The child on the gums abscess, fistula or nodule: what to do

An abscess on the gums of the child do not just appear: it is evidence of serious inflammation or injury. Is it worth trying to treat the abscess at home or need medical attention?

Abscesses on the gums in children are not uncommon. And no wonder various fistulas and tumors in the oral cavity cause parents concern: just suppurative process does not appear, inflammation is always a reason. Ignore the fact that a festering ball on the gums of the child do not: the consequences can be not the most pleasant. In the worst cases will require surgical intervention and will need tooth extraction.

What could cause

У ребенка на десне гнойник, свищ или нарост: что делатьIn most cases, provoke the appearance of the ulcer by two factors: the cyst is the growth permanent or a baby tooth, or inflammation of the soft tissue of the tooth root. Independently to distinguish a cyst from a normal abscess can, not every parent is so accurate diagnosis is necessary to confirm with a specialist.

Purulent excrescence on the gums the child is most often caused by periodontitis, resulting from carious lesions of the tooth. Even a small cavity can become a corridor through which germs get into the gums. Another possible cause is trauma or injury to the soft tissues. In case of insufficient oral hygiene or habits to pull in your mouth all in a row into the wound, get the bacteria as a result of the child on the gums appears purulent bag.

It is important to listen to the complaints of the child: at the initial stage of inflammation to complain kid may not be discomfort in the affected area. The tumor is formed gradually, and at first she looks like a harmless swelling. If the center of the swelling there is a white dot means on the gums, the child has formed an abscess.

The process of forming bone on the gums the child may be accompanied by dull or sharp pain and rise in temperature. If you do not take any measures, the abscess will burst on their own. It will bring temporary relief: the pain subsides, and the temperature will fall.

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After you receive a fistula on the gums the child what to do in such a case – must tell the doctor. Of course, to heal the fistula may be your own, but it’s not a sign that the problem is solved. The source of infection remains intact, and at the slightest irritation (respiratory disease, re-infection, or injury), the child will appear again pus on the gums.

How to treat

У ребенка на десне гнойник, свищ или нарост: что делатьIf the child coughs suddenly had an ulcer, what to do? To choose the right treatment together with your dentist. Not always the pustules burst just like that, up to this point, pus can get into the tonsils and trigger the development of tonsillitis, and infection causes inflammation of limfouzel.

Ulcer on the gums of the child treatment lends itself well. During the appointment the dentist will conduct a local anesthesia, the affected area, will open the abscess and remove all the pus. Unfortunately, if the fistula has developed on the gums baby tooth, save the tooth does not, removal can not be avoided. Saves only the molars.

If the gums of the baby appeared abscess, to open it yourself at home is impossible: without special skills completely remove the pus difficult, it can enter the bloodstream followed by septicemia. Continue it cost to care for the oral cavity, but tooth brushing should be very careful not to damage the abscess. Even if the child is over four years old, brushing your teeth in this period, he needs parents.

Before the kid goes to the dentist, the temperature can be down appropriate antipyretic agents, and food should be soft and warm. If fistula on the gums the child appears in 5 years, be sure to rinse your mouth with a weak and warm decoction of chamomile.

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У ребенка на десне гнойник, свищ или нарост: что делатьIgnore fistula or abscess on the gums the child is impossible, the treatment must appoint a dentist and the methods chosen will depend on the cause of occurrence of the fistula. In some cases, you can do regular therapy or medication. It is sometimes necessary to do surgery and remove a baby tooth can not be avoided.

Fistula on the gums backfires:

  • can be destroyed adjacent soft tissue.
  • perhaps the development of purulent sinusitis;
  • inflammation of the transition to the periosteum and developing the flux;
  • pus trapped in the abdominal cavity saliva leads to the inflammation of the intestines.

Child after a year or two years to complain about the problem maybe and what if the abscess appeared in infants? To follow the oral cavity of the infant parents should be. Mouth babies need to clear from food residue (especially after the introduction of complementary foods), and need regular inspection.

To the dentist baby’s «drive» is meaningless, but the pediatrician to inspect the mouth regularly.

How to treat a cyst

If a child has a cyst on the gums, treatment should be started immediately. The probability that the infection will go deep into the tissues, even when the affected baby tooth, «deteriorate» may the germ of the indigenous. The main cause of the cysts is neglected caries, which did not pay attention.

In the early stages of the development of cysts in the mouth goes unnoticed, but over time, the child on the gums appearing red growth. When the accumulation of pus to the affected tooth, it will be impossible to touch.

У ребенка на десне гнойник, свищ или нарост: что делатьIndependently the cyst will not burst and there is a fistula on the gums the child how to treat a cyst? Unfortunately, treatment is only by surgery. There are two ways of treatment:

  • The cystoma: removed the front wall of the cyst. If it came in primary teeth, the root can be preserved.
  • Cystectomy: a cyst is removed entirely. If it is less than 1.5 cm operation is conducted by cutting the apex. If too large the cyst will have to open up the gums. Removal of a baby tooth, it does not avoid.
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Cyst on the gums of a little baby – a phenomenon quite rare, most often this disease occurs in adult. In addition, it is not always the growths are dangerous: pearls, appeared on the gums of infants, may be Epstein pearls – a harmless phenomenon, which runs its own, treatment is not required.

Problems after tooth extraction

The ulcer can appear on the gums after tooth extraction. The main reason is the infection of the wound, the lack of a protective blood clot, the error of a doctor or bad oral hygiene.

If after tooth extraction appeared ulcer on the gums, to alleviate the condition can be a rinse – suitable herbal decoction (sage, chamomile, or calendula) or a weak solution of furatsilina. To get involved in a self not: abscess appeared on the gum in an adult after removal, to testify about serious problems. Proper treatment will be able to appoint only the doctor.