her sleep, the baby is 10 months? Night teeth grinding during sleep in young children can occur due to inflammation of the adenoids. It’s the Palatine tonsils that are protective against viruses in the respiratory tract. The attack of the germs the adenoids become inflamed and increase in size, difficult nasal breathing, so the children often open mouth.

The inflammatory process is treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics, prescribe vitamins, immunomodulators. If there is a significant, pathological overgrowth of tonsils, showing their surgical removal. Adenoids usually bother children up to 13-14 years after the beginning of adolescence such a disease is extremely rare.


After eruption of all primary teeth in children of formed temporary occlusion. Abnormal growth of teeth, incorrect position, additional units lead to incorrect jaw development of the baby. Wrong closing of the occlusal surfaces of the crowns, the children experience discomfort, increased strain on facial muscles and temporomandibular joints.

There is pain and discomfort, so at night there are involuntary muscle spasms, toddler grinds teeth. To eliminate the pathology examination is required of the dentist-orthodontist. The doctor will prescribe the wearing of corrective design, taking into account individual peculiarities of the baby.

Bruxism may appear incorrectly after orthodontic treatment in children. In such cases, you need to repeat a course for correcting defects of the dentition.

Complications of bruxism

What could be the negative consequences if the baby is strongly creaks teeth?

  • Ребенок скрипит зубами во сне: причиныpathological abrasion of enamel;
  • increased sensitivity of the enamel;
  • the development of caries, pulpitis;
  • the loosening of the crowns;
  • headache;
  • inflammation of the temporomandibular joint;
  • fracture of the crowns;
  • injury language;
  • pain and spasm of the masticatory muscles of the face;
  • malocclusion;
  • inflammatory diseases of periodontal tissues.

After waking up with children suffering from bruxism, you may feel headache, fatigue, be irritable, nervous. Due to the constant movement of the jaws, sore facial muscles, ears, it can be difficult to open the mouth and chew food. When significant blurring of the crowns occurs improper closing of the jaws, injured mucous membranes of the gums, tongue. On this background may develop stomatitis, glossitis, gingivitis or periodontitis.

Bruxism in young children can cause various diseases that require treatment by specialists. Delaying a visit to the doctor can lead to undesirable complications and loss of healthy teeth. Therefore, when there are signs of disease need to visit the pediatrician.

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