The child has a toothache: how to relieve pain quickly?

When a child has a toothache, when a child has a toothache, no matter how old he is 3-4 years 5 years or more. Just want to do something to help, to understand how you can soothe a toothache in a child, what to give
the baby from the constant tooth pain. It seems that if you are a good parent, then your child nothing will ever happen, but from the painful sensations in the teeth, no one is immune.

Regular visits to the dentist, quality care for the oral cavity of the child reduce the risk of pain, but tooth pain in a child 4-5 years can occur suddenly for different У ребенка болит зуб: чем обезболить?reasons. It is important to know how to eliminate the pain to find its cause and how to relieve your child from pain.

In this article we will look at why it might hurt a tooth in a child that you need to give to a child who has a toothache, Nurofen will help with children’s dental pain, what drugs can be useful in this case.

How to understand why it hurts

Every parent to discover that his offspring is painful in relation to the mouth, is obliged to stop the panic and take a sober look at the situation. Specifically in the oral cavity. Even a cursory examination of the teeth will help to determine where and what hurts. The child has a toothache when he’s 4 or 5 years – beware!

So, useful tips for parents who want to know what you can do in a situation when a child is 4 years of pain and torment the tooth:

  • While the child small, it does not accurately describe what and how it is hurt, so the best thing you can do until you go to the doctor, make sure no teeth with caries that Chad in the orders of the gums, no injured or prorezalsya copies.
  • At the oral examination please note whether there is swelling around a tooth. If you see that the gums were swollen on the masticatory organs has spots or black holes, by touch or by light blows with a hard object (to do this, take a tea spoon) tooth aches, we are talking about the inflammation of a nerve or bone. In this case, it is necessary to apply Nurofen, Papadom or any other pain medication. Nurofen is a good choice this effective drug with proven long ago.
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    When you spot these signs, take your time rather to the doctor until the problem became more global.

  • У ребенка болит зуб: чем обезболить?If on examination, the patient places you don’t see it dark spots if there is no swelling and the tooth suddenly fell ill when he ate, it is likely that a piece of food stuck in discreet cavities. Clean thoroughly the mouth, to save him from the torment.
  • Sore gums in a place where there is no tooth, it is obvious that in the near future here will start the teething, which is a very unpleasant process. This is particularly true of children under the year and are a little older. Parents should ensure that the house was special drugs, which will ease the life of the child. It can be numerous analogues of Nurofen. As well to help chilled toys.
  • If the tooth is not damaged, but the baby points at him, then you should look into the gap between the teeth. There often becomes clogged with food, which may cause soreness.
  • Sealed tooth hurts – is to give Nurofen or other painkillers and run urgently to the doctor, because it is evidence of the presence of the inflammatory process under the filling. The pus in this case, descends through the canal of the root in the gum and hurts the child.
  • Follow the oral hygiene of your child, if he is wearing any orthodontic equipment. Usually, we are talking about vinyl. Children who do not have sufficient skills to care for your teeth can his negligence cause thrush in the mouth. It is a fungal disease that in the mouth appears white tvorozhniy plaque.
  • But remember that the initiative in health is the path to complications and new diseases, so if you don’t have medical education and can’t help yourself, it is best to consult a doctor who will solve your problem.

    Even if the pain has stopped, you should consult a dentist, who will determine if there are any diseases.

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    Something to numb the pain of bad teeth

    Painkillers for children are many, but their range is still not as wide as that of similar products for adults. Take responsibility for the choice of medication if your child, who is 4 or 5 years, a sore tooth.

    У ребенка болит зуб: чем обезболить?The first drug, which many remember, is Nurofen. It’s a really powerful drug that will help Chad to forget about the pain in the teeth. Available for both adults and children. Children’s form of the drug effectively helps with painful sensations in the oral cavity. Nurofen can take even the smallest babies from 3 months. Read the instructions carefully, not to be mistaken with the dosage.

    Children willingly take that medicine, they like sweet syrup with orange flavor. Nurofen has virtually no side effects, so we can safely give it to children. This medicine also helps with neuralgia, migraines, pain in ears, throat.

    There are other ways to relieve the pain, for example, offer was Ketonal. But this tool is only suitable for teenagers from 14 years. Children under this age is not desirable to use this tool.

    Well-proven, weakness, confusion. The drug release in the form of syrup and tablet form. It also has an orange flavor and can be used for children from 6 months, but in specific indications and no side effects even with 3 months. This drug has more side effects than Nurofen, so the decision about its use should carefully weigh, if you know that your child has a predisposition to rejection of medicines.

    Folk remedies

    Traditional medicine also has answers to questions about what to do if your child has a toothache. What we propose to do healers, if the child is sick, irregular tooth. What and how can I remove or to numb a toothache milk teeth in a child – homeopathic remedies excellent way out! We can easily give the answer about what can be safely and quickly to numb the tooth if it hurts.

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  • У ребенка болит зуб: чем обезболить?Plantain. This is a classic remedy for many ailments. It can be used as a local anesthetic. Soak a cotton wool with the extract of this plant and apply to the tooth that hurts. After 10-15 minutes the pain will go away.
  • Aconite. Another plant that will fit in the case if the cause of the pain lies in the cold.
  • Daisy. Together, dipyrone and other drugs well with a decoction of chamomile. Even severe pain disappears from this wonderful tool.
  • Arnica. Copes with the pain if its cause is damage to the integrity of the tooth due to trauma.
  • Nux moshata. Excellent for rinsing the mouth and for the treatment of pain in children. Its peculiarity is that it is suitable for pregnant and lactating women and small children.
  • Nightshade. Often used, because it has virtually no side effects. But to use this plant to treat with caution, because it is considered a narcotic. If you are not sure you can correctly calculate the dosage, do not take risks.
  • Here we tell you how to help your child with tooth pain and what is possible to anesthetize the tooth that hurts the child what to do when there is a toothache in children.