The child of 7-8 months: no teeth, what to do if you do not grow teeth?

No matter how many years had the child, parents his health is always the most important and the first tooth of the baby will be a holiday for them. For this reason they look forward to when he shows up. When the child is 6 months and he has no teeth, many begin to sound the alarm. Although this is still no reason, because according to the formula: «M – 6 = K», where «M» is the age of the baby, and «K» shows how many of them to this point, it should be cut and it turns out that the panic was unnecessary.

Unfortunately, many parents don’t know what to do when baby 8 months no teeth and fear the worst and want to know whether it’s some serious illness or just the nature.

The timing of the emergence of

Ребенку 7-8 месяцев: нет зубов, что делать, если не растут зубы?According to the generally accepted norms first tooth usually erupts in the lower jaw and it happens in 6-8 months. There were occasions when it grows on the upper jaw and there is nothing to worry. This is often due to heredity. To year children should be 4 incisor in both jaws.

It should be noted that the timing of the appearance of each baby is individual and therefore if a baby 7 months no teeth – it is not pathology and not to worry.

Often the timing of the appearance of the teeth depends on how vskarmlivanie baby. Those who are fed naturally they appear later and the process longer. As for the children, which were fed mixtures, their teeth erupt early and the process is faster. The reason is that the composition of adapted milk has more vitamins and essential to a young person trace elements. So it is normal that breast-feeding at 9 months, the baby has no teeth, and in artificial they can start to appear in 4-5 months.

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The delays in the process

When the baby is at such an early age you need to be patient and wait and not even have to wonder why the baby 8 months no teeth and what to do with it, and to give more time to his body.

Ребенку 7-8 месяцев: нет зубов, что делать, если не растут зубы?Many experts agree that the delay in the appearance of the first tooth until 6 months is quite normal. Thus, it is possible not to fear for the health of the baby up to a year, but if for 8-10 months, no signs of teething, you can consult with your doctor / pediatrician and dentist.

First, the pediatrician should conduct a comprehensive examination to exclude the presence of disorders or disease. Among the reasons why the teeth do not grow, included:

  • The metabolic disorders of the child;
  • Diseases caused by infections;
  • Insufficient amounts of vitamin D;
  • Malfunction of the intestine.

The dentist will make an examination of the oral cavity and sent for x-rays, which can show when we can expect the beginning of the process of eruption. This is mostly done to reassure parents, because of special need in the picture if their child not yet a year, as such is absent. The exception is diseases during pregnancy of the mother.

If no pathology was detected in this case, the dentist will conduct a conversation and explain to parents why their child is slow or not growing teeth and may prescribe a complex of vitamins, to have the process go faster.

The period of eruption of permanent teeth

The body of any baby is unique and it is impossible to say exactly why not grow the baby molars at a certain age. There is that average figures that can help navigate this. The first indigenous children’s teeth start to grow from approximately 12 to 17 months to 2-3 years, they should appear.

The second molars are cut in a period when the child is not more than 2-3 years to complete its growth to 4 years.

Problems in the period of change of teeth

Ребенку 7-8 месяцев: нет зубов, что делать, если не растут зубы?In childhood the baby 20 baby teeth that will fall out and their place will be indigenous. They begin to fall from about 6-7 years and ends this process in 12-13. In turn 8 teeth at once grow indigenous in the same period. As for the last 4 molars, they will grow from 16 to 25 years, but some people never appear.

For many it remains a mystery why the molars do not grow immediately, but have to go through such a difficult procedure, but it doesn’t change anything, because it was opened by human nature. Most parents are disappointed that the timing shift for each individual child and deviation in six months from the standard graphics are quite commonplace. For this reason, if your child does not grow teeth in 7 years, then worry not worth it, and enough to wait a bit. In this case, you need to observe to 8 years, but for prevention can go to the dentist. He will examine and send for x-rays, and the will show whether the rudiments of the teeth and when to wait for their eruption.


To simplify this difficult process, you can use these methods:

  • Ребенку 7-8 месяцев: нет зубов, что делать, если не растут зубы?By 8 months you can add a little baby cottage cheese;
  • To give a little natural chalk as a rich source of calcium;
  • Sometimes to give you to chew on washed vegetables or fruits, for example carrots. It is able to slightly ease the course of the eruption;
  • Give soft food type mashed potatoes, when the gums too hard;
  • Take special vitamin complexes. About what to choose it is better to consult with a dentist.

All children have their particular body and when to visit the dentist as taken 2 times a year you can not worry about oral health your baby.