The child’s breath: causes of bad odor of acetone, rot

Adults often notice not only a nasty flavor in your mouth that is not surprising: unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet, long-deferred visit to the dentist do their job. But what if you suddenly noticed the child’s breath? He’s too young for bad habits, his diet carefully monitored, and it may not be! Then why child’s breath? Let’s see, what is considered a pathology and what is normal and what to do if your child has bad breath.

Where there is an unpleasant aroma?

Bad breath in a child is called as adult– halitosis (halitus), but has other reasons.

У ребенка запах изо рта: причины неприятного запаха ацетона, гнили

Mostly bad breath the child appears due to problems localized in the oral cavity. Sharp flavor comes from the sulfur compounds that are waste products of bacteria normally present in the mouth. These substances exude a strong nasty aroma of rotten eggs, and the baby bad breath. Under normal condition this fragrance neutralizes special substance of saliva. But if from the mouth still smells bad, this is several main reasons:

  • Insufficient amount of saliva;
  • Increased proliferation of bacteria.

The increase in the number of bacteria may be due to accumulation of mucus in diseases of the nasopharynx or food residue.

Lack of saliva may occur because of reduced salivation at pathology of the salivary glands. This phenomenon occurs infrequently. Usually reducing the amount of saliva occurs due to other factors:

  • Excessively dry air (this problem is especially actual in the heating season).
  • Disease of the respiratory tract. This enhanced secretion of mucus, which accumulates and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, and difficult nasal breathing. Man breathes with mouth, dry mucous membrane, causing a deficiency of saliva.
  • Excessive physical activity of children and, as a consequence, increased sweating. The person experiences a sense of «drying out».
  • Chronic diseases of the respiratory system inflammatory nature.
  • Allergic rhinitis.
  • Adenoiditis.

In rare cases, causes of bad breath is not localized in the oral cavity. For example, gastrointestinal disease, stress, endocrine diseases, pathology of the liver.

It smells like a baby’s?

Usually babies smell like milk, which is not surprising. But sometimes babies have bad breath or sour curd. Often sour breath in infants can occur after regurgitation. It is not a pathology, if the baby spits up profusely and not too often. Acidic smell on babies is a normal variant. Nevertheless, it is a reason to consult a doctor to rule out any diseases of the oral cavity.

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У ребенка запах изо рта: причины неприятного запаха ацетона, гнили

Sometimes I smell something bitter. This happens in chronic delay of a bowel movement and require correction of nutrition and treatment. A single delay bowel movement will not cause changes in flavor.

Smell the iodine from infants may with the defeat of the organism Klebsiella. To determine the exact cause is to consult a doctor, who will refer on analysis of the feces.

At pathologies of the biliary tract from newborn smells like bile. In this case, shows ultrasound of the internal organs.

If a baby’s scent of a different nature, you should immediately contact your pediatrician. Perhaps this is a symptom of a serious disease.

Causes of smell in year old child

At the age of one year, breastfeeding completes normally, or is concurrent with a large quantity of food. Which means, sour flavor in the norm should no longer be. Why so can occur in one year old baby, is in the next section.

Breath for year-old child may receive for his «omnivorous». Children explore the world through taste, so they taste the tooth everything that gets in the way. If you eat something unpleasant-smelling the child’s breath will change to the same unpleasant. So before you sound the alarm, make sure that the baby ate some malodorous product. If he ate something inedible, to see a doctor is still needed.

Why breath smells like two-year-old?

At the age of two years children usually already have a whole set of teeth. The appearance of bad breath in a child of 2 years can be caused by inadequate oral hygiene. At this age, children may fail to brush their teeth parents, and do not cope too well with this task. As a result, the root of the tongue and the back teeth accumulate food leftovers, which are food for bacteria, which contributes to their reproduction. Substance of life these mikroorganizmov is hydrogen sulfide, which in a young child bad breath. In the case where after the high quality of oral hygiene in a child of 2 years, the flavor does not disappear, it should be seen by a specialist. Start examination with the dentist.

У ребенка запах изо рта: причины неприятного запаха ацетона, гнили

Unpleasant aroma the three-year

The child 3 years breath can not be the consequence of eating spoiled foods or inedible things, and the cleaning of teeth by this age most kids learn at quite an acceptable level. Trying to understand why bad breath child, parents should remember what they fed their three years? The reason for the nasty flavor from the mouth in babies at the age of 3 years can be eaten on the eve of garlic or onion. Also smelly maybe because of the cheese, some juice, corn. A surplus of sweet children’s menus able to cause an increase in the number of microbes in the oral cavity, from-for what there is to smell bad.

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The smell of health problems

There is a certain set of specific flavors that are almost in 100% of cases indicate the specific pathology. Every parent needs to know this set and causes, in time to contact the experts for help and keep the health of your baby. It’s the smell of acetone from a mouth of the child, the putrid smell, the smell of pus, sour and sweet breath, feces, or urine, iodine, chlorine and iron.

Typical smell of chlorine, problems with the gums and periodontium. In this case you must pay a visit to the dentist.

Iodine from the baby smell in that case, if in his body an excess of this metal. It is an occasion for a visit to a children’s endocrinologist.

Iron may smell the kid with iron deficiency anemia or problems with the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, dysbacteriosis).

Why do children smell like acetone

Everyone knows that if the adult breath acetone, then he is a diabetic and it’s bad. And when the smell of acetone breath in a child? The reasons are various, the most formidable of them – acetonemic syndrome. The smell of acetone breath in children occurs due to the increase in the blood concentration of ketone bodies. This anomaly requires urgent medical intervention, with the subsequent establishment of why the child’s breath smells like acetone. This can be a one-time phenomenon due to the stress and emotional strain, and a symptom of several serious diseases. The thing to remember is that the smell of acetone breath in children is neither normal nor harmless phenomenon.

У ребенка запах изо рта: причины неприятного запаха ацетона, гнили

If the child smells sour

If a sour smell in infants the norm rather then the older children is a pathology that occurs for a number of reasons. The most common of these, candidiasis of the oral mucosa. Still sour breath in babies can occur when problems with the gastrointestinal tract (reflux, hyperacidity, inflammation of the stomach lining).

The sweet aroma of the disease

A sweet smell may indicate liver disease. If the parents found the sweet smell of the mouth daughter or son should see a gastroenterologist and make ultrasound of the internal organs.

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The terrible smell of decay

If the aroma from the baby reminds the rot, you might suspect a chronic inflammatory process in the oral cavity. On tonsils toddler accumulates pus forming tube and plaque. If there is a putrid smell from the mouth child,you first need to visit an otolaryngologist. In the absence of ENT problems, to pay attention to the teeth. If the mouth of the baby smells like pus, maybe he starts tooth decay. In this case, you should contact the dentist.

If the smell of urine, but not from there

Urine smells sharply of ammonia. If the parents detected the smell of urine from the baby, you need to check his kidneys and the endocrine system. This can be a symptom of diabetes. This fragrance is generated by the reduction in the blood concentration of insulin.

Who is to blame and what to do

First, you must calm down and not to panic, because all these States are treated. Medical adjustment unusual aromas in a young child leave the doctors. What can help parents?

У ребенка запах изо рта: причины неприятного запаха ацетона, гнили

If the child has bad breath after sleeping, you need to remind and monitor the daily actions to maintain the hygienic cleanliness of the oral cavity. You should explain to the child that stink after sleeping in varying degrees, is at all, so in the morning all the people brush their teeth.

Folk method against bad breath is the use of honey, preferably in the comb. Taking this product significantly reduces the intensity of the flavor.

Don’t forget that if you have children in the oral cavity unsavory smells, it is not always pathological. Sometimes it is only lack of hygiene, the use of those products or just a temporary phenomenon.